Fixed Taurus / Scorpio Hate vs Saturn Neptune, Italian Style

This is for fellow Italian astrologer, Maddalena at continued from the Italy / Italians blog...

“That’s the spirit, P,” the soldier said. “Give Italians someone to hate or be pissed off at and you’re doing them a favor.”

“Italians hate people, you think? Yeah, I guess that’s right.”

“Yeah, hell yeah it’s right. Italians love to hate and feud. Italians will hate you into the next century. Just add your name to the list son of bitch! The very long list that every Italian has.”

I laughed. “Yeah, it’s true. I have a list but then I forget who is on it.” (Saturn Neptune)

“I know you do but I don’t. I don’t forget shit. (Taurus) I know every bastard on my list by first last and middle name plus every other thing that I know about them that I will never forget. You get on my list, you stay on it and as for your list; don’t worry about it, P. I will keep track of your list and my list.”

“You will remember who I hate and remind me?”

“Uh huh.”

“Okay then.”

Do you have a list?

21 thoughts on “Fixed Taurus / Scorpio Hate vs Saturn Neptune, Italian Style”

  1. I don’t hate anyone, but I do have a shit list. I said that if I ever won the lottery I would say “the following list of people can kiss my ass”! ;-)I would not only name names but give reasons as well.

    I’ve always wanted to go to Italy. I think the Italians are the coolest sexiest people. That’s my favorite food as well!

  2. No, I don’t. I don’t have the time or energy to devote to holding grudges … too wrapped up in moving forward to spend much time examining past grievances.

  3. Certainly there are people that I am not fond of and I give them a wide berth ,but no… I do not have a list of people I hate. For me a grudge lasts about 30 seconds, or until I wake up the next day at the very worst.

    From Desiderata- ‘Avoid loud and aggressive people as they are a vexation to the spirit.’

    I can hear the Soldier now, You don’t know the meaning of vexation, I’ll show you vexation.

  4. i used to. but it wasn’t worth the effort to maintain it. i’m much better off remembering the good stuff. and just remembering who isn’t worth trusting.

  5. I have three planets in Taurus (including Mars), North Node in Taurus, Scorpio ascendant. I can’t forget shit even if I want to.

  6. I’m laughing my head off 🙂
    No, Italians don’t hate everybody, that would take away too much energy – which they prefer to spend on food (not just eating, but especially talking about food) and making themselves conspicuous wherever they go (Italians are possibly the loudest tourists on the planet, you can’t miss them)! 🙂

  7. Now there is one thing that Italians really hate and that is… queues! 🙂
    It is only since we’ve had some consistent immigration that we’ve had to learn to stand in line – the normal queue in Italy was bell-shaped before foreigners taught us that straight lines are more practical and civil hehe…
    Of course, ever since Italians were forced to behave like the rest of the world does when waiting for a turn, they have become paranoid about queues: they will eye suspiciously anyone who positions themselves not exactly in a straight line and will get immediately pissed off if they think the guy behind them is trying to get in front of them 🙂

  8. Yeah but Maddalena, say someone gets in front of you and you get to cuss them. Tell me there is not some pleasure in that? 🙂

  9. uhm, that depends: you Italians or you Maddalena? See, I’m an Anglo-Italian, a mightily difficult cultural combination, if you ask me. Now, having lived most of my life in Italy, I consider myself more Italian than English, except I always found it inordinately unnerving to have to fight my way to the front of a bar or shop or whatever, so now I gleefully take pleasure in seeing my fellow citizens having to conform to the rule of the line 🙂
    But yes, there is a degree of satisfaction in getting pissed off at the line-rule breaker, especially if other people have noticed as well … then we can all start grumbling loudly Italian-style! 🙂

  10. [Skipping along]

    * I’ve always heard the Tuscans are very nice, unlike the Romans.

    * I’d think the way to piss off the servers at restaurants would be to ask for all your pasta to be overdone and soft, instead of al dente.

    * All politicians are scum-sucking dirtbags and hanging a bunch of them (on a regular basis) would improve the world considerably.

    [‘I’d like to go to Italy, but in Crete they drive pickup trucks, carry guns and drink a lot (or so I hear), so that sounds more my speed.’]

  11. Now I won’t eat overcooked pasta. I will leave the table. Politely, says Libra but I am definitely getting the hell out of there.

  12. ha ha ha! Can’t even tell you how many arguments I’ve had about this with my SO (I’m a Taurus–food ain’t to be taken lightly or made badly or it’s alllll downhill).

  13. Max – you don’t want to get on my very-Italian-angry-pissed off-hate list, now do you? I’m from Rome!

    Overcooked pasta – anathema to Italians!

  14. I’m from Rome!

    Hometown of Cicero! Lovely monuments!

    Overcooked pasta – anathema to Italians!

    Exactly. So if the soldier wanted to really honk people off….


  15. Maddalena, there was a poster here a year or so ago who was an American living in Milan and she complained about the Milanese not standing in queue and using the bell-shaped line instead. (Nice phrase, by the way!) Perhaps you polite *cough* Romans should go sort them out? 😀

    I can’t say anything about Romans, I’ve only been to Verona and Venice. And spent three days (total!) in Italy, what an outrage. . . It should’ve been half the trip!

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