Physical Appearance of Chiron Conjunct The Ascendant

chiron potMatthew asks…

Saturn on the ascendant makes for nice cheekbones. Jupiter on the ascendant makes for chubbiness. Has anyone noticed an observable, physical effect from Chiron on the ascendant?


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  1. Chiron is 9degrees Aquarius in my third house.
    Seperated my a parent at a time in early years true. I’m an immature person. True that led me to write songs for a few young artist, they are hits out globally now. True I took a chance as many times before by not copywriting. Searching for famly approval family I havn’t seen in 53 yrs! Record companies must adore me. I wrote hits as a teen in NYC also over 35 yrs ago same family non official agent. Same put off story of f-u kid. Had I known parents had their own understood unorthodox marraige. Little did I get it. What a coo for Broadway prdcrs. Creative properties bought cheap. Entire scores of songs paid maybe just 5k each. To the agent!!! Our greasy friend who had adopted my whole sister. Little did I fathom all that. Later for the book I hope.

  2. I’ll say the hardest thing is Saturn near your rising. Mine is. Yup that’s why I knew all I could do or did well and better choice was write. Tvfilm loglines. Songs. They all sell by a agent for 5k a show or logline or 5 songs for same cheap price. Sure I was a natural dancer but a transit of Saturn in Scorpio cannonballed me from nyc’s borough of Bklyn. To Florida. Never wanted that. Sure. That’s it a Jupiter like thing near your rising is great. Just a bit much. Imagine you Saturn with it. I’d look great on a book cover just don’t ask me to act on a soap opera. Ghastly lighting eeech. I got an injury at birth that sops up highlighter makeup powder. Contour!!! Wish I had been a Bway dancer. But no at least I graduated high school. Planning on continuing for an AA at least

  3. I have Chiron on the ascendant in Aquarius. My face shows my emotions. I can’t hide my feelings. I can appear really beautiful and also seriously awkward and nerdy. Don’t think any of the above physical characteristics are applicable.

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      malcolm d cross - u.k.

      yes i have a daughter and a close friend with chiron conjunct Ascendent’s -plus iv done astrological counselling over many years – so know other too – i don’t think chiron affects looks much , that more the other planets aspects .
      Its more of a wound to the ego and the sense of self esteem ‘never sure they wanted to be born or they don’t belong somehow
      ‘ each storey is very different but Chiron apart from healing fellow fighters on battlefields actual and Spiritually- learnt from his own wounds, pain and experience’.
      Chiron in this position can make one audacious and good at standing up to the bully or big -government usually using skill and great intellect honed through the the pain and suffering of dealing with their own struggles.
      they might not be aware of this great gift of power untill pushed.

  4. i have saturn in Sag on my ascendent (seven degrees into 1st house) sexile chiron conjunct venus in aquarius and trine mercury in Aries, both chiron and venus square the moon as well… restless leg syndrome, several long term chronic pain patterns, wounded by women I’ve cared for, also tend to find attention wounding; I don’t have “mice cheeks” w/saturn rising, but people often assume I am in a difficult mood, ask me to smile etc, and people project their father on me all the time… oy. so tired of that…

  5. chiron pieces conjunct my 0 aries ascendant: yes to the strong arms- I am an archer ( practicing this sport for over 13 years) yes to the dreamy grey-green eyes, yes to the scars & a littel tip: lavender oil dissolves all scar marks. and yes to sad backroubd and always attracting people going through transformal growing pains. yes to the healing.
    yes to supporting 2 friends through their cancer- until the day they died.
    i personally hate the waves of pain – coming out of nowhere, that seem to be part of this natal placement.
    any fellow chiron ascendant out there have advice on how to deal with this?….

    1. Well…i got chiron in 1st house Libra. My ascendant ruler and sun are conjunct in Scorpio, plus Pluto conjuncts my sun, all aspecting my asc, so I look pretty scorpionic. HOWEVER despite their influence, I’ve got also got a scar between my eyebrows, the undereye circles, and scoliosis. Also I’ve always wanted to work in the medicine industry since I could remember and people instinctively come vent their personal problems to me whether I’ve know them for 10 sec or 10 yrs…
      As far as internalized shame and chronic aches go, i’ve found that channeling that pain into a creative outlet or even teaching others helps. Chiron aspects my scorp sun so there’s a transformational quality there but probably any chiron aspects in a chart can hint to at ways to release or at least use the pain. For instance I’ve noticed that I can transform what I feel from these wounds into poetry and drawing even if I can’t verbally express it. Idk it’s not easy and took me while to find something that wasn’t destructive so I guess it’s up to u!
      I thought this pattern throughout the thread is interesting…bulky lower arms and legs… Back problems… Hmm.. Sounds like things found in people who regularly lift and bear heavy burdens!!! Ha. Maybe a physical manifestation of the emotional loads we carry?
      Anyway good luck and I hope you’re blessed with the joy and relief you deserve!!!

    2. My aspects are as follows:
      I am
      Chiron @ 8 degree Aquarius conjunct
      Mercury @ 8 degree Aquarius
      both in 12 House line conjunt
      Ascendant is @ 8 degree Aquarius
      also close within 3 degree conjunct
      Ketu S.Node @10 degree Aquarius in the 1st House


      Pluto and
      Rahu and N.Node in Leo @ 22/21 degree descending @ 7th house line respectively.

      Sextiles To Ascendant form Yod to 5th House with Mars @10 degree Gemini and 9th House with Neptune Retrograde 48 degree Virgo.
      “Sidereal” with equal houses.

      Restless legs, excessive energy, and reactive especially to the Moon in Taurus 4th House conjunct IC 20/23 degree respectively?

      It seems it is a stress challenge ultimately to the personality =rising sign and soul =Sun sign challenge in this placement at the Ascendant, karmic lesson for certain to help us evolve?

      Eyes commented on/about by others, complemented most of my life about them clarity, bright, color, intelligent, soulful, old soul quality.
      Although under stress the dark under the eyes becomes pronounced, not baggy but evident.
      I can give a look that can wound, so I keep it under control by choice.

      Kindergarten through Middle School: I grew taller/bigger and bolder, a bit of a maverick and rascal than most of my schoolmates.
      Bullied young, due to overweight/large stature despite the fact I could overpower them I had a kind demeanor.
      Age, 14 was developed to a mature looking young adulthood.
      Body image continues to be at issue, bullied in grade school until I slimmed in my teens got taste of popularity didn’t fit me, to a degree, eased those stresses by default though,
      Although I processed, examined, understand, and healed, forgave/forgive.
      Body Image Self Esteem issues persists.
      Need to let this go, doesn’t serve any good I can think of to maintain.
      Physically active, athletic, forearms above average strength, muscular/not out of proportion though.
      involved in student affairs, good grades extracurricular activity, parties, and outdoor camping and water sports.
      Traveled to Europe, around the USA before,

      First Job: traveled to other side of USA and
      Became a teacher at 21 y.o. of a post secondary degree school for adult education where I was younger than my students, heady experience, but I stayed down to earth, taught holistic health. Had a private practice with my remedies and advice for wellness to assist with healing others.
      An unforeseen malady forced me to work blue collar work until disability.
      ave always had many strange pains, issues and odd injuries from accidents at work. Endure and mitigate stresses of living on fixed income and with hard to diagnose pain.

      Tendency to be younger than I am in appearance and attitude.

      Spirit for zest in my personal experience dramatically, think youthfully as a child,

      although now,facing aging, accepting the releasing of what that entails still fascinated with the learning.

      would step in and up to bullies/bullying and won’t back down until detente or deescalation/now activist.

      I have a pretty face/nice skin quick to comprehend multilevel of meaning of a scene and people while

      My frame is rounder “apple” when over the weight; I have the Aquarian torso type.

      Generally, I appear to weigh less than I do.

      Stocky and muscular frame stronger than most females at my 5’7″ height.

      Red in face if blush/exercise/holds heat inward.

      Easily comprehend spiritual and afterlife, metaphysical experience and the human condition/dreams at the worst/best.

      Now about your request…
      A comment about your “waves of pain,” in hopes it may be helpful to you.

      This is my experiences with phantom pains, however I have had the pancreatic pain, the gall bladder pain, and some kidney pain at “one” time each, also had surgeries for hernia, and a few others, and know gut distress and stomach ache, acid re flux but none of these nor knee pain, sciatica, or my hip and spine arthritis can explain this other strange not diagnosed phantom type pain I have experienced on and off most of my life, details as follows if you are inclined to look into this: with my successes and techniques working for me.

      To preface:
      Some say nerve pain can radiate from the effects of TMJ
      (Temporal Mandibular Joint)Displacement syndrome
      ask your dentist or chiropractor to determine this, it is the Jaw joint, Often due to many causes in this case of the aspect I presume that it could be found in persons with this aspect,due to, the self esteem and self consciousness causes tendency to grind teeth at night overtime misalignment can occur or just hold tightly jaw clinch which impacts the hepatic nerve causing stiff muscles in neck, rib cage pain, even back pain, mostly though phantom pain from the arms feels like weakness and venous pressure but it is pulse like in waves with no particular rhythm or rhyme for it unpredictable, in my experience very close to the phantom experience associated to this aspect. Also tingles in the fingers/hands can occur to some.

      Hard to suffer what is not understood:

      I found a denial from people who do not see the injury not being apparent and therefore, seemingly to me, cannot comprehend the stress and pain. This misunderstanding and refusal to support a person in pain was difficult for me emotionally coming from some people close to me as well although it impacts the day to day experience and ability to distraction.

      It was debilitating at the height of the experience for a period of a couple months in my case. I can describe it this way: Like the pulse of the old fashioned 1950’s flash bulbs used on old cameras which had a kind of pressure wave following the light of the flash bulb. That feeling I noted felt similar to the puffs and waves I attributed to this syndrome, as if in my “auric field” and/or skin neuron receptors gone awry expanding inches beyond the skin, a strange neurological phenomenon if it is not effected from these choices that I have opted to suggest as theories herein.

      The experience is like there is a balloon type wave that passes within the core/arms/to the feet and I visualized that it is like a “Torus field” perhaps generated from the chakra as my personal theory? It starts soft, gets puffy, gathers to a puff or release and quickly subsides. No set rhythm. No way to know when or if another was to follow. No fever or chills associated with the episode. Short couple of seconds in duration.

      Mine was solar plexus area chakra, and sometimes heart chakra, but it feels in my experience like the throat – thyroid has been slowed and tighter, and one or combination of the following experiences made it worse such as lack of interest, lack of thoughtful self expression, injuries, shocks, or environmental, or unknown causes.

      When I have had shock and/or serious psychological pain/chronic stress residual due to not being understood, blamed or victimized, or incident physically that caused exacerbation and return of the syndrome was not far behind, psychosomatic, neurological chemical reactivity? Ruled out.

      However, my seeking some allopathic MD explanation for this experience it seems turned out to work against me, thereby, alienating for me. Although for me disappointing and without recourse as they have no clue apparently, how to aid me.

      Could these things trigger/contribute to?
      There has been suggestion by new age and science groups on this “era” time we are living in, regarding our place in the galaxy, the alignment that Earth is being affected with multiple factors including gravity waves, solar radiation, and magnetic field flux with the solar winds and a reverse solar wind/galactic waves, so pick your favorite as a trigger for ramping up symptoms, and healing crisis opportunity while each of us has to adjust terrestrially. Could these be factors in this experience?

      These factors apparently experienced in the recent past globally over the past few decades, ensure that these put more stress on us than we realize. Many of these occurrences haven’t happened to human beings for thousands of years, and has not been experienced by our recent ancestors.

      DNA activation and energies, that change our genetics may activate these feelings along with normal terrestrial living conditions/modern living, stresses, conditions/pollutants/sedentary lifestyle of our culture, may contribute in unknown ways, in my opinion, are not to be ruled out as potential triggering factors.

      I experience these feelings as odd puffs, poofs, and releases-which- seem to be very apparent and impossible to deny or ignore. As a wave of water may be channeled into a shore rock feature compressed and splashed by the force, but the energy simply feels like a pulse.
      Not from blood pressure, nor imagined or normal organic nerve pain either, something hard to put to words.
      Not comprehended by medical establishment that I have found, as they look stumped when I describe the experience.

      If it helps, if this sounds like what you are experiencing I offer you information about my own process, over time I tried many things to cope,
      What worked for me:

      DBT Dialectical Behavioral strategy a take off of Buddhism style “meditation” practice formed into mainstream practice that counselors use and groups gather to practice and learn has helped me to deal with these difficult to diagnose scenarios as does also. Search it, you may find a group in your area.

      Working on increasing relaxation with breathing,

      Checking the facts,
      Checking in with yourself,
      awareness and
      choosing to remain calm.

      Taking time for myself rather than rushing to aid everyone else was the key to allowing time for self care.
      I am inclined to make others feel better, fix problems, resolve issues like a superhero to my own detriment.

      Get supportive and understanding people in your close proximity and drop the vampire types that usurp your vital force, trigger you mercilessly, or make demands that are excessive, they will find someone else to parasite. You don’t need to be their victim.

      You need to keep what works; release with love what doesn’t, and repeat.

      I increased organic vegetables/fruits kept regular meals.
      reduced toxic foods avoided GMOS.

      With meditation

      and in time the experience lessened, waned, then subsided.

      I noticed I felt more empowered to take time for me with practice and intention and with attention to the emotions, acknowledge them, resolve them, transcend them.

      Self expression, self awareness, speaking truth… yours.

      Free flowing Expression helps,
      Acceptance of the situation, lovingly release it, see the gift hiding in it, be grateful, and conscious releasing of it, believe in your power to effect your own outcome with the power of this assertion, belief, and practice.

      Stay to the middle road. Moderation, with this and anything in life. Humility is a good policy to stay clear of extremes in any area of life and you can maintain this clarity and your flow to your best outcome.

      I have not heard anyone speak of these symptoms before your comment. Your words reminded me of my own experience.

      So I hope this helps you in some way and is not too far afield of your meaning.

      One additional thing,
      Drinking water seems ubiquitous to many cures for the body however I cannot stress to you enough this one thing, even doing non caffeinated teas or any way to stay hydrated has an immediate impact on reducing severity of this feeling/experience.

  6. I should add that even though I have chiron/venus sextile Sag ascendent/saturn, and thus am not chiron asc. the forearm thing is true… my forearms are one of my best traits; I’ve rolled up the sleaves of my shirts since highschool to show them off; and I use my forearms, wrists and hands to make distinctive expressive half gestures and touches; my forearms “dance”

  7. Chiron conjunct ascendant here with it in Leo, My Sun is also conjunct with my ascendant and thankfully gives Chiron a run for its money.

    In terms of how I look I am female, 5’7. I can’t say that my forearms are too great lol. My face is square my hair is basically black and I have a pretty nice set of eyebrows, in terms of my eyes they are dark brown and at best, I’ve gotten “mysterious” from others. I have been told numerous times that I look intimidating, which I find hard to believe since I try to be as laid back as possible!


    I have experienced in the most literal sense a wound to my face. When I turned 18 and as college freshman I was struck with Bells Palsy(facial paralysis) on the left side. All was good UNTIL it decided to become permanent!

    My biggest fault here with Chiron and my appearance is being denied the ability to smile and be open as I’d like to without feeling embarrassed about my facial features!

    The paralysis wrecked my world but I later pursued two reconstructive surgeries over the past years(I am now almost 22) and hope to become 100% again.

    I can’t say whether it was because of Chiron, or the Uranus present in my 6th house that caused the sudden paralysis. But I still find it extremely literal for my Chiron placement.

  8. Aries Sun & Rising..

    In Aries- 16 deg Rising…. 17 deg Chiron… 26 deg Sun and 28 deg Venus. Stellium in Libra (of course including moon.) Mercury Pisces in 12 at 29 degrees…
    A bit much to chew, but am getting through it…
    I got this for sure,,,Appreciating the pain and lessons….

  9. Chiron conjunct cancer ASC. 24. shattered front tooth. harry potter-esque scar on forehead for 6-7 yrs. constantly getting wounded ( I work with animals) but I don’t scar as often anymore.

  10. Hi there,

    This is just so interesting…don’t know about the forearm thing (why is that a thing?) I have 14 degrees Aquarius rising – Chiron is 15 – on the other side is a stellium with Sun in Cancer at 27 degrees and 5 planets in Leo (!)
    I found a video on YouTube that is pretty haunting – just all these faces of people with Chiron on the ascendant
    Felt a lot of recognition watching it.
    I have always been super self-conscious about my looks. It’s amazing how much people have commented on them through life – lots of negative, but also people calling me gorgeous and obsessing on me – I always wanted to just not be so noticeable! Ever since I was a baby, all the photos of me have this arresting quality – something extra, mostly a profound sadness, pictures of me as a little girl with tears streaming down my face…

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    Francesca Oddie


    I’m rising gemini 2 degrees and chiron is at 4 degrees.

    My best pal has the same thing.

    I think we both have sad eyes… or emotional eyes. But a certain sadness… even when I’m not sad… unless I’m grinning (sag sun!)

    Moon at 22 degrees taurus, north node, 27 taurus, ascendent 2 gemini, chiron 4 gemini.

    It’s allll together!

  12. I have Chiron in Gemini conjunct Ascendant in Gemini. I believe it is the reason for me being very hairy, since nobody else in my immediate family is hairy — that always left me confused. Chiron is a centaur: half-horse, so hairiness and big thighs are perhaps Chironic.

  13. chiron with an exact conjunct to asc in virgo at 22 degrees, i also have a strong scorpio stellium which may effect things…

    light blue eyes i’ve always been complemented on, no facial scars- however covered in freckles…. i have been chubby my whole life and it was always been a HUGE issue for my self esteem. damn that perfectionist virgo… but anyway relatively small forearms and wrists. i had blue hair for years! i’ve been changing my hair color since i was a freshman in high school (that mutable energy w the idea of transformation u know) small feet, small nose. i have mostly small features except my tummy! figures…

    just got a job in social work which makes sense.

    i can’t believe all the taurus rising w chiron! do you all take your looks/appearance into high regard? are you extra offended/sensitive to comments about your appearance?

  14. Chiron conjunct asc Sag 1st house, Libra sun, a nose too prominent that’s made me feel self conscious plus some small facial scars. Neptune conjunct sun – big issues with feeling other’s pain. Used to numb myself with substances, now reaping health consequences. Lotsa physical pain as prog sun passes over natal chiron and asc!

  15. Chiron rising here, in Taurus. I’m petite and thin, 5’2″, sort of prominent nose (though small for my family). Venus also in 1st house so I have heard I’m beautiful (though I don’t alway believe it myself – 12th house sun hates attention). I notice minor assymetry in my face. No visible scars but some mild scoliosis (assymetry!) and have some back pain. Suffered from major depression starting at 13. At 17, I was hospitalized with drug induced psychosis. I got clean and have been in recovery for 19 years now. Classic wound that never heals. Sun in 12th house factors in here, I’m sure. Also I struggled a bit with bulimia in my teens.

  16. Chiron conjunct Ascendent in Pisces opposite my Virgo Stellium. I’ve got no facial scars but I do have a mole underneath/side of my chin and have battled weight issues most my life; also I have an autoimmune disorder and sometimes I limp when I’m in a flare. And come to think of it, I do have a prominent nose!

  17. Taurus sun with Chiron conjunct Jupiter and Ascendant in cancer here chubby yes, tall no, not so prominent nose its kinda button like and sad looking eyes check. No scars though. I struggle with weight issues. Was bulimic at 15 but corrected myself with help of my sister. We should always see which sign the conjunction falls in, cancer = moon shaped = round cheek bones, kinda small sad eyes even when I’m happy —> so far its true for me.

  18. I have Chiron parallel the Ascendant. I find parallels very similar to conjunctions. I had an underbite when I was a child. It was corrected with braces/headgear. I have a somewhat prominent nose, and my profile is sort of jagged, especially when smiling. I’m tall and have very pretty, thick long hair (leo rising) and model-like features and emotional/intense eyes. Poor and awkward posture. I have sharp features similar to the model Gisele Bundchen, but minus her gorgeous teeth and lips. I also have two tiny scars beside my left eyebrow.

    1. I forgot another interesting thing. I never got my two top lateral teeth. It’s genetic. So not only did I have headgear, but also had artificial teeth attached to my braces. Later on, attached to a retainer/partial. Now I have a butterfly bridge where the teeth are glued on with brackets on the adjacent teeth.

      It’s quite interesting, because I am actually pretty, but I do have some “wounded” stuff going on, which some people think makes me look prettier. My husband is one.

      Someone above mentioned how they have a pretty get awkward look. That’s how I am too. It’s not uncommon for people to suddenly (Uranus trine asc) notice I’m pretty. I get you’re “actually” really pretty. Or some people get fascinated with some aspect of my features…like theyre thinking, how can she be pretty and ugly? It’s very awkward.

      I was bullied in elementary school. I was very shy and very wounded.

  19. My boyfriend has Chiron conjunct his ascendant in Taurus. He is 6’6″ tall and a very big man. Sometimes overweight, sometimes not. But always big. Big nose, big teeth, big everything! lol

    His dad was not a part of his life and his mother and grandmother died before he was 11. His mom died in his arms. He was raised in a boys home.

  20. Double Aries, Libra moon with Chiron smack dab on my Ascendant. Physically you can see the Chiron show as prominent foreheads, and very soulful eyes. I have a scar on my forehead from an accident at 3yrs old, my frame is slender.
    I work for a treatment facility now, though I’m going into past life regression.

  21. I have Chiron tightly conjunct my 24 degree Gemini ascendant. I’m a Leo Sun and I’ve always had this mane of wild, golden hair – my trademark. I suppose my appearance is quite striking, with the big bushy hair and oversized cat’s eye glasses. I have high cheek bones, and a somewhat distinctive nose, which looks quite regal in profile. It’s a bit larger than I’d like it. My eyebrows are slightly asymmetrical and I have the Leo almond-shaped eyes. My resting face is either spaced out, anxious, or haughty. I’ve been told I often have a faraway look in the eyes, and my close friends seem to be able to read my moods on my face. I’ve often gotten the comment that I wear my heart on my sleeve; let’s just say I’m shit at poker! Sometimes I feel like I project an aura of power and dignity, but other times I feel quite raw, and vulnerable. I seem to attract the attention of predators, as well as people who are in emotional turmoil. I’m a very good listener, and have often found myself taking on the role of therapist in my circle of friends, or when I was teaching one-on-one English classes. People seem to open up to me easily, and will readily tell me their life story. I don’t have any facial scars, though I do have plenty of scars on my knees and legs from falling out of trees/ wiping out on bikes. I used to have a mole right in the middle of my chin, and was terribly subconscious about it until I got it removed at age 14. Like a lot of Chirotic people, I was bullied relentlessly a kid, which may have had to do with moving city a lot. The bullying peaked in middle school, which was so traumatic I’ve repressed most of those three years. I was also dealing with problems at home: my dad is a bi-polar Scorpio, with women issues, and he directed a lot of his rage at me, or something in my personality seemed to trigger him. (I also have Lilith tightly conjunct my Venus, and more widely my Sun). I was also fiercely protective of my younger brother and mother, and would often put myself in the path of his emotional abuse, as I couldn’t bear to see him hurting them. My relationships and path in life have always been somewhat unorthodox. I’m a poet and PhD student living between Spain and England, and my partner is considerably older than me. I suppose it’s taken until age 30 to come to peace with the fact that I never would have been able to hack a regular 9-5 job, 2.5 kids. Transiting Saturn is almost exactly opposite my natal Chiron now, and I’ve found myself meditating on my rather painful and chaotic childhood. Though the process has been raw and uncomfortable, I feel like I’m finally releasing negative thought patterns and behaviors that have stemmed from the bullying, and daddy issues. These experiences have gifted me with compassion, a well-spring of creativity and perhaps even healing abilities. Though I sometimes feel like I’m channeling more collective wounds–a blessing and a curse–I’ve been lucky enough to be able to channel this into my poetry. I also read tarot cards and the natal charts of my friends. What a fabulous thread – thank you!

  22. I have chiron conjunct gemini asc 3 degree orb. I’m very pretty to most… but i do have alot of freckles. Also… I am super shy

  23. Also chiron in gemini Square ascendant virgo..
    it means my chiron progressed our ascendant at around 9, my ic at 13 and my DC at 26.
    Chiron.. I completely overlooked the dear celestial body.

    I looked at it, chiron opposite uranus. I don’t understand uranus. Chiron in gemini well that’s for a lot of people of course.
    so what is causing the pain?
    ahh it was chiron square ascendant and.. The transiting chiron to my moon-sun-ceres-mars-mercury stellium.
    transits take 2-3year per planet… So that’s like 6 years or more depending on retrograde before its over in my case.

    I read online:Chiron transits are about you trying to prove yourself to others, yet that’s the last thing you should do because it undermines you.

    Chiron is linked to virgo and 6th? So my virgo ascendant enhances the energy. I got sick with every chiron transit, it hit a turning point when transiting through my sixth. When it left I was seriously completely exhausted. I now need extra vitamins like b12 injection and magnesium or I become an 85 year old, not kidding. Nervous system problems. The vitamin saved me from spinal degeneration I’m sure because I couldn’t feel my feet and hands anymore and this is repaired. Couldn’t feel cold tiles, or hot boiling water.
    I thought it was transit pluto opposite my sun stellium.
    I have to look more into it but pretty sure it was chiron.
    Things can be rough but they don’t have to hurt. Chiron hurts.

    So why is that? So it’s about when something is wounded, it hurts. But you try to prove it doesn’t hurt. But when that fails it hurts because you failed to prove that you shouldn’t feel hurt.
    I’m wounded in that I feel dumb.
    As long I can prove to others that I am not dumb, it seems okay.
    So I try to prove others that I can do a lot of things. Instead of proving it to myself.
    So when something doesn’t work out like I want, or someone criticize me. it hurts

    Here comes the “bully” I guess. Sometimes it might become narcissistic rage? Blaming others to not feel shame or inadequate.
    I’ve never bullied and not really been bullied, but always have been afraid of it.

    I’m short 162cm, used to be petite size 34, now size 42, have a scar on my left eyebrow, big scar on my left hand. Big scar on my back like 40cm, scar on my inner foot.
    used to feel out of place.
    used to feel very very abandoned when chiron transit my DC.

    I’m currently looking into chiron square my sun stellium and I’m very relieved.
    this info is going to save me 🙂

    Im curious about the wounds.. I’m sure they’re from many many many previous lifetimes.

    So my hint is to make sure that I’m not trying to prove myself.
    Because then I’m actually trying to prove that something hurtful isn’t true or something.

    Scars maybe with chriron-mars transit?

    1. I want to add..
      moon sun gemini in 10th, wide 10th house from taurus to cancer, ceres Mars and mercury in cancer.
      chiron in gemini
      I also have had a lot of body issues. Dealt with much pain but,.. It’s always been as if there wasn’t any reason. Nothing visible bad happened.
      I now know for sure I have been like a lightning conductor for emotional and energetic weight/charge.
      On the outside everything always looks fine. Even when my parents divorced.
      I felt like no one cared. No one asked me how I felt.
      ohh yes, I almost didn’t talk when I was like 13.
      And I have had surgery for umbilical hernia when I was 2 or 3.
      Im pretty sure I can find everything in the transits.

      I know am rambling on and on and I don’t have chiron on my ascendant. But I think it might be so prominent because if my sun andc moon in gemini and chiron in gemini, mercury being the planet of gemini and the (first) planet of virgo and I have virgo rising.

      Right see.. Here I’m trying to convince y’all. And it’s slipping away the more I’m trying to prove to you that Ive been hurting bad too eventhough no one never really noticed because it would hurt even more if you would say.. Well you don’t have chiron conjuct ascendant, so it can’t be that bad… Or something like that. It would hurt even more then the hurt I’m describing, probably because that’s all in the past! And this would feel as a denial that will hurt today.

      So thats why I am trying to see when I’m trying to convince others. See what it’s about. Then heal.

  24. Aries rising with Chiron conjunct my ASC in the First. Jupiter is Conjunct my Moon in Pisces in my 12th and also conjunct my ASC. All ASC conjunctions are loose orbs of about 5 degrees. Moon is closer to ASC than Jupiter.

    I was very tall for my age growing up and skinny until my ASC progressed into Taurus. Then I got some curves but not overweight. I have Pisces dreamy eyes and pouty mouth. Prominent nose with a dorsal hump on the bridge. My Capricorn Sun is square my ASC, so I think my face is strong but not androgynous. Moon on my ASC is why people tell me I look like I’m in soft focus.

    I had a rotten childhood with Saturn in Cancer in my Fourth opposite my Sun in the 10th. It was beyond bullying, and while kids were mean, my family was way worse. I’ve wrestled with it my whole life, and it made me not want my own family. But I have a loving, supportive husband despite Uranus in Scorpio in my Seventh.

    I work in sales, and I’m very good at it. Nothing to do with the healing professions, though I have worked as a psychic surprisingly. I started reading cards in high school, and my teachers would pull me out of class for readings. I always felt older.

  25. My Chiron is 5° cancer in the 12th. Conjuncting my ASC at 6° cancer. My moon is also in my 12th at 29° Taurus. I have had my appendix out , im small, 5’2 and petite. I’m the type of person who has bright pink hair and a few piercings in my face. Lol I don’t have any really visible scars aside from that really, green eyes and freckles. Anyone else have anything to add for a cancer ASC? I’m super curious ?

  26. I’m a Libra with Chiron conjunct asc in Taurus. Prominent nose, scar on right side of mouth, beautiful but sad eyes. I grew up feeling very self conscious and ugly. Practically abandoned by parents. Only in my late thirties I started to heal. Like someone else commented, by ten I was fully grown up. I looked older in my twenties and younger in my late thirties. I was told that my mood decides my attractivenes.

  27. Chiron conjunct Asc in Leo. Born with deformity on face, had it corrected but corrections left scars. Don’t have Leo’s usual thick hair, either. Was called names in middle school.

    1. Chiron is in Aries, in the 12th house, conjunct the ascendant. A life of never-ending pain. I am triggered by injustices, but I also know that some children can be terribly cruel without even realizing it. I recall being bullied because my parents were horrible; my childhood was dreadful, but my parents remained my biggest nightmare, and they still are now that I am in my forties. Regarding the kids, I can see how those that were mean to me were just victims themselves. Stupidity, society, and ignorant parents are only a few examples. I hope you came to the same or similar conclusion as I did. 🙂

  28. Ch conjunction Virgo asc. Taurus sun.
    Scar on left eyebrow.
    prominent nose.
    Chronic illness.
    bright and nice but sad and very sunken in eyes.
    lot of acne scarring and tattoos.
    Very restless legs.

  29. Chiron conjunct ascendant in Cancer @20 degrees exact. Jupiter is near @24 degrees. I have a prominent “roman” nose but I’ve been told it’s attractive. My teeth have always been crooked and yellow-ish. Bad british genes I guess. I have 2 facial scars as well. One above my right eyebrow and one on my right cheek. I get complimented on my piercing blue eyes all the time by strangers. I am covered in tattoos as well. I also identify as queer (female) but I’ve always felt a bit like I’m in the “wrong” body. Maybe if the idea had been presented when I was younger, I would have wanted to transition to the male sex. Too late now though seeing as I’m 30 yrs old. I think chiron has taught me how to get comfortable with my gender identity and to become unappoligetically myself. I was bullied at a younger age, getting called a “dyke” etc. But now I’m respected for my uniqueness because I embrace it instead of feel shame.

    Also, my roommate has chiron rising in Libra, and at 23 yrs old, he is going bald. He wears hats all the time out of shame. Just a side note.

  30. Chiron conjunct AC, 0 degrees Gem
    Prominent but nice nose
    high cheek bones (Sag sun/Gem rising trait)
    scar on R eyebrow
    acne scars on face
    Fully “adulting” by 10
    Both parents created significant wounding and enforced toxcic familial patterns before abandonment

    Can be either very beautiful or very awkward.
    Chronic Health challenges started early? MTHFR genetic defect
    Nervous system challenges

    HOLLA! Thanks y’all for sharing. This was a super helpful and validating thread.

    1. oh wait, one more fun fact. (lol) (ugg)
      Chiron Opposition sun (which is in large stellium, so the whole effing stellium feels it) in Sag

      Also, I have worked in healing arts most of my adult life: herbalism, homeopathy, iridology, tincture making, and now aperitifs.

    2. Hi twin:), apparently we have a lot in common. The only difference here is that my AC is in Aries. For all the rest,bingo. My parents are still my worst nightmare anyway.

  31. Chiron conjunct Aries ascendenct. People compliment my eyes and eyebrows, smile and ethnic flared nose. Retain weight in my chin/neck, chest, arms and belly. Pretty much deaf and fractured my skull when I was 17. People always say I look needy, like I need to be saved. Could be 12th house moon in pisces… definitely interested in the healing arts

    1. I’m a Capricorn Chiron Conjunct Ascendant 1st house..but your description about looking needy is so accurate 😹😭I get told I look scared most of the time & ppl ask me “are you okay, why are you walking like that?”😅

  32. From observation of different people, one of them close to me. Scar on the face, acne scarring,long limbs usually – as in arms,palms,legs, proeminent noses for both genders, sad eyes but not like a capricorn, expressive eyes yet not like a pisces rising, bullied in school, misunderstood/seriously teased by even family members, an othering that’s not scapegoating like a lilith/pluto, just that vibe- she’s/he’s not like us. Tattoos I’ve seen more on guys, not on girls with this aspect. Gentle people.

  33. Avatar
    Sag with Cap rising

    I have a nephew with Chiron exactly conjunct his ASC who was born with a cleft lip, which required surgery when he was one. He’s 10 now and it’s healed but is an obvious scar. My understanding of this placement is facial scars or scars somewhere on the body; literally “showing the wound.” He’s also been bullied in school. I pray for him often. He actually prefers remote learning during the pandemic.

  34. I’m years late but I was researching about my placements in physical appearance and wanted to give feed back. I’m (18, Male) and with Capricorn Chiron and Capricorn Moon (not conjunct) but both in 1H. And I think due to trauma (yes mother trauma lol), I became super hyper conscious of how I look. I have prominent genetic eyebags (a lot of it could be from crying too), have a unnaturally large Adam’s apple (I think my Sagittarius rising explains that), I also get anxiety a lot which causes me not to eat and am pretty skinny, I also have Pectus Caranatum (Pigeon chest) which I’m self conscious about, and also a big nose (thanks again mom lol). In middle school my self consciousness was so bad due to trauma, I couldn’t even go to school without sweating profusely because of the fact that people were perceiving me and judging me and had my head down 24/7. In elementary school I also had freckles and light blonde hair (I went to a very non-white school), so I was made fun of for my freckles (now faded mostly on the face but still get them when my arms tan) and stood out a lot from other kids. I also have Sagittarius Pluto in 1H (Whole sign system) but my Cap Chiron + Moon are in 1H (placidus system). Overall, I often have unexpressive analytical eyes, I have a resting b**tch face, I often narrow my eyes when focusing on something and people say I look scary when doing that. But once you start talking to me I stop looking like I’m extremely numb inside and soulless because of my expressive Sagittarius rising having a wide smile and when comfortable I’ll be the one laughing the most. I never smile with my teeth though because I look weird/creepy in my opinion.

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