Accepting (Or Transcending) Your Destiny

eldil says regarding Accepting Reality

“According to Yogananda we are here to transcend our charts not just accept them. As you know in his culture the chart is of paramount importance. Seems like a fated response.

Sounds like the soldier has a 1 destiny/lifepath, no?”

I don’t know. What I do know is we have both seen enough of life to know how ours plays. For example, he knows he will never have any money – he is just not meant. His grandfather also made fortunes and lost them – it appears to skip a generation. His grandfather was also psychic – well known for this as is the soldier.

The soldier’s father and very VERY likely his son, will do very well financially. His whole family is enormously successful actually.Β  These things become apparent after a time. The soldier gives all his money away / loses it one way or the other, point being he will always have to work hard, probably right up until the day he dies.

He’s not done anything wrong. In fact, he has done nothing but work since he was 11 years old… my first job was in a fast food restaurant when I was 12… Actually I worked a summer in a deli in California when I was 11 and I was supporting myself by the time I was 15 so effort is not the problem here.

So these things are in fact accepted by us but neither of us have ever cared so in that way, you might consider us to have transcended our charts??? If this is what you mean, it happened long ago when we were teens.

Just speaking for myself, I can’t say that I would want an easy life. I like myself enormously and if the price of that is being me, well then..?

Bottom line, we have no complaints. We both have very strong belief systems and just accept anything and everything all the time and this includes, hardship, challenge, responsibility, love, joy, friendship…

Do you accept your chart, it’s limitations and it’s gifts??

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  1. That is very interesting to me – that you accept a limitation as a price for being you. I come from a comfortable family and both my sisters have manifested very comfortable lives and I am just not motivated by money. I see my purpose as being of service and life as being an adventure yet I love nice things and feel constantly guilty for not having material success. I have the moon in the second house so perhaps my income will always fluctuate. So for me, that is something to ponder, ‘if the price of that is being me’. I really get that – I am so miserable if I am not myself. I am literally ill if I am not authentic. Wow, that is something to consider! I love it when the light goes on in my head reading this blog.

  2. When I had my spiritual awakening in 2000, I gave away my entire library of astrology books just poof, over night. Astrology meant nothing to me in those first glowing months, maybe even a year, post spiritual awakening. Anyway, it came back for me (my obsession with astrology and a new obsession, Vedic astrology) but ideally I agree with Yogananda, for the enlightened person, the astro. chart becomes irrelevant.

  3. i have a problem with accepting reality sometimes. Whether it’s “good” or “bad– i wonder what in the chart points to that… Or that it takes a long time for stuff to sink in..

    i want to be more comfortable than i am but feel often clueless how to establish that… Meanwhile my siblings have the “normal” stuff: families, houses, mortgages…

  4. Think you have to do both – accept and transcend? I have to accept my tendency towards paranoia, and compulsive fears. And I can choose to transcend them by being aware of them, and fighting this stuff when it comes up.

  5. There’s a real question here as what is acceptable to accept in one’s chart. There’s are choices we make in manifesting the aspects in our lives.
    I try not to discuss my son’s chart (he’s 15) with him to not give him excuses. One example from his difficult chart is Pluto conjunct the Ascendant. He has been living this in probably its worst form. I don’t want to give him any reason whatsoever to say “I can’t help it!” instead of striving to live the energy in a different way. I know that Saturn is trying to force this change right now, but he’s not open to hear it from as astrological perspective.

  6. I use my chart as well as accepting it. I don’t use it to make excuses, I use it to try and become a better person. I know my astrological tendancies are to be extremely independant and keep up the fence, not let people in. KNowing that and accepting it I can ensure it doesn’t take ovr the other softer sides of me. If I didn’t know this was in my chart I would be more inclined to let that side of me run rampant and possibly end up a lonely, bitter and twisted person :). According to my chart I can also be a taker more than a giver, so I work on that every day, try and keep it in mind and be more giving.

  7. Reading what you wrote about the soldiers family history I felt the urge to ask whether or not YOU believe mediums or psychics mis-use or lack of direction or discretion with their gifts/curse could affect their outcomes in life, regardless of their charts.
    I personally believe that those who view it as a curse are destined for it to be just that, a generational curse…it became ingrained, more human thinking than spiritual … and can those who use it and channel it for the greater good change their curse to a blessed destiny. What are your thoughts on this?

  8. heart, I have a hard time seeing the soldier’s life differently then he does / independently because the level of his certainty around his circumstance is so high… and also longstanding. You may or may not have read a post I wrote long ago about wanting to change the spelling of my name to Else (same pronunciation) when I was about 15. It was an attempt to be interesting… I thought I was an un-interesting person but this was not real / authentic so it fell to the side 3 months later.

    Now there are two issues here:

    The soldier came up with who he was in a past life when he was a CHILD – reported this to me when he was 19. You would think a person would outgrow their story in 40 years time but his story now is his story then… and yes he thinks he is cursed or rather he KNOWS it.

    Separate is his family / generation thing. This has been noted by the elders in his family. His grandfather was the one who tied the knives into a bundle that his mother kept in the box with various other sundries, like my pictures for all those decades. He was considered akin to medicine man in his culture / town (the word is Spanish, I can’t recall it right now and he is sleeping so I can’t ask) but people would come to him for various favors and spells.

    Now before he died he was doing some strange stuff… they thought he’d lost his mind but he told the soldier what he was doing (accessing his life / memories) via a disconnected phone (as I recall and I may be a little off). The soldier does similar with his antenna and has since he was 10 so there is this affinity between them.

    I have a similar affinity with my grandfather by the way – he preserved his life – there is a record of everything via the carbon copies of his letters he kept over a 50 year period.

    But anyway, it really doesn’t matter what I think… or better said I am unable to see it anyway different from the way he does because his story is just so credible.

    If you are asking “self fulfilling prophecy” type stuff, yes I think this is true but it is all chicken and the egg stuff to me.

    For example, I have an affinity to older black men. I can trace this to my childhood and my good experience with an older black man.

    Today, I have the same affinity and I am sure my expectation has something to do with it. That is when I see an older black man, a smile spreads across my face no doubt this is one of the reasons we connect. So yes… you get what you expect in some ways.

    Direct questions:

    Do I think the soldier is cursed (and blessed). Yes I do.

    I think that and I think my destiny is tied to mine and just in general think he’s decidedly NOT bogus.

    I base this on my own instinct which is nothing to dismiss in it’s own right.

    Might I be delusional?

    Of course!

    Anyway, he is from a family of very high achievers and his son is one of them. It’s not stupidity, we know that. It is not lack of education, he has just shy of 10 years of college.
    No, it must be something else and the story he has told for 40 years is most likely the explanation.

  9. Damn those past lives:) Iknow the soldier is not bogus by any means but after so many past lives is there ever a time in one of those charted lives where the change can come about. I believe so.(though I don’t profess to be an expert) Like maybe now. He has been gifted his one true love in you. With such a great force I believe the two of you could be of absolute great service and goodness combining one anothers gifts and talents. Become one. The curse could go in reverse. πŸ™‚

  10. heart – he thinks this is the first time he has ever had any love in any of his lives. He doesn’t know why he gets love this time but he’s glad… relieved, he didn’t think he ever would.
    He has no idea why it is me… knows I am her, considers it a mystery but does not question it because it is patently obvious.

    I know the virtually nothing except for I am meant for him / vice versa and WE will to the best we can with our forces joined, this life and whatever come next.

    He believes we will carry on together forever – billions of lifetimes. I have no knowledge outside of to say he is credible and while I have been exposed to the concept of ‘past lives” since I was a kid, I have never found anyone BUT him to be credible mostly because his story didn’t move a hair over 3 decades and because everything thing I know of him fits perfectly in this frame.

    It is almost as if there is no other possible explanation and I can’t remember the context (think it was in a private email) but I was telling someone some time this week that we don’t feel in a hurry… to resolve things. We’re together now, we’ll not let go again.

    We are both brave, we are now committed and so the next thing can come per whatever the universe has in mind for us and of course we will both show up – Together.

    On the marriage, we are already married in our minds, the ceremony is a different issue and we will try to manage it, however he thinks it will take a long time – reason?

    “You’ll keep getting cold feet and we’ll just have to keep trying.”

    “Why do I do that?”

    “Because you’re crazy, P.”

    I really can’t deny this so I don’t. The thought of a wedding makes me… wanna bolt.

    There is no use pushing me, it has the opposite effect. But even if we don’t marry, we are still married and we both know it and feel happy and content and… bliss.

    Neither of us claim to be normal. We claim to be us and nothing more and we aren’t having a problem with this wedding / marriage thing ourselves.

    If it becomes important, I am sure we’ll both know it. Right now we are just doing the things and taking the steps we both feel are obvious and correct.

    We are in total concert, is what I am trying to say. And when you are in total concert with someone you don’t have a lot of concerns.

  11. If you are responding in some way to the St. George comment…there is no burning question. Just an answer that I had searched for pertaining to past lives. You unwittingly have become the hostess, for which I am truly grateful. Didn’t realize it until today. Thank you. And yes I too am crazy in my own right.

  12. no, I mean he has a clarity around his past lives which means I have clarity around his part lives too.

    What is curious to both of us is why he would be paired / partnered with someone like me. I don’t have past lives of that I know of, I certainly don’t feel that.

    He only knows of one of mine (says there may be more but if so, not that many. Not like him.

    In the life he is aware of I died as a baby – point being I an inordinately inexperienced so it’s very curious he would be partnered with someone like me.

    It is the the rhino / gazelle thing. I guess he’d like another rhino – someone with some time – this is what he would have supposed God would do – it’s what makes sense.

    We do not make sense (on this we agree) yet here we are and we both do know DEEP, DEEP down what this is but why really is mysterious.

    It’s just not clear what someone like me would have to offer someone like him however it IS clear that he is totally fucked without me and me without him. We’re stuck all right. We’re stuck, we’re not getting out, we know we’re not getting out, we don’t want out but that does not mean we know what we’re doing, supposed to do, will be doing – this life or in lives to come.

    We do think it will be revealed to us /’ obvious as we are both very faith based… and the other things I mentioned – we’re brave and we WILL show up for our lives without question and without fail.

  13. The clarity in you two is that you are perfect to meet in the middle…the gray…the center. The circle completed and filled. A warm peanut butter cookie. baked perfectly πŸ™‚

  14. Elsa,

    Reading your story and question/comment”and the burning question does not have to do with him but with me. Er… why me?” I would offer something that is true for me and my partner.

    My husband is a very old soul with lifetimes of hard work, old blood and the hands that show it. Physically we are as different as two people could be. His trials and his destiny are all about work and his methods of doing things influenced in this life by being the youngest of seven kids. He has worked since we was a boy in the farm country.

    I am a newbie to Earth, and yet aware of life on different levels in the Universe. I have a great foundation of faith, an incredible will and courage to handle plenty of loss, difficulty and sacrifice. We come at life with very different tacts … I dig up solutions and climb mountains to get the right vantage point. My faith in Source is big. My husband maintains the course with work that he sees right in front of him, and grows from my meandering ways.

    The thing that maintains us here, together, is the energy of our searches together. Combined we get through life and what is important raises to the surface, again and again … even if it means we get sunk with Neptune waves over and over.

    Two old souls — two rhinos/two bulls/two old goats may compete for the right to lead, I am finding that one old Crab and one new Insect(maybe because we know this is true for us) make the journey so much sweeter/tender/loving…funny the way this unfolded. Hope it makes some sense to you. Love~

    Transcending chart?

  15. akasally, as always a very sweet, suportive comment. You may be young but you are sure are special. It is easy to see why he picked you and I am glad he’s got you to ease things for him. πŸ™‚

  16. Hmm, this blog subject makes me believe in destiny even more! Typical Sagittarius me, always searching if there is a plan in the universe. And the more I search, the more I believe!

  17. I think that when you can keep going without being able to answer the WHY…you are on your way to transcending your chart…and breaking the cycle( particularly if it is bad…) And if Love comes along…and you know in your soul that it is right…then the only thing left to do is sing to him Elsa..” It had to be YOU…” lol

  18. I always believed in past lives. When I was about 2 yrs old, my father went to see an astrologist to compare his chart with mine.. to see if we’d have any affinity and to know (or have an idea) how to raise me. The astrologist said (and it was recorded!!! so I listened to it πŸ™‚ ) that my father and I are very similar and it seems that it’s not the first time that he’s my father.. he’s been my father for a good number of past lives.. like twin souls she said! It’s true that there’s a lot of similarities between our charts and as a kid, he told him that I looked like his mom for some time. However I’ve always been curious about my mom’s side… It’s not a pretty picture… lots of mental illness and addictions problems but also very personable and creative characters! I don’t know them (NEVER really knew them actually) so it’s almost like missing a part of information but at the same time I wonder if I need this information….? Like my grandparents, I only met my dad’s mother once and she had alzheimer (she didn’t even remember my dad! πŸ™ )… I have a bunch of neptune aspects and maybe that part of it… hidden history!.. I have no clue as to what I’m meant to be in this life but I know it won’t be easy and I feel like the soldier sometimes… Love is not easy for me.. even in friendship! (even though I’m an Aquarius) I work hard at it and maybe I’ll get something good sometime… I’ve accepted that but I’ve always wondered what transcending means…? Isn’t it accepting and seeing the higher purpose of such gifts and curses? Maybe… there’s a type of psychology that is called transpersonal psychology that deals with this but the idea is still a bit foggy for me to understand yet…

  19. my life is miserable right now according to my parents bec i dont have job for more than a year now. i cant seem to become comfortable with work as i always get cuaght with office politcs and bitches around me. and my relationship which was supposed to be going on marriage did not last. again another relationship ended that after with a tragic ending. and i still cant get over it. my dad keeps yelling at me to pray without knowing that i already changed my religion. i posted my chart here before, overall, its not a good chart. pluto,saturn, mars are all in libra.

  20. i cant find any reason to like my chart. i feel like what i have experienced in the past are unfair and that my life was stolen form me

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