December 2023

warrior painting

Past Lives: War & Peace

There seems a lot of interest in past lives.  I have pieces of my story all over this site. This past lives deal has come a number of times over the years. I thought I’d look for something cohesive. It does not exist so I will create. My husband and I met when we were […]

neighbor fight

Chronic Problems With Neighbors

Hi Elsa! Mars & Neighbors. I have Mars in Cancer, 2nd house, one degree before the third house. It’s in opposition to my Sun, Jupiter and Saturn. Trine Pluto and N. Node. Everywhere I move to there are problems with neighbors. I’ve moved ten times in eight years. I’m getting tired of moving. Is there


Akashic Records

I posted my whining about Past Lives.  This resulted in reader hooking me up with a gal who reads Akashic records? I’d heard them; that’s about it. I was definitely curious and had confidence in the reader because of the person who recommended her but also because she’s been doing this as long as I’ve

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