Benefits Of Saturn Transiting Your 2nd House

CHOCoLATE BUNNYWhen Saturn transits your second house, you get your financial life in order.  This often includes reducing spending on frivolous things.

This is not necessarily because you don’t have the funds.  It’s a natural shift as you refine your values and your self-esteem solidifies.

Generally, less is more, especially when the “less” is made up of quality goods, which serve a purpose.  This transit puts an end to situations, where you buy five but only use one.

Over-spending is generally tied to lack of self-esteem.  By the end of this transit,  you’ll no longer need to purchase things to fill a hole on the inside.  Consider you’re a chocolate bunny. You start out empty and flimsy. By the end of this transit, you wind up a solid (character) version who cannot be denied.

You also develop a sense of control.  Advertising suggests a person need this or that in order to be attractive. You develop a boundary in this regard. You’re good the way you are. It’s called “intact self-esteem”. Who is controlling your wallet? You are!

You may also rid yourself of clutter at this time, as you just don’t need a ton of “stuff”. It’s also common to make long term investments at this time, which wind up paying off, far into the future.

Basically, this transit has you sort your riches, where you, yourself are chief among them.  It’s an important and underrated transit. Take it serious and you can set yourself up for a long time to come.

How did you fare when Saturn transited your 2nd house?

15 thoughts on “Benefits Of Saturn Transiting Your 2nd House”

  1. This was Saturn in Aquarius for me. Given those were the pandemic years, it was about actual austerity. I lost pretty much everything including my work, home, my business, and city (I’m not homeless, but had to sell my house and move somewhere I don’t particularly like, for an indefinite amount of years to come). During the moving process my house was robbed, lost a lot of my work equipment. Didn’t have/couldn’t create the opportunity to seed the future. Pretty much all that’s left is me 😂 so I hope that’s something.

    1. @Jamie,
      That is a lot of loss all at once. Did Saturn aspect your natal Pluto?
      I hope you find your home, the one you want and the place.

      1. No, but Pluto was/is squaring my natal Pluto, as it has been for many. Thank you for your kindness, means a lot.

  2. Saturn has just moved out of my second house. I am rooted. A decade of seeking and deeply exploring my story and my “inventory “ I began drawing (literally) and gave birth to a Virgo business commuted to serving.

    Nearly two years, come September, the drawings are spiderwebs of enduring strength and wonderful avenues for a grandmother to regenerate her self-regard And connect with the community while slowly earning money to pay for groceries.

    “Root for me,” I asked my ancestors. And they Art; while I do my part.

  3. I’m in this transit now. I actually dipped into my savings for the very first time EVER a week or so ago to buy my husband a luxurious leather recliner for his birthday tomorrow. This is the year I plan to invest in some quality furnishings and more structured pieces in my wardrobe. I also feel like this is the year I mastered my body’s mechanics (with a lot of help from my virgo therapist the last 2 years) and I’m starting heavy weight training twice a week with an actual trainer tomorrow. My self-esteem is OK. I don’t loathe myself like I have in the past. I have become extremely average, which is novel for me. I’m somewhat overweight but my weight has not shifted up or down no matter what I do and as someone with a history of crazy fluctuations and dysmorphia it’s pretty great. Completely stopped wearing makeup. I already didn’t wear much but now I don’t even cover up a zit. Get very few of those now too. I quit dyeing my hair quite a few years ago but now I invest in a high quality hair dresser. I wouldn’t say I’m embracing the grey but it is what it is. Also cook 100% of my own food now to avoid additives and that has calmed my body so much.

        1. I think this period has knocked a lot us back, hard. Still, I admire your effort and overall take on things. It seems the way to go to get to a better place.

  4. Depending on the house system, Saturn transits either my first (placidus) or 2nd (whole signs).

    I think I have had a little bit of both.

    I have definitely learned some practical magic about boundaries, what I NEED vs what I WANT, what I will accept from others, and what I will not.

    Next thing is: what I have worked with in my career/business is no longer something I am able to xarry on with. I have had to release a burden to be lighter.

    Actually, make that secwral burdens (including people). I have had to cut ties with difficult people who were hindering progress and mental health.

    I have parted ways with two teeth.
    The dentist bills are piling up, and I have had to cut my monthly expenses to the barest minimum to pay them. Blessedly I have a partner who is willing to aid in from his income (he earns enough to be able to)

    I am looking into something in my future career path that can be something I NEED and not chasing something I WANT.

    Saturn is ruling my 8th house conjunct Pluto in Libra. I guess it’s the relationship part I have going for me atm. I am conscious of showing I am grateful to my partner, but treat him as an equal too, and I try to be responsible to our relationship by keeping unhealthy influences away (e.g. by cutting cords with people who are stress factors – which affects my darned teeth too. Seriously, what a symbolic cycle… Saturn rules the teeth and gums. )

    I am amping up on saving and buy things of value. But Ibhave always been that way – I have Jupiter conjunct Venus in Scorpio, for good or bad. In this case, it’s a good thing…

  5. Thank you for writing this. I feel like I’m on a train to hell sometimes. I have Saturn in Pisces and Saturn Conj my Chiron on Pisces in my 2nd house. Since May 1st it’s been the hardest time in my life. Wake up calls previously given over the last few years I ignored, and things got very painful. My lack of self esteem in areas had definitely made itself shown. Hysterical crying, health stuff, money stuff.

  6. I’m looking forward to this transit (next year, I think). Sounds more manageable/ rewarding than in my current first house. I want to kick him out of my first right now 😡.

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