7th House And Projection: Are You Being Facetious?

dreamsAreality’s asks:

“Elsa, you said: “My partner is emotional, needy, and dependent. That’s not me or anything…”

Were you being facetious here????”

No I was not being facetious. What Capricorn wants to admit they need anything? That’d be the other guy!

“I’m confused now. Am I supposed to be looking at what’s IN my 7th House AND what the cusp is?”


If so, how to integrate it is the key to something? WHAT?

No you don’t “integrate” it because it is already integrated. Your seventh house is part of you not the other guy. It’s your chart so how could it be theirs?

Forget integrating that which is already integrated. Acknowledge the fact you embody the qualities described by your seventh house.

For example, I have Capricorn rising, Cancer rules my 7th house. It’s me who wants my mommy! The other may also want their mommy but that is irrelevant.

People are confused with the idea the seventh house is the “shadow” or something you have to own. Wrong! The seventh house is what you project . This is for good or ill. A person’s “shadow” is separate issue.

As for all this being a “key” well obviously it is. If I run around my whole life clucking about all the needy dependent people I have pretty much got my head in the sand wouldn’t you say? Of course I want my mother! I don’t have one for Godsakes! Knowing this about myself (rather than projecting it) makes me much more human don’t you think?

What do you think?

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5 thoughts on “7th House And Projection: Are You Being Facetious?”

  1. Hm. I wonder how this works when your sun and seventh house ruler are in the seventh? I don’t know if I could say I’m “projecting” when I already have those qualities.

    Love this series!

  2. What do you think?

    I think the whole embracing the shadow thing is a bit overrated. It’s perfectly reasonable to accept the idea that people have an image in their heads of the way a relationship should be (we are chatting about the 7th house), and so they have a tendency to draw (or project) a certain type of person. It’s easy to go to far and say that if someone bullies you, you’re a bully and so on. Lots of the external universe is taking place inside one’s head and not atually out in the world, but unless you wanna go for the brain in the vat thing, the universe can (and does) throw rocks at you.

    Anyways, I have very late Libra rising , but I’ve lived my entire life east (just barely for most of it) of my birthplace, so my relocated ASC has always been in Scorpio. So that’s a first house sun conjunct Neptune, opposite a Taurus moon in the 7th, but the chart ruler is Venus in Libra/12 (conjunct Ceres) opposite Saturn, and Mars in Cap… unless we go with the reloc, in which case that’s reversed. Bonus! North node conjunct the DSC, Lillith (BML) early in the 7th, conjunct the PF.

    What I expect I actually do is do the sun end of the opposition, so I tend to match up with someone playing the moon end. In practice, that has meant that I’ve drawn Cap moons or Moon/Saturn types (constantly, never anything else), and I actually like them and we get along fine for a long time (years, as I am slow) while I tend to take care of them and then kerplooey, at which point Lillith shows up.

    I suppose I’m supposed to say I want my mommy, but I’ve taken care of mom her whole life. In practice of course, I’ve no bloody clue with Neptune where it is, and I’m pretty sure no one else does either.

    [‘Which makes things sticky sometimes.’]

  3. Thanks Elsa for expanding on this.

    Okay, so I now know my seventh house has Mars retrograde in Taurus and my cusp/descendant is in Taurus. Is that the norm? that they are both the same thing – Taurus?

    And now I know this, I’m to understand that I mirror on to other people (project) some of the qualities of this signage? I think those things about them? when in fact it may not be true?

    When I know what those Taurean qualities are (earthy, sensuous, solid) I can look for them in myself instead of wishing them upon other folks?

    or how to embrace them for my own benefit?
    MentalMasturbation by 7th house signage, rather than looking for ‘somebody’ to fill that bill?

    See it in myself rather than go overlay them on others? Is that the gist?

    But when they look at me do they see MY Mars in Taurus stuff or their own 7th house stuff?

    Yeah, I know, I ask a LOT of questions. I’ve been hesitant to ask anything too specific, or even put too much info out here because I do want to do an official reading with the Fab-o Ms. Elsa P. as a treat for myself when I get some TREAT MYSELF REALLY WELL money together.

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