Feeling Uncomfortable With Nowhere To Turn

UncomfortableI was debating writing a newsletter for tomorrow.  I threw up the chart and it looks uncomfortable. I couldn’t see the use in emailing this non-news to readers.

I looked at the next day and the next. I looked at some other days and I realized, “comfort” is really hard to come by right now.  No one knows anything, for sure.  Even if you’re well positioned or insulated in some way, it’s likely you have kids or parents to be concerned with, if not both.

The structure and/or the underpinnings and “reality” we’ve relied on (Saturn) have been either destroyed (Pluto) or undermined, provided they were real in the first place (Saturn in Pisces).  As a result, it’s as if the better part of the whole world, is feeling angsty.

What does a person do when they feel angsty? Many lash out.  They look for someone to blame or they wind up venting on an innocent person (like phone support). It’s also common to take it out on friends and family.  Looking at the sky, it’s pretty clear we’d do well to figure out how we’re going to deal with this real and true, stress.

It seems to be related to Saturn and Neptune, as both Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Pisces describe lack of support, loss of control, powerlessness, etc. in their own way. Neptune fog machine had been running non-stop for a dozen years. Victimizing others can’t be the best way to handle this!

I feel the outer planets (and Jupiter) changing or fixing to change signs adds to anxiety, though there are plenty of real world, “right now” happenings to unnerve a person.  You call customer support and AI answers and records your words along with your breathing patterns… or whatever?   Feel uncomfortable?  What if you know your neighbor lost his or her job to the bot?  Makes it worse, right?

You have to find ways to be comfortable in bad situations, when they’re forced upon you and there is no feasible way to avoid  them or exit.  For example, yell at the AI customer service. Tell them you want a human being! There is no human being!  Did yelling make it better? Or worse?

Personally, I hit these feelings with faith, a sense of adventure, along with pragmatic action and planning.

How are you dealing with your current situation?

4 thoughts on “Feeling Uncomfortable With Nowhere To Turn”

  1. Yesterday a man in my neighborhood intentionally slammed his shoulder into a woman. This happened outside the corner bodega (little grocery store), while we were both shopping for vegetables. I saw it from the corner of eye, not certain until I saw her reaction. We both called him out, that he did it intentionally. He started cursing so that proved it, and she later thanked me. What this means to me is that we have to stand up for each other, even if we are afraid. Now I’m wondering if he is going to sink deeper into hate because he was humiliated in front of several other people. I’m old but refuse to ignore hate towards women. What else can we do? Asking for a friend 😀

  2. “What else can we do?”

    The most important thing to do is to stick together as “divide and conquer” is real.

    The PTB stick together as they drive us apart. Says it all, right there. I’m glad you stepped up. You gave that woman hope (in humanity).

  3. I had a different reaction. I was in a large barn at a community garage sale with a concrete floor. I could smell poop. I looked around, and sure enough, a woman was tracking dog poop around from her shoe. I looked further and sure enough, there was a pile of dog poop on the concrete floor. The poor woman had stepped in it. I assumed it was from the dog I had just seen a minute prior on a leash walking with a couple. I wanted to tell that poor woman what had happened, but I froze. I couldn’t do it, I chose not to get involved. I visioned the woman being upset and embarrassed and the garage sale workers getting upset and angry (now they had to clean the floor, right? who likes that?) and then, the couple with dog being publicly called out for not watching their dog, and the mortification they would feel. And I just couldn’t do it, I could not be the one to announce the event and I could not bear witness to it’s aftermath. I paid for my used blanket and leather belt and got out of there as quick as I could.

  4. I ll just share this here because it’s almost comical. I went to work in the morning, witnessed a busy day with parents asking explanations on their offspring’ exam marks. Some of them refuse to accept the grades so extensive explanation is necessary. Two out of three leave a bit embarrassed but still trying to speak on their offsprings’ excellence. One still insists to have the exam seen by another teacher and get a new grade – it will most likely be even lower but let them have it. Decided to go to a public library to do some work and to go there by bus to avoid walking in a heatwave. Bus got stuck in traffic for more than half an hour, wrong choice obviously. I finally make it to the library but first I make a stop to get some coffee and water and snacks. Finally reaching the library I trip and fall, spilling my coffee, breaking the glass bottle with tea I had and drenching the snacks. I reach the library and the doors are closed, check the sign, they should b open, go back, see a girl entering with a card, catch up with her, enter the space. It’s still early afternoon and have no idea of what’s to come. I think I should just go home and take cover, plus my knee hurts form falling – feels like being a kid, falling off my bike.
    Yesterday I was talking to a friend who’s going through something, her asc in early cancer. We concluded she has all she needs, even though times are rough, her resources are there for her

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