Astrology Trends (For Good Or Ill)

kaleI’ve been involved with astrology since I was child. I’ve seen various things come and go.  The popularity of various house systems has changed over the years. Black Moon Lilith is very popular now. The Galactic Center used to be.  Another five or ten years, this will change again.

I became interested in astrology because I like to know things and I like to have an edge.  Astrology has always been a utility to me. It’s brilliant for this purpose. If you want insight into a problem or into a person, astrology can provide in seconds. Literally, seconds.  It’s the time it takes to blink and see a chart, provided you have the experience.

If you want to do good with the information, you can.  It will save you a lot time and money too, since time is money. It’s just a wonderful gift. But I don’t see astrology being used as a utility; I’m trying to figure out why.

I haven’t figured it out!  But I do see astrology being used as a distraction.  There a lot of platitudes involved. It’s a good time to meditate and feed your soul.”  This seems 1990’s to me. Oprah show heyday.

Sometimes astrology is utilized enhance a person’s profile.  It’s part of a person’s veneer.  This reminds me of various crazes I’ve seen over the years.  Pasta became popular in the late 80’s. In the 90’s it was sushi. 2000’s you had to have kale on your profile!

I don’t care about this in a significant way. I just think it’s useless.  But I do care about astrology being used in a ways that are nefarious. I see this out there as well and I see it more and more.

behind a maskI’m taking about astrology being used to program people or manipulate and control them. Here, astrology has utility but not for the end user. I’m getting a little lost in this modern world.

I don’t fit in any of these categories.  I wish I could say I feel good about it but I don’t. Nobody wants to be an outcast.  Especially people with Libra in their chart!  But I just can’t wriggle in behind of of these masks or God forbid, join the dark side. Believe me, I’ve weighed this as an option!  But I can’t do it. I can’t get crossways with my own soul!

Instead, I am going to double down on what is real. Real to me and real about me. I like to help people. I also like having the ability to help people. I like being effective and also efficient. I like to be honest and I like to be candid.

These things are not in vogue in the moment. Really, you can barely find anything like this at all.  Everything you see or read or listen to is designed to get you to download my app! 

Now is the app going to help you with your problem? My guess is no.

I’m the astrologer you can call when you overfull or drowning in garbage, no matter how you got that way. I’m as close as you’ll ever come to the astrologer of, “desperate cases and lost causes”.  It’s not unusual for me to hack and resolve your “desperate case” in a 30-minute session.  I’m sticking with this, knowing it’s not fashionable.

I’ll take this one step further.  A lot of people have come to understand there is far more profit in working to keep people sick or weak or addicted and dependent then there is in healing them. I hate this. I am not adopting these practices.

How is astrology trending in your world?

36 thoughts on “Astrology Trends (For Good Or Ill)”

  1. I just love the way you talk, girl. Your wide choice of words is words is engaging.
    To me, most astrogers are saying something like Sprit will help you, be patient, Spirit loves you. It soucks big time. I’ve prayed & pleaded for less pain, fewer problems, a little peace. No response. Edgar Cayce said both Heaven & Hell are in your own mind. Now that makes sense. Self understanding.

    1. I feels ya, girl! Can’t AT ALL rationalize the manipulation of subliminal propaganda BS!!! That is the EPITOME of “stupid or false paradigm!”

  2. This was an insightful post, sharp. I think it’s not only or mainly about astrology, it’s about the medium or so to say, the media. Social media or the internet that allows astrology to be used nefariously. Addiction, control, behavior modification to the end-goal of more profit. There is also the issue of negativity amplified, fear generates clicks. Which generates revenue. But this site and the people running it are respectful of people as users. Even the interface is friendly. I hope you won’t ever need to join the dark side.

  3. I don’t like kale, but l choose to read you more than any of the others, for all the reasons you put forward, Elsa.

    You have alway hit the right note for me.

    I have never really reflected on why that might be until now: my north node in the 8th hse in Libra.

    Thank you.

  4. I’m with you astrology sister! I began learning astrology in the 70’s from my engineer father. I’ve seen many trends in astrology come and go, I stick to the tried and true. I like it because I like to help people, I also have always felt like it gave me an edge too. I gain tremendous insight from astrology into what’s going on! I don’t do it as a business, mostly just for my own understanding and my family, when their interested ha ha!

  5. I love the truthfulness of this post; the raw honesty that you will not be swayed by current trends & will stay true to you.

    PS: I view the current useless mantra; “download my app” as junk mail for your phone 😄 (no apps on mine for good reason)

  6. Utility is a perfect word for how I see astrology too. And I had a cosult with Elsa for exactly the reasons she writes here and got exactly the the key I was looking for for my peoblem. This is what I absolutely love and respect about astrology.
    It has also helped/s me to understand certain aspects of myself and to accept them. Helps accepting others too! I don’t get frustrated trying to change people any more since I got into astrology because I stopped trying to change them, makes life much easier!

  7. I am part of the generation that uses astrology as a profile perk, haha. I also have a black moon Lilith tattoo. Astrology is about to be commodified like never before, I just hope people use it to learn about themselves. I’ve had 17 year olds teach me some astrology! A lot of young people are really, really caught up in “manifestation”. That’s cool and all but if you’d learn astrology, you’d know what’s coming for you No manifestation required. I’m under a Neptune trine Venus transit and I recently befriended a well-known handsome metal singer. We met under very “fated” circumstances. Without my little astrology knowledge, I would’ve confused that for manifestation!

    1. This is interesting. Thank you! I agree, there are insightful quips to be found. Rude astrology and stuff like that. Sometimes it’s fun. But it falls far short of pulling what’s on offer when it comes to astrology, together, to come up with something useful. As it is most of the astrology allows you to tag people and define them with what amounts to an oppressive label.

      Just don’t let yourself be dumbed down.

  8. I have seen big changes in Astrology online in the past twenty years and it is difficult to find in depth explanations. I can’t help but wonder if Pluto in Aquarius will see the destruction of Astrology or something try to change it or take its place. I am very curious about this.

    1. This is an interesting point. I suddenly remembered uranian astrology with the transneptunian planets but I don’t know if those will have more traction during aquarius pluto, or what other astro currents are at the forefront. But in general they are coexisting. Guess we will find out soon.

      1. Yes, I remember, Martha Wescott, was on top. Thanks for mentioning this. I was definitely another trend and Koch was THE house system back in the day.

        Someone will have to take out astro. com to get rid of Placidus. It’ll happen, too.

    2. I don’t know that astrology will be destroyed. Probably every generation thinks the new generation sucks. But using it to manipulate is very apparent already, at least it is to me.

      And then there is the Twitter generations; you can say a lot in a meme, I’ll give you that. But this takes the utility out astrology, at least in the way I use it.

      “She’s a Leo.”
      This gives information but not much
      “She’s a Leo with a Cancer moon.”
      Does this solve a problem? I don’t think so. All you do is tag a person with something shallow if not completely stupid.

      Then there is the MISinformation. I just had yesterday’s client email me a page from a VERY popular astrologer who is currently scaring Virgos about Saturn in Pisces. Dates are (way) wrong but the page looks nice and she has backing.

      I have not determined if the MISinformation is intentional though it may be (today) and certainly will be as time goes on.

      I hate to be repetitive but discernment is critical and the worship celebrities and others who people perceive to be successful (i.e Musk) is flat-out embarrassing.

      I hate to see people done in, discouraged and even disabled by astrology which such a fine, fine thing. But this is like finding a doctor who wants to help and cure you rather than one who views you as a means to to profit.

      1. That’s right. The negativity is real, aiming for fear. Even from books. I remember an excerpt, something written about an afflicted planet or something of sorts. It said this aspect is so terrible and you’re horrible and this is an exact quote “People are going to be relieved when you die.” Who thinks that, writes it into a book and then sells it as a good astrology insight? And blogs. The vile stuff I read about my capricorn moon with zero redeeming qualities. It’s mind pollution.

        1. Mind pollution, I agree. And worse. But it’s voraciously consumed and incredibly powerful.

          What kills me is people do not know how to solve problems. It’s been this way for a number of years but it’s getting much worse, very fast. Plus, *astrology is supplying the problems*!

        2. Everything everywhere is FEAR! You can’t look at anything on the internet without them slipping something in there that is designed to scare the crap out of you.

          Fear is the new normal. Fear keeps people subdued.

          The Fear of living your life to its fullest, the fear of sickness, the fear of dying. You can’t do that! It will make you sick, or kill you. Ugh! I want to tell them, “ENOUGH of FEEDING US FEAR! Let us live in peace and be happy.”

          1. Yes to everything of what you both said. Fear to make one 1.obedient and 2.buying more, it’s repulsive.

  9. Had to use my friend google for the name and came across medical astrology. Thanks! No astro system represents exactly how I see myself but placidus comes closely the most accurate for me. Tried looking at all of them but it’s impossible to have mercury and venus in 5th natally, that just doesn’t make sense. If placidus is gonna be discarded, I am not going to complain, then I’ll have to get used to the thought that I’ve got 5th house planets but it will take me some time to consider or accept that.

    1. I like Placidus best too. The other house systems don’t even come close when it comes to getting a chart that makes sense of my weird configs.
      But I agree that it should no longer be the default system. Somewhere on the site, they explain that Placidus was the most used system when the site was first set up. If that is no longer true, I don’t care what the new default (if any!) is, as long as there’s a good and complete bunch of house systems (including Placidus) for me to choose from.
      I’ve been toying with the idea that the angles are more important than hard and fast house boundaries. Maybe they and their meanings sort of blend into each other as you look at each quarter of the chart?
      On the other hand, the fact that Capricorn/2H and Cancer/8H are intercepted in my Placidus chart is useful and pertinent to me, as are the double Scorpio/Taurus cusps in 11H/Asc and 6h/Desc.

      1. So placidus makes sense to you as well. I go with a similar mindset because of the interceptions in my chart and with all house systems angles are the same. Would prefer to not have to read my mars on the cusp for two houses but my 4th planets are in 4th not in 5th. As longs as they’re accurate, there can be changes indeed!

  10. Hi Elsa ,
    I will agree to disagree with you on this.
    There is just way too much information on the world wide web.
    Both Good and Bad.
    As much as there are bullshit Astrologer’s,there are absolutely Brilliant Astrologers too.
    Some are too positive others full of gloom and doom to “buy their products”.

    The Big Sale is always on.
    But there usually are some excellent ones on there too.

    Who use various methods of astrology, which gives deeper insight.
    And much like everything else, people can shop their preference.

    Today people are alot more discerning than say even 5years ago.

    You have a niche,and Astrology is a tool , utility or something of service to aid and guide people of pitfalls or possibilities.
    I m ever the optimist so I m always looking for opportunities.
    Even in the pitfalls.
    Though I take all warnings and precautions, when planets have a hard alignment.

    I enjoy your posts,your guidance and also your brand of astrology.

    Cheers !! To your ingenuity and your own stamp.
    Keep up the Good Work.
    You Rock

    1. “I will agree to disagree with you on this.
      There is just way too much information on the world wide web.
      Both Good and Bad.”

      I agree with you. But as we move forward, I think you’re going to have a very hard time finding anything that isn’t sponsored, so to speak. It’s not an opinion. I am a content creator, at this now. for more than two decades. I’m in a position to know.

      Search engine sends me guidelines. Further, if I can prove I am in X or Y category of folks, I will get preference. You’re going to see what ptb want you to see, by design.

      It’s the schema out there that is changing and this is what influences people in ways and at levels few realize.

      I’ve tried to offer non-inflammatory examples of this in my post. People follow trends far more than they realize. These trends are created by design.

      Consider fashion. Hems up and hems down. You buy one thing and then need another because what you just bought is dated. You have to work hard to stay current and it costs and creates profit.

      This is a surface example. It’s much, much deeper.

      1. Yes Elsa I get the point you are trying to make.
        However like I said,for the discerning customer there is always good content.
        You can not seriously think YOU are the Only content creator there is on the WWW ???
        Even in fashion today there is alot ,I ve NEVER ever followed dictates of anything! Wether fashion, language or anything else.
        With a leo asc conj Uranus, I m as individual minded as I am as a person.
        I don’t get swayed.
        How search engines function is also known to many .
        There are tons of people who DON’T use Google.
        You can change your country location to get better results,use incognito browsers, there are now millions of Astrology sites from wicca,dark astrology,outer planets ,to nodal astrology.
        In india itself we have north and south charts.
        I prefer Vedic Astrology as it has THE TRUE placements of the planets while doing my chart.
        However I enjoy your blog and the different perspective.
        I dont NEED to Choose one over the other.
        And THAT is my point.

  11. For me reading about the stars there affects the history of what was found before the charting of white lies after I find it encouraging I find it helpful to understand myself against this enormous backdrop I’m a flea and that’s all I want to be , I want to enjoy the life I have ,I want to let go of pain , I wanna have a discerning eye and see what’s for me ;this site is very helpful I should read the news sometimes but I don’t I go to Elsa Elsa because I like her view I like her person behind the writing I like looking up

  12. No matter what the search engines and manufactured trends say or don’t say – “everybody knows” that elsaelsa gives you the best astrology on the web. This has been going on for a very long time.
    I always go to Elsa FIRST. I trust everything I see if it’s by her.

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