Dating That Leads Nowhere


It’s common to go on date after date after and have it go nowhere.  People have a hard time partnering.

I feel the reasons are largely societal. They’re also hard to discern because they’re deeply buried. There’s also a lot of misdirection and many distractions in place. You’ve really got to want to get the info. The fact there is info to get is also hidden so you see the challenge here.

I finished writing on this topic for my class and realized I had more to say, of a general nature.  I am already on record to state I feel that romantic love is a psy-op. I guess this post continues this earlier one:

Romantic Love Is A PSYOP

I’m seeing that “marriage” or any committed relationship is a big ask.  Think about it.  A significant number of people are not interested in partnering. Many others have no earthly idea how to go about it.  So let’s say you’re someone who does want to partner and does have an idea. Your task is to find someone in a similar position. So let’s talk about this “ask”.

To marry, you’re asking someone to stay with you through whatever.  Just this alone should be assimilated.  We’re always looking for what we want and what we won’t put up with; never what the other person has to deal with.

Marriage is very risky in that someone can take your money and your kids and just screw you over for years and years. At this point in time, only an idiot would marry someone of low character.  This is far, far more important than how you look, even if the psy-op tells you otherwise.

The picture is of a “cruise to nowhere”, which is something that exists.  You get on the ship, and sail around, never docking… until you wind up back where you started. This is how I see most of dating.  If you see it too and you want out, start thinking about what you’re asking for when looking for a mate. It’s no small thing!

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7 thoughts on “Dating That Leads Nowhere”

  1. Which Astrological transits would you attribute to this? I’m guessing it’s the outers mostly as they are collective/generational.

    I have always maintained that it’s Neptune in Pisces. It’s set the bar impossibly high now, people don’t want to marry a Mr or Miss Average they want to marry a unicorn.

    Whether it’s heavy facial filtering on social media, portraying distorted and unrealistic versions of your image and lifestyle, especially amongst women, or to the high rates of online porn use, especially amongst men. Both have a similar component – unreality.

    And people are losing touch with reality, in the pursuit of the ultimate perfection in a potential life partner, whilst ghosting those who don’t quite “measure up” but they could have been The One. Also thinking the polar opposite sign of Virgo, all about flawless perfection.

    Give it a few decades, and there will be a whole load of aging loners, wondering what the hell happened to their lives, why they wasted so much time vacuously chasing a pipe dream.

    Maybe things will shift once Saturn/Neptune both enter Aries?

  2. To add: Pisces is considered a romantic sign, given Venus is in its exaltation there.

    But the Neptune transit has distorted the concept of romance and dating beyond recognition. People no longer know what or who they want!

    1. can you elaborate on the neptune transit…when did it begin? when will it end? what more can you say about it?
      i can so relate…super confused and single but don’t want to be.

      1. Hi Theressa! No problem, the Neptune transit in Pisces began on February 3rd 2012, and will finally end on January 26th 2026

        Although we will get a first taste of Neptune Aries from March to October 2025, when it will conjunct Saturn Aries.

        If you think about the qualities of Neptune, it’s vaporous, so you may have encountered issues such as ghosting, disappearances, being cancelled on, flaky energies, evasive tactics, hard to pin down anything solid. “Ghost” is a literal Neptunian word.

        I feel that will change once Neptune enters Aries, a Mars ruled Cardinal Fire sign, where Neptune is not so comfortable there, and won’t function as effectively as it has been in Pisces.

        Aries is about conquests, “the chase” as it were. Haha I wonder if the flaky ghosters of the world will become the fired up pursuers 🙄😂 although could be a case of, too little too late, by then!

        1. Thinking about the LAST time Neptune was in Pisces, was from April 1847 to April 1862. In the Victoria era.

          December 1847, brought in Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. A story about sweeping passion, volatile drama-filled relationships, heartbreak ….And also a reference to “Twin Flames”; whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are The same. In our current day and age, it would certainly be discouraged and labelled as “toxic relationships” 😂

          The concept of romantic soulmates was introduced around the previous Neptune Pisces, as was various courtship rituals such as love poems, Valentine’s day hearts and flowers, white weddings (due to Queen Victoria and Albert), and so on.

          (There was also an upsurge in the esoteric in general, Tarot, seances, mediumship, astrology, paranormal activity, etc)

          So it could be that Neptune Pisces phases does coincide with paradigm shifts in the romance arena.

  3. In the old days, people met and fell in love. They met in school, work, church, vacation, by happenstance. They didn’t scroll through a menu shopping for mates to try like appetizers. Someone walked by, caught their eye, struck up a conversation. Spontaneous attraction. Curiosity, a crush, sparks, infatuation, maybe even love. Does this even still happen?

    1. I know, right??? When online dating started, I didn’t like the idea of it because it would have people shop for people like they would a car. A person is not the same as a car, and meeting someone isn’t the same as a purchase, but it’s gotten conflated to be the same.

      Haven’t actively dated in 2 years and I’m all the more happier for it. I’ve been able to meet people the old-fashioned way and it’s worked far better, even when it didn’t last.

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