December 2016

Let’s Talk About Redemption

I go to class, weekly.  It’s full of highly educated intellectuals with religious backgrounds….and me. I love this class and the people like my being part of it. This is because people tend to echo each other.  I’m counted on to say something unexpected, provocative or bizarre, each week. Realizing this, I make a point to


Bigger Life, Lighter Moon

Most of us have dealt with some grim (Pluto) reality (Capricorn) over the last two days, with the moon in Capricorn, sentizing a Cardinal T-square. The Moon is in Aquarius now, supported by Jupiter and Uranus. Mars is also involved. This should lift our spirits to some degree. You can use this energy by trying to gain

Pluto In Capricorn Square Mars – I Failed To Die!

I woke up early yesterday, to make some tiramisu for some ladies at my hair salon.  It’s not a Southern dessert. It’s also slightly naughty because it has rum in it. These ladies don’t drink and they live in a dry county. I told them I would make it for them, but they best not be spreading

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