Evolving As Your Life Story Unfolds

pathThere’s a lot of negative emotion out there right now. Dread and fear and rage.  In spite of this, we’re all evolving  as our lives are unfolds. We learn more every day.  Astrology allows us to see the path, often with startling clarity.

I’m prompted to write this after a session with a young woman.  With Jupiter transiting her 9th house, she’s headed overseas to get her Masters. This is textbook astrology as the 9th rules foreigners and higher education.  The rest of the chart and transits support what she’s doing at this time.  You can imagine how reassuring it is for her to know this.   The fact she’s on track is there to see and inarguable as far as I’m concerned.

Life unfolds, regardless of our fears, our hand-wringing, or even things like overconfidence.  There are points in your life, that are hardwired.

As an example, when Saturn hits the bottom of your chart, you will experience an emotional low.   It doesn’t have to be due to anything you did wrong. It can happen because of what you did right.  The mother who watches her youngest fly off to leave her in an “empty nest” is a good example.  It was always going to happen.

I’ve been in astrology since I was eight years old. The day I realized I was going to wind up with five progressed planets in Scorpio was something else.  This time was always coming, whether I knew it not.  Is there anyway I can stop planets from progressing? No. Is there any action I can take to make it, not so? No.  So I’m here now, with transiting Pluto in my 1st. If I don’t like it, too bad!

But my path will be changing next year.  That’s when my progressed Capricorn moon will ingress into Aquarius to conjoin Jupiter in the 9th house.  Meantime, progressed Mars will leave Scorpio for Sagittarius.  It’s a significant shift. Graduation, on some level.  My life story is advancing.

So this gal will go finish her education and after that, she’ll do something else, then something else, then something else after that. Saturn is transiting her 6th house right now, but eventually, she will see transiting Saturn at the base of her chart so she too, can have her emotional low. You have to marvel really. It’s is a long strange trip.

I’m writing this, hoping to offer perspective. You’re never going to go down, down, down and never up. You also not going to go up, up, up and never down.  It’s good to know.

I like the red light / green light game, analogy.  When you’ve got the green light, for Godsakes, go!  It won’t always be that way and this is what I told the young woman. She’s in high tide, so you run with it!  Don’t waste your time worrying. 

If you’re in low tide, it doesn’t mean you suck! It means life has brought you to this point and there is surely a reason, even if it’s simply this: everyone gets their turn on the bottom. Everyone gets humbled, eventually. It won’t last forever. Ultimately, it makes sense to be kind.

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Can you think of a time in your life, clearly destined? 

11 thoughts on “Evolving As Your Life Story Unfolds”

  1. This post is as clear and sweet — loud, too!😏as the robin’s song outside. I too was talking with a younger woman yesterday about unfolding life, hopes and dreams and “The path.”

    We met in a group of women interested in studying our shared culture, and are living far from the homelands.

    What your post illuminates for me is the clarity astrology gives me: I came with an 11th House Venus And Jupiter. I am designed to seek; it’s clearly destined. Saturn Is transiting the bottom of my chart and there are lows, I’m old —aging yet still alive. Parts of me are always changing and with the stellium in Gemini , I’m glad to know time will usher Mercury into Cancer soon for a change of experiences,

    Astrology makes the trip fascinating, I like that!

  2. As always, Elsa gets it right — and Moki🌹

    For me, as someone with no earth planets, Saturn was (when I was young) a hard master. But– fair! I learned the lesson: do the work. One step at a time. Rewards greater than (& different from) what you can imagine.

    I have a slightly different take on Saturn in Pisces — as a Pisces, when there’s no stability, I’ve learned to deepen my moorings. Drop anchor in a way deeper part of the ocean.

    Faith, fellowship, friends — inwhatever form makes sense.
    Astrology is a powerful road map! (Or, nautical chart for any fellow water people!)

  3. I only got a grip on astrology – after reading and studying for a while – when I came across evolutionary astrology and made the effort to track the slow mover transits and progressions in my own life. I had no idea about astrology at the time but life unfolded on track, it still does.

    Example: My Cap Mercury is R and moved back into Sag not only to conjunct my Sun but to actually station direct on the degree – 8 years of progressed Merc on my Sun (age 17 to 25) – that was a wild time of awakening my mental faculties and more. Or my progressed Sun moving from Sag to Cap when my Mother passed away, I was 6yo. Or Pluto crossing my AC when I packed my bag and moved out from home (I was 16/17 yo).

    I am not talking to my clients about astrology but know when they got a knock or a lift. Sometimes I ask ‘what happened?’ and ‘What did you learn from this ?’ I can also see their life path more clearly and many times I would have misjudged, had I not known the astrology behind it. Like this outwardly worried and anxious Leo gal hiding a truckload of anger and resentment which used all her energy…

    Do you know that frequency and vibration is what permeats the whole universe ? I read an interesting NDA the other day, where the person wrote: “I no longer fear death, and I feel cleansed. Sometimes I will observe people fighting or hurting each other and it makes me cringe. They have no idea how difficult going home and reliving the pain and suffering they caused from the point of view of the victim will be. Yikes folks, trust me it’s not worth it! The reason we inhabit life is to experience physical matter while its under stress. When our vessel dies, we come back home to live in the absence of stress. This is how love is created! Stress is fundamental for particle formation and retention in our universe. We observe this as physical matter. This doesn’t change our understanding of physics – I’m adding a nudge. Under the right conditions if elementary particles are in a sufficient stress field, then physical matter emerges. They remain in our universe so long the stress field conditions remain stable. If those elementary particles remain in the stress field long enough, then sub-atomic particles begin to emerge, then atoms, molecules, stars, and everything observable! Everything inside the stress field is directly observable. Everything outside the stress field is indirectly observable.

    So, we inhabit life vessels within a stress field and make observations both direct and indirect. Then we go home to reconcile what we learned. Another objective is to learn how to love in the stress field. Then we return home where all emotions are unbound by stress. All you must do is perform caring/loving tasks for yourself and others and when your vessel dies you experience the impact you imparted to yourself and all the other life. You feel from their point of view as you cared for them and what they experienced. Be warned that if you commit acts of pain and suffering on yourself and others then your reconciliation process is horrible. Only perform acts of love and kindness for best results.

    That is speaking to me – I relate.

  4. I actually have a few people in my life that are mega Scorp natals with this type of stellium.

    It’s worth the trip. They don’t mess about. You want them in your foxhole.

  5. Avatar
    Kelly Thompson

    Yeah wheel of fortune! Saturn is approaching bottom of my chart (again) where it will square my cancer stellium one by one. I think the worst transit was when Saturn transited my natal moon and Pluto in 8th house. Dread that. Currently Pluto is squaring my natal Saturn. This has been a hard time since 2020. I feel a wet blanket over me and constriction. I have Jupiter rising so I hate it. Sigh. I wonder what Saturn back in Aries will bring?

  6. Thanks for this post, it was good to hear. I am curious… What method to use for a progressed chart? The very basic astro software I use has two options for doing up a progressed chart, secondary progression and solar arc. I read that in secondary progression outer planets are unusable because they don’t really move? Is this one of those things like, what house system one prefers?

      1. Thanks Elsa. It seems like an outer planet changing signs in a secondary progressed chart would be 1)ultra rare 2)of, literally, astronomical significance. I can get with that. Thanks again.

  7. Avatar
    Kelly Thompson

    Just checked my secondary progressions and moon is in Pisces in 1st house c ASC . WOW. It’s at 00 Pisces.

  8. “The day I realized I was going to wind up with five progressed planets in Scorpio was something else. This time was always coming, whether I knew it not. Is there anyway I can stop planets from progressing? No. Is there any action I can take to make it, not so? No.”

    Life is a giant act of trust. I am reminded of this Castaneda quote: “The aim is to balance the terror of being alive with the wonder of being alive”. We each have a unique path which (I believe) outlines an opportunity for specific soul growth. I trust my path … with its never-ending mix of oppositions, crosses, sextiles etc. always emerging in an overall context of planetary influences. I’m not at a restaurant where I can choose from the menu. The soup I eat is uniquely personalised in a manner no algorithm can duplicate … its ME. So be it.

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