Bad Love Karma (Comes Home)

saturn lord of karmaI routinely meet people who treat their partners poorly in an endless variety of ways. What kills me is they don’t seem to think it will catch up to them.  They believe they can leave a trail of bodies behind them and meet no consequence for their behavior down the road.

I was talking to a client the other day about a man we’re acquainted with.  This guy likes to screw like nobodies business. And he has no discretion.  It doesn’t matter if he is married or if his lover(s) are married. Nothing matters to this man but his dick, to put it plainly.

I don’t mean to judge him. I am just stating the undeniable facts so that you can track this story.

Now this man is getting older and big surprise – he’s come to a point in time in his life where he’s wracked with regret. He just doesn’t like where he ended up. He wants my client (whom he also jacked up) to save him.

“How many women’s lives had this guy jacked?” I asked? “How many relationships has he decided to interfere with? Seriously, think about this. How many marriages has he stuck his dick in? Hundreds? I’m thinking that he’s messed with at least 100 women’s relationships, with no regard for anyone but himself.  Maybe twice that.”

“Yeah, that’s probably right.”

“I don’t think you have to worry about where he wound up.  How are you supposed to solve this for him? I don’t think you can, so there’s no use worrying if you should.”

Do you know someone who considers the trail of busted up  lives they’ve left behind to be unimportant? Do you feel like this?

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  1. Yep, I have seen at least a couple of men end up in a bad place, after years of mistreating women ! Getting older gives one a perspective on things like that .

  2. I was married to someone like that the first time around divorced him but it was a deal marriage so was not designed to last. However the person I married after him turned into the same kind of person in the end. I recognized the signs immediately we were so done however due to financial reasons we could not split then. I figured that the second husband woke up one day after 7 years of marriage and went hey I am missing the fun or something don’t really know or understand that. Now married again this husband’s first wife was exactly like my ex’s so we are on par with each other and are respectful to each other. May be I just had to be in the right place at the right time to meet this man.

  3. I think I used to work for that guy. Ok, maybe not. The one I’m thinkin’ of still has no conscience, no regrets, no shame, ha ha. I’ve met several people through the years who claim to have changed their ways so maybe there’s still hope for these types. I checked up on the ex evil girlfriend and she’s still racking up unpaid debts and civil court actions. She marries guys, divorces them and collects what she can. She recently finished with her third official husband. Who knows how many bf’s she’s shafted along the way too (like me).

  4. I just broke up with one. Gemini moon was hiding all kinds of stuff, and a couple different lives. (Not that all do, but this one surely was! I doubt I will ever know how much.)

    1. I danced with a gemini moon for awhile. I thought it was me with my gemini south node. My astro twin has had the same kind of experience with gemini moon men.

  5. I know someone like that, and if you get involved you get what you give!..but of course he has no regrets…you are forgotton as fast as he has moved on! Gemini venus.

  6. I certainly know some people like this. Thankfully I don’t tend to stick to close to them but what I see is people who feel completely justified in their behavior. That is something that astounds me. Something in their sense of morality says they were performing the work of a higher power or they were somehow helping everyone in their deeds. If someone only sees themselves as a saint (even if they only see themselves as a sinner who owes nothing more), in my experience its pretty impossible to hope for as much as an apology. Change isn’t something that they’re inclined to do unless they have to meet with consequences they can’t charm their way out of. Ultimately if their ideals haven’t changed hanging around them is just asking for trouble. He may not screw you but he will screw over your friends soon enough and that comes back to you yet again those types just don’t feel remorse and when they do its probably because they got caught & now they feel the sting of being blamed for something. People like that are just scary.

  7. Some people have regrets when they get older and some don’t, some people have a conscience and some don’t and that’s just the way it is. And about this KARMA thing, KARMA is not punishment, it is about EVOLVING, souls who are reborn again and again, who evolve higher and higher.

    FOR INSTANCE, just because you are BORN with a handicap, doesn’t mean you are being PUNISHED for something you did in a previous life LIKE A LOT OF IGNORANT PEOPLE THINK; you were BORN that way because you chose to PLAY a different role in coming back to earth; that of learning, evolving.

    Even the Dalai Lama said some people don’t understand the KARMA thing. I SUGGEST you check out the Abraham-Hicks website, which probably has the BEST explanations for SO many things in LIFE AND

    when I was a child and in surgery, I had an out-of-body experience where I shot up to the ceiling, looking down at those operating on me … I COULD SEE THEM, BUT I COULD NOT HEAR THEM and Abraham-Hicks discusses this …. and that is why I really believe a lot of explanations Abraham-Hicks says about KARMA.

  8. I don’t feel comfortable saying this person is a normal human being who goes along in life, experiencing its up and downs and makes some bad choices along the way.

    A serial cheater has pathology behind it. Someone who repeatedly gets in to other people’s marriages has a pathology behind it. That is to say, they have mental issues and problems that are only definably and treatable by a mental health professional.

    This is not the case of some Joe Blow living his life and being uncareful about those he hurts; this is someone that is making a choice — however subconscious– to behave in this manner, likely due to their own past hurts and/or psychological issues.

  9. yeah i dont want to judge either.

    I used to be married to a man like that, but he was an alcoholic. Does it mean it’s excusable? Well, perhaps. Because, he was so deep down the well of destruction. Is he still like that? He has lost some of his god-given looks, due to extreme alcoholism & drug use, but his charm has never failed him with women. Honestly, you can’t really judge, and yes it does catch up to them, but it’s an extremely sad, sorrowful thing to see, hear, know about. It’s not something to make fun of either. You don’t know what that person deep down is going through. Some people go through life “blind” not awakened, not realising, kind of a repeat action: if women fall for it all the time, why should he keep stopping? That’s what probably goes through his system.

    1. sometimes, youre a bit psychic, Elsa. 😀

      my post was about my ex husband and ironically, he had an aries stellium, including aries venus.
      i just didnt want to say anything because it doesn’t mean that ALL aries venus and/or aries stellium men are like this at all. It really depends on the individual and their upbringing/choices in life. It’s a bit difficult when they’re addicted though. Drugs, any addictions are not easy and many indiviudals die from it very early. (similar to Amy Winehouse)

    1. Well it gets weird when you’re pushing 60…and not a super-rich mogul or something like that.

      You look in the mirror and oops! You’re an old man.

      1. This archetype met his match in me. And oh yes it’s sad to see, especially at that age – but whatchagunnado! He made his bed, etc etc

        Why worry about this kind of idiot, indeed. Let him pay a therapist for that.

        There’s a lot of nice men in this world.

  10. I’ll cop to this. I don’t really give a damn about the carnage I leave behind me. There have even been a few choice times where I intentionally caused as much damage as I could on my way out. I only feel bad about one of those.

    Of course, I don’t insert myself in people’s relationships or anything of that nature. I treat everyone the same, and try to treat everyone well. I don’t fuck people over — unless they fuck me over first — and strive to the utmost to live with integrity. That hasn’t saved me from getting mowed down, stomped on, jerked around, played with (and on), trash-talked, lied to and about, and a whole other host of ways people are shitty to one another. So you can bet your bottom dollar that when that happens, you’re damned straight I don’t give a hoot about what damage I cause!

    Mars-Pluto, baybee. If you want to bring matches, I’ll use ’em to raze your hut. 😉

  11. “Do you know someone who considers the trail of busted up lives they’ve left behind to be unimportant? ” That sentence hit me hard,because it seems such a cynical thing to do. I hope I never did that to anyone, but since it hits me hard I suppose I might have it in me. I definitely know someone who considers the trail of busted up lives she has left behind not of her responsibility

  12. Sort of. The day I looked in that mirror and saw the lines of a furrowed brow, I decided to become hard nosed. I wanted a life partner and some stability. I would quit with these loser men I always felt sorry for, and put myself ahead of the game. One year is the max that I’d stay with them. If the relationship or the man didn’t suit me – boom – out the door they went (Moon in Scorpio.)

  13. `I had an Aquarius boss who had an ongoing and blatant office affair with his closer. They were both married-to someone else. They’d leave in the middle of the day, for hours, with no paperwork and “We’ll be back”. She wore micro mini-skirts, see through blouses, and heels. He bought HER flowers on his WIFE’S birthday. She did NO work whatsoever but was the highest paid person there besides him, and spent her days shopping online, ordering $300 purses and having them shipped to work. I believe this was going on since before they were married, and also think her little girl was fathered by him and not her husband (she had slanty eyes like the boss).

  14. Sure I know sextoids. They are what they are. Not always as good at their sport as they think they are. I don’t really know what goes on in the male brain about that. Probably nothing at all. Doi yoi yoi. 😀 But the females I’ve known who get away with destroying lives seem to find it funny. It seems like they are punishing someone. And absolutely delighted with it. Just an observation. They are the ones who brag about it. Could be my locale. Not sure.

    1. My best friend does this – I’m backing away from her nowadays. Very fragile person with a veneer of extreme ego. She has venus in aries rising.. sun,mars,chiron conj in gemini. Weird thing is that the more abusive the guy is, she sticks around out of pride – like “I can take it!” Moon/pluto in scorp problems? I dunno.

      I should clarify earlier comment.. the male sex conqueror met his match in me. I’m no sex conqueror but ain’t nobody conquerin me. Come to think of it, his name means ‘conqueror.’ *shake my head* I believe I made him cry. He was looking for a therapist. Not if I ain’t gettin paid, homeboy. Boundaries. Respect em.

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