How Will Neptune In Aries Impact Men?

minutemanNeptune will ingress into Aries in 2025. It will return to Pisces before settling into Aries in 2026 where it will remain for fourteen years.  Aries is Mars-ruled. I thought we might look at how this transit will affect men.

I’ve read a number of astrologers predicting men would be idealized under this transit, which makes sense as Neptune tends to glorify, whatever. In this case – males!

The narrative I hear most often is that there will be a war, therefore everyone will want a man around. This would be for safety, but also because men to be killed at war. If there are fewer of them, their value rises?  This is an entirely logical, but I’m not sure it’s correct.

We can see how this storyline might unfold, but hey! What about alternative scenarios?

For example, what if there is no war?  Could it be, we see “raw male energy” disappear?  Via hormones in food and various other mechanisms? From my perspective, either possibility would be on trend.

I remember when men went from playing sports to watching sports be played.  The other day I read about a father, begging his sons to play video games… apparently they were more interesting in watching video games be played.

This is very different than when I was a girl, watching my (now) husband, play rugby and fight his best friend, bare-knuckled.

How do you think Neptune in Aries will affect men?



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  1. I have to say, and it’s disappointing to me – the association of masculinity with violence is a stereotype, and a bad one. That isn’t what masculine energy is about; it’s about action, assertiveness, and momentum. That is not automatically mutually inclusive of rage, anger, or oppression, though like *any* energy, it can go too far. Small-minded views such as those tell me that yes, a great many astrologers online these days have no idea what they are talking about due either to bad training, personal inexperience, or a combination of things – or just straight up bias. It’s frustrating.

    I can see a return to *legitimate* masculinity, and at this point in – if you’ll forgive the expression and understand the euphemism – our fragile, snowflake times of zero accountability for anything whatsoever, that would simply be providing *balance*. Just my opinion and feeling.

    1. To be more specific. What if it’s people “manning up”. Do the right thing. (Nothing is perfect, remember… but we’ve all got to start somewhere)

  2. Well, the denizens of DC certainly seem to want a war, but perhaps Neptune in Aries is telling them that they are delusional about that, and cooler heads had better step in….

    1. I like this thought…and look forward to seeing/hearing younger, more balanced men at work in our nation’s politics. It’s time we lose the old paradigms!

          1. Yea, I already knew that one, but don’t really think it’s believable right now, at least during our time. As the US population keeps growing older and were not reproducing/replacing, then… I have a couple theories about that. Not to mention the systems in the US that are built on the younger generation supporting the older generation like social security and Medicare, etc. Things need to get fixed/change. There’s something no one has thought of, but I won’t mention it here.

      1. i think usa is already conquered land. has been for a 100 years or more. maybe in aries it will all be out in the open

      2. Think you are on the money re both!!! my first thought!! also hoping some ‘men’ as a stereotype will become more spiritual/ yin in a positive Neptoon way … rather than video game/ watching video games way (sad, sad, sad!!)… or just reaching for the bottle as it all seems too much out there!!!!

      3. Right. It’s already happening. Russia and other foreign autocracies have extraordinary influence over the US already. I see this increasing.

      4. This is one of my many fears. I try so hard to live in Libra peace (my natal Moon, Mars and Neptune there)

        Ammo was a topic on you tube today….

  3. Neptune is about widespread trends, what catches on, what goes “viral” – that can be both online and offline! Also what becomes idealised, glamorous, romanticised, what the masses aspire too.

    Aries is a Mars ruled sign, so this of course being about masculinity, but in terms of competition, prowess, conquests, virility, physical strength, warriors, aiming to win.

    So there could be a tonal shift of men aspiring towards the more archetypal masculine fit, in terms of the muscular or sporty types, hoping that doesn’t end up being the meat headed jock type!

    Worse case scenario, an increase in anabolic steroid abuse and addiction (it’s a drug after all, which Neptune rules, as we all know)

    Think when Neptune was in Aquarius, it was Geek Chic (both genders), it was sexy to be a computer nerd! The gawky nerd once bullied at school becoming the more successful higher earners, due to the rise in technology. Revenge of the Nerds mindset.

    So when Neptune will enter Aries, it could be that participating in competitive sports becomes alluring. Also the concept of physical virility and prowess being one to aspire to, and away from the vaguely androgynous type of male we’ve seen during Neptune Pisces (the blurring of boundaries extending towards genders, hence non-binary).

    The more overtly muscular body type, or maybe a more military style. Anything that resembles the “phallic” in design, architecture, etc.

    Macho macho man!!!! 😁

    1. I concur!
      Neptune and men = Dreamboat…
      Although because of the inherent spirituality and Neptune being the higher octave of Venus charismatic model types might add to this illusion of the ‘perfect’ man.

      1. LOL hahaha my husband has been working out alot too, wanting to be this perfect “adonis” type masculine male body whatever. I told him, i’m happy with him with a beer belly and chubby, because he’s lovable no matter what and i told him i love laying on his cute belly for pillow cuddle xDDD He told me if i became obese he’d love me no matter what. Aww that is dreamboat love!!
        Neptunian Warrior strength!
        beyond physical and to the realm of spiritual love.

        spot on on the higher octave of venus love. I noticed that through the years the opposite sex has always put me on a pedastal when i fart and burp. it doesn’t matter. sheesh it’s 12th house /higher octave problems.

  4. If I look at famous – meaning men who have impacted the world in a way to be remembered – born with Neptune in Aries I see the likes of ….Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill, Grigori Rasputin, Benjamin Franklin, Marcel Proust, Henry Ford, Claude Debussy, Harry Houdini, Henri Matisse, Maurice Ravel, Gustav Klimt, Sergei Rachmaninov, Bertrand Russell, Edvard Munch, Wassily Kandinsky, Piet Mondrian, William Butler Yeats, Henri de Toulouse Lautrec, Andre Gide, Rumi, Albert Schweitzer, Alois Alzheimer, Rudyard Kipling, H.G.Wells, Alfred Adler (Doctor), Auguste Lumiere (invented animated photography/cinema), Richard Strauss, Giovanni Agnelli (autmobile entrepreneur and inventor), Enrico Caruso…

    and there is a noted emphasis on fine art, writing, creativity in general, medicine and social causes and a noted absence of political leaders, famous criminals or warlords. One can argue that Neptune in Aries natally is not the same a a transit but people born with that signature surely have a better chance to ‘make something of their Neptune placement’ – aka a lifetime. So, Aries is a warrior but also a pioneer, not afraid of stepping out into new territory, a childlike enthusiasm for newness and beginnings.

    1. I love this!
      What a lot of admirable names on that list; many are famous for their courage and selflessness.
      Or for their brand new take on cultural expression.
      I’m grateful for this list because it’s hard to see how our current culture could be any MORE idealizing of hyper-masculinity. (Alpha Males deserving “high value” virgins, anyone?) So many movies with a single dude saving the world with his gun. I’m so OVER it.

      1. Probably true, but this the same as the other outer planet transits. For example, the government was corrupt, long before Pluto transited Capricorn, for example.

          1. Unless there is some intervention or a black swan event that empowers a different group or type of people. I think this is possible.

  5. neptune in aries makes me think of a possible inversion—-a peacemaker who actually enslaves/conquers through deception.

    1. Yes, tend to agree. We must consider we all have Mars in our charts, and ideally action will be directed to strengthen spiritual understanding.

  6. Where’s the’war’ narrative come from. I think it’s rubbish. Why don’t we consider Mars/ Neptune relationship on a man’s Astro chart.

      1. Avatar
        Robyn Morrison

        It’s eerie because the last ingress of Neptune to Aries was one day after the start of the US Civil War (a war (Aries) to dissolve (Neptune) the union. Uranus was in Gemini at that time. Uranus was in Gemini (1941-1949). The US entered the war after an air attack on Pearl Harbor. We ended the war with airplanes dropping atomic bombs.
        History doesn’t repeat but it rhymes. Cyber warfare by Russian (and other regimes) backed operations has already been interfering with US democracy. Will the US Federal institutions dissolve with or without any bombs landing here? It’s unclear and foggy now, but that will shift when planets move from Pisces to Aries.

        1. I think there is a sizable chance, we’ve lost the war and wake up in reality, when Saturn and Neptune conjoin in Aries. I want to be wrong and I want to BELIEVE, but there is no way there isn’t a real possibility. People who resist will be brought to heel, quickly. F around and find out, style.

  7. In regards American history, I think it’s compelling that Aries rules the IC and 4th house of the US natal chart and thus we are looking at a Moon influence, which is Moon in Aquarius for the US. I can see how Neptune in Aries on the IC and in the 4th house could be destabilising in terms of deeply embedded notions of “home” and of course Moon in Aquarius can relate to identity or identifications and how these sit within a group, or are formed or influenced by the group. A civil war suggests a split in dominant group identifications and ideologies. Whether the circumstances would be repeated exactly would depend on other transits, especially the transits of the outer planets. Where were Pluto and Uranus in that earlier period, and what were the transits to the natal Moon back then? I guess one should also consider the progressed US natal chart too.

  8. In regards to men, the masculine, here are two videos which I think are related to the changes that could occur with Neptune in Aries:

    That is, the theme of recognition and healing of the harm that is done to ALL by insisting men be a certain way which is unnatural. It destroys not only those individuals, but their relationships, families, the individuals existing in those families, their children, ad infinitum. It spreads both from and into society and keeps us all in chains.

    1. wow sophiab – on fire! not watched the vids yet, but what you say makes sense – is no ‘one way’!!! true for men, women, everyone!!!!

      1. If you watch the vids it adds context. In that I’m talking about emotional repression. Yes, emotional repression affects everyone, but often especially men, who have traditionally been the head of the system, a system that can change if we let emotion in.

        1. Sophiab loving this …. will watch next … sounds similar to what I was thinking about being able to be more ‘yin’, I think of ‘yin’ as being more in touch with emotions rather than ‘repression & re-action’ – which always feels more yang – more ‘go go go’, don’t stop to connect etc and of course we all have the ‘yin-yang’ within us … not as straightforward as all men are more yang, all women are more yin etc, but they are the traditional ‘roles’ many have been trained to fit! Mars conjunct my sun! lol! You can probably guess my automatic ‘go to’!!! lol!!!

  9. Hmmm, I can imagine it goes multiple ways: people are disillusioned with masculinity after a big letdown or putting a lot of faith in it? More potent drugs that make us aggressive rather than numb (I think of those experiments that were done on soldiers n various wars)? Veils become thicker only then to expose a grand lie at the end? Hmmm… this will be interesting indeed!

  10. when i think of alot of aries and pisces/neptune warrior, i think of Vincent Van Gogh. lol
    i was just absolutely amazed at the amount of paintings he dished out. he was non stop (he had taurus too) and stellium both in pisces and aries. The imagination was unreal, and he never stopped, and while he passed away young. He left behind alot for the world to enjoy.

    something will be built, something for the world to enjoy, maybe. thats kind of my warrior neptunian thiniking. I get exhausted after doing one painting, or art piece. i need rest, but that artist hardly rested. But also i realize he needed support from family, his brother was the only one who kept the support and when he passed, his brother followed too. both male figures, one who showed the world many gifts and the other who without his support would not have made it happen.

    1. Elisa this is really interesting, they were definately tapping into Neptune’s creativity and nurturing/ giving birth to that! And it’s reminding me that creativity can take so many forms, not just producing the ‘art’ itself.

  11. I would like a return to chivalry. Male energy and strength should be in service to the group, to the weaker, the elderly. I think chivalry has the added benefit of giving the doer a sense of purpose to their lives.

    Or maybe I’m just dreaming….

    1. From your lips to God’s ears!
      I would love to see the focus shift from War to Fire-fighting, for instance. A different way for testosterone to prove and express itself, but a way that protects and benefits the family and community. Heroic, service orientation. (And sweet to their wives and mothers, too)

  12. I’m not sure the message is getting out to all these young men that the current strains of marajuana are awful when it comes to causing permanent impotence with habitual use. Right around the time these habitual users are finally established enough to start a family at age 35-40, they won’t be able to. What a way to ruin a marriage. Neptune (hidden drug side effect) ruins masculinity and fatherhood (Sun is debilitated in Aquarius, and Pluto in Aquarius will often aspect Neptune in Aries).

    1. i read that Libra sun is debilitated and Sun in Aquarius is detriment online. Aries is exaltation so opposition is Libra, and Pisces venus is exaltation opposition is Virgo (because virgo venus fall, nitpick too much criticizes and doesn’t love the flaws of a person so the person runs away, therefore debilitated) still trying to learn about the debilitated and detriment vs. exaltation/dignity.
      with detriment i think there is a block? debilitation, has a difficult time to get the energy.

      but thats interesting about the drug use, because it was the height of drug use during the 60s. Pluto Virgo (opposition of Pisces, the neptune/addiction)

      1. Procreation is targeted in so many ways. I wish I could go into this but, legit, no one would believe me.

        I will say, I’ve had consults recently. Some are catching on to various elements, if which there are many.

    2. Many of the heaviest pot smokers these days are diehard stoner Baby Boomers, who never gave it up and now use it for their aches and aging pains.They are past procreating age anyway.

  13. I wrote the following reply to the person who listed the creative
    Potential directions this shift in energies could take us. Then I got sidetracked and lost who it was replying to. But many have blossomed out from so many ideas.

    A new beginning (Aries) with other cycles in sync. Once when we lived in Tennessee, I got sidetracked studying stations and retrogrades of the major planets (Jupiter out to Pluto) in relation to earthquakes, flooding tsunamis and WIND & WAVE storms everywhere
    Here’s that reply:

    “I’d love this! I was sorting out my several writing projects, realizing I better get cracking on my writing plans. It’s been my dream for 65 of my 70 years. I only have bits and pieces, simple great ideas that got fairly well along their path. “

    I haven’t read everything here yet. All of you are thinking so much about many things. Thank you community.

  14. Great thoughts here. I’m reading Dane Rudhyars Sabian symbol book again. Aries 1 symbol is a female emerging from the sea with a seal embracing her. His interpretation implies the longing to return yet emerging a new individual seed of potential. We want to hold on to the American identity we thought we had. The truth is, We’ve been under a communist control since the fiat currency system artificially replaced a value backed financial exchange. I love that Pisces 1 symbol resolves to substantiate a marketplace. I’ll throw in a twinkle that Neptune inspires the individual impulse to actuate a culture again, regardless of the controlling entities. Here’s a link to Dane’s interpretation of Aries 1-15.

    1. Sqirl absolutely love this, thank you. Also the woman returning has a ‘divine feminine’ rising vibe and also sounds very sedna with the seal! …sedna’s trining pluto for a good while right now, both are very ‘transformative’, interesting times …?!

  15. Elsa, you published this on June 18, 2024, on the eve of Juneteenth. Neptune was last in Aries from 1862 until 1875. The ideal that all men are equal in the USA led to The Emancipation Proclamation and WAR. Slavery was seemingly ended on 1863 but it took until June 1865 for the veil to be lifted and the news conveyed to 250,000 enslaved Black people in Texas to be told they had be given their freedom two years prior. I have read accounts that the slaveowners knew but wanted to get another crop harvested.

    Then, informal slavery began. Alcoholism and abuse of alcohol also went on the rise among Civil War veterans. People drank themselves into delusion, with whiskey being mass consumed (upwards of 7 gallons a year)

    Speaking of alcohol, Jasper Newton “Jack” Daniel (1848-1911) took the recipe of Nathan “Nearest” Green, an enslaved African American man, and claimed sole credit for it, calling it Jack Daniel’s whiskey. Took the money, too. is also responsible for its success. In the mid-1800s, Green was known for his skills and used a sugar maple charcoal filtering process to make whiskey. Daniel became Green’s apprentice and learned the technique that gives Jack Daniel’s its smooth taste. After the Civil War, Daniel hired Green as the first head distiller, or Master Distiller, of the Jack Daniel Distillery when it was established in 1866 (post- war and post- formal slavery). Green’s role in the brand’s history went unacknowledged for over 150 years, but was eventually uncovered by writer and entrepreneur Fawn Weaver.

    Spiritualism took hold and people were deluded and tricked into believing scammers who took their money for seances and spiritual messages.

    The violence of rape was happening on a large scale with the alcoholism.In the late 1800s, Temperance and suffrage activists fought and successfully advocated to raise the legal age of sexual consent from 10 to between 14 and 18, depending on the state. African American/Black women were not allowed to complain about nor file criminal charges against Euro/white men for raping them during Neptune in Aries.

    I wonder what Big Lies we will be told for and in the aftermath of a new war?

    1. Wow Elskede that is amazing info, hope we spiral up this time around! The veil lifting slowly (at the beginning of the transit) with a 2 year delay is interesting … you’d imagine some seeds of this would have been in motion at the end of neptune in pisces…. I also keep saturn cycles in mind … can veils be messed with until saturn says “it’s been 7 years, that’s enough, it stops here”… so much happened in the world in 2020/21 … 7 years on is 2027/8 … 1-2 years into neptune in Aries.

  16. In the UK news recently several reports of men going completely missing while on holiday. It struck me today, could this be a Neptune Aries thing? It seems the men were not really in tune with nature, the local environment, or their bodies and thus made choices that led to their demise or potential demise.

  17. Looks like a bit of foreshadowing going on with Neptune “nearly” in Aries.

    First there was news about microplastics being found in men’s penises, Neptune rules plastics and toxins, so that’s quite literal there. Second is the news that rates of penis cancer is increasingly rapidly by 77%.

    So we can see some themes Plymouth already.

    1. Plymouth???!! Damn autocorrect, I meant to write “So we can see some themes PLAYING OUT already” 🤦😂

      Unless there will be a Neptune Aries event in Plymouth haha

      1. Mermaid, Lol!!! Scary stats tho … I’m sure we’re all being filled to the max with microplastics, if that’s any concellation blokes??! … let’s hope some aries person (potentially from plymouth 😆) will find some decent ways to help us rid these plastics from the ocean, our bodies, everywhere!!!!

  18. Sophiab … ‘men disappear’ interesting … wonder if any stats will correlate with this down the line!

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