Disrupt Your Bad Patterns With Mars Uranus! Do It!

rutIf you’re in a long term relationship, it’s a matter of time before you get in some sort of power struggle or  stand-off of some sort. Or maybe someone is pissed or has been building resentment over days, weeks, months or even years.

This is an example of something that could stand to be “disrupted” with Mars conjunct Uranus. You know how you wind up repeating the same thing over and over? If you’ve said it one hundred times with no result,  it’s nonsense to think saying it one more time will do the trick.

These issues can seem unsolvable; this is certainly true for me. I’m married to TAURUS. But I’ve learned to go around these block, using shock and surprise. The good thing about this idea, outside of the fact it works, is that there are a million way to pull this off… especially if you’re a little crazy.   I learned this from, Seal. “We’re never gonna survive… unless we get a little crazy“.

As an example, when I’m sideways with my husband, I will sing. This is a favorite choice:

I don’t explain. I just perform. Invariably, this behavior changes the dynamic, even if it takes a takes a day.

Here are other ideas of things you might want to disrupt:

  • Bad eating / health habits.
  • Your habits online.
  • The way you never do all the dishes.
  • Your procrastination.
  • Weren’t you going to start a walking program?
  • A million other things.

It’s very easy to do something different right now. Especially, Fixed signs. EXIT YOU RUT, in July.

That’s my advice.


20 thoughts on “Disrupt Your Bad Patterns With Mars Uranus! Do It!”

    1. I love that song. It’s on Cindy Crawford’s workout video. That workout video was what I used the first time I lost a bunch of weight. I always saw it as, If ya want to change something you have to get a little crazy. When I hear it I am reminded that I can change my path if I want to. Mars and Uranus will be on my Chiron in my sixth house. I just lost 40lbs and I want to keep going and fine tune this body.

  1. Love it, thank you, my partner is a Taurus/ Taurus rising conjunct south node 0 degrees. /going on 12 years in the making. This is helpful. Your very talented and I have been changing things up. Too bad I don’t have a sense of humor like you. Moon Saturn conjunction in Saturn creates a wet blanket effect. With this heat wave, it’s refreshing to me.

      1. ‘You’re not under contract!’ So apt for what I’m going through, we need a contract right now and have been working without one for years and might be getting screwed

  2. Oh Elsa, this is so useful. I am in a horrid little rut with sleeping pills I’ve been wanting to ditch. Will make it happen this month then. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. My ex sold his farm yesterday. The one we lived on for 8 years. I took our dog with me to get my motorcycle off the property before the paperwork was signed and to say my goodbyes to the garden. He’s already left the country to try and be a baby daddy with some young thing he had a fling with last year while working abroad.

    I’m not sad or mad, just really grateful and relieved that the Universe got him out of my hair.
    I let that squirrel waste a decade of my life. I was singing ‘Love Is A Losing Game’ (Amy Winehouse) to the dog as we pulled away . Then last night when walking Bull (the dog) through my quaint Village I saw that sliver of new moon and sang Duran Duran ‘New Moon On Monday’


    Me- Cap sun, with late Scorp stellium, Pisces moon

    Bull- Taurus sun, mars/merc conjunction in Taurus, Virgo moon

    The Ex- late Gemini sun opposite Neptune, early Scorpio moon

    Nuff said.

    1. Oh, the motorcycle? A ’77 Suzuki GS 400 I bought off an 82 year old lady for $750 in mint condition. It was her bike and is monogrammed with her initials as her husband owned the local Suzuki dealership back in the day. The motorcycle found me around the same time I met The Ex.

      This is just ONE of my Mars conjunct Uranus stories.

  4. Yes, yes and yes. Break it up! But mostly I just wanted to say thank you dear, dear Elsa, you have the most wonderful taste in music!!

  5. Spending money like there’s always going to be some has long been my bad habit.

    With Whole Sign, Mars, Uranus and natal Saturn all fall in my 2nd and yes, all of this is conjunct.

    I’m consciously hitting the brakes on the spending. Money has never been an easy thing in my life.

  6. Oh Elsa this is so great! said the wife of the Sun + Asc Taurus stubborn as a ROCK who is about to get hit with Uranus conjuncting his Sun aka Me 😎

  7. I definitely feel things loosen up somehow. Like, a milk tooth becoming more and more loose, as this is the fixed signs. So, you gotta rock the tooth out, aye, little by little, and eventually it’s out.

    For me, it’s been in the relationship department. The other day I finally voiced my feelings about a certain behavior and called BS on the excuses. By now it’s definitely time to take action and changing toxic behaviors!

  8. I have this in my natal chart… the current transit is forming in a wide trine…

    today when driving to a nature walk, a driver in a big suburban cut left across the road in front of my little Prius c… it was a phew moment that got my adrenaline going… all I could think afterwards was how lucky it was to survive that… (and that the driver was an asshat!)

    I was on edge during my walk, though…

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