Understanding The Conjunction

toy train“Dirty but happy, digging and scratching,
Losing your shoe and a button or two.
He’s poor but honest, sad but true,
–Conjunction Junction, Schoolhouse Rock

The conjunction is probably the most simple astrological relationship to see. An aspect is a relationship between placements and the conjunction just means near to the same degree (I use an orb of about 8 degrees). When planets are conjunct they flavor each other. Each planet has its own function and its own flavor. Taken together they add up to something new. They still retain their integrity but with the added extra impact of the other.

Some conjunctions combine energies in a more benign manner. Venus sidling up to your sun, how can that be bad? Saturn slows things down, so Saturn to your Sun is going to have a much different affect. Clearly it takes at least two planets or points (like angles, nodes or arabic parts) but it can be as many as you can cram into those degrees. It can also connect a string of components whose ends wouldn’t meet the degree requirements, kind of like a train. They still relate. So Sun-Venus, yay! What about Sun-Venus-Saturn? I guess that’s a shiny engine, pulling a pretty car, with a sturdy, heavy caboose.

A conjunction is also a part of speech. It is a word that links words, phrases or clauses. Each word or group of words has an independent meaning but add them together with a conjunction (and, or, but, nor, yet, so…) and the total effect adds up to something new. So it is with the astrological conjunction.

With planets you’re adding independent energies, some more congruous than others. They interact. With astrological points like angles, nodes, arabic parts the energy is that of the planet. The planet’s energy works on, or activates, the point. A planet conjunct one’s ascendant will color the affect of the individual. For example, Venus conjunct any sign ascending tends to add beauty to the appearance. Saturn rising can give one an air of authority.

You’ve probably got at least one conjunction in your chart. Is there one conjunction or string of planets in conjunction in your chart where you can see a major impact? How do these energies blend or work together?


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  1. My chart is a minefield of conjunctions. I haven’t even worked ’em all out yet interpretatively.

    Asc-Jupiter, sun-Merc-Saturn, Mars-Venus-Pluto… and that’s not counting the asteroids. πŸ˜›

  2. I have my S Node in Scorpio conjunct my asc.Which falls into the 12th house.Pretty ugly,or Jolie Laide,at the very least!

  3. Excellent post! Thank you:)

    I have quite a few conjunctions going on in my chart.
    1) Asc – Jupiter- Mars
    3) Train = Saturn- Mercury -MC – Uranus – Sun – Neptune (This one confuses me )

  4. Moon cj Jupiter in House 3: a bit over the top emotionnally. Apparently I look very approachable, friendly and open and empathic. It seems people looking for their way always come to me to ask for help, don’t know why?? This conjunction is trine Neptune in 12th. No wonder I worked in communications. Inspired words to touch the public. (btw, I write in french not english..if you were wondering about my poor style dans la langue de shakespeare lol)
    Venus cj Descendant (don’t know if this counts because not a planet!) Anyway, I want to love and be loved. oups.
    Uranus cj Midheaven – social engagement definately a persuit ( and little astrology πŸ˜‰

  5. Well, I’ll be. Do the asteroids add anything to an interpretation of a conjunction? I’ve got a whole lot if we include asteroids.

    If we go by traditional planets and angles, I have just one. Sun/Mars.

    Saturn/NN if I use an eight degree orb.

  6. Hi Satori. Thanks for the post.

    My astrologer once told be in a synastry reading that my partner’s Neptune was “sitting” on my Mars and that this was a problematic placement. I’m a fairly visual person and so this phrase really bugged me as I kept seeing visions of his fat Neptune (pitch fork in hand) sitting on my disgruntled Mars (squirming under fat Neptune with a deep frowny look on his face)! I also have a lot of conjunctions in my natal chart (all in my first house Sag) so the idea of planets sitting one each other was not working for me.

    Now, what I do instead when I come across a conjunction is I imagine how the 2 planets would look like/interact if they were doing the Tango together (for male and female planets eg: Venus and Jupiter) or what they would look like/interact if they where at a bar drinking together (for male/male planets) . . . I have a really great time imagining these scenes and they give me a really good indication of what the conjunction means. xx

  7. Saturn conjunct Uranus in Sadge sixth house (ruled Mercury/Virgo)

    Venus conjunct Jupiter in Aries tenth house (ruled Saturn/Cap)

    Sun conjunct Mercury in Tarus/Gemini eleventh house (ruled Uranus/Aquarius)

    I will spend today dissecting these….

  8. CocoPeaches, I also have Saturn/Uranus in Sag, but in the 8th house, 2 degrees apart. I think this was only a late 1987-1988 thing. Weird to have the old Time-Master and Brilliance god conjunct. Still have no idea yet how to treat them

  9. Yes, this is the most fickle conjunction in my chart. I’ve learned to expect the unexpected. I try to always be prepared, but Uranus still catches me off guard (usually for the better). “Effortlessly melting through a plateau” is one of my favorite feelings after much hard work… but can be confusing! (@theCapJourney – Which one comes first for you? I was born in May 1987, so Saturn is 6 degrees behind Uranus, and they were both retrograde)

    I have avoided and resented rigid routine, but also crave it and strive for it. I’m addicted to spontaneity, but it doesn’t always suit my purpose. And I’m always thinking about how I can clean up my habits (Virgo 10th house), but the checks/balances are apparently built into this dynamic conjunction!

    @theCapJourney, 8th house, I would guess this duo affects some area of your money besides any regular income, and the sharing/joining of energy…good ol’ “connectivity”… I go to Susan Miller’s site for a breakdown of the houses. http://www.astrologyzone.com/tools/sectors.html

    I’m going to read about Capricorn/Aquarius (Saturn/Uranus) and the transition between the two, because our conjunction is like a rubber band between these signs!

  10. Jupiter Uranus conjunct in 9th H…I have ESP with most all horses, dogs, and cats I’ve met..but none with birds. Mars Saturn conj in 6th H… People sometimes think that I am taking too long doing tasks. Actually, I’m super conscientious about anything I do, like reading labels in the grocery store, to get the best quality without so many additives. (6th concerns health)

  11. as far as the orbs I use for synastry, it really depends on the charts and whether or not I feel a planet should be given more weight, therefore a wider orb.

  12. none of the major planets. i have midheaven/nadir conjunctions though (jupiter and neptune)
    and, say, minor planets- pallas and eris both conjunct things in my chart.
    i’m not really familiar with the feel of a conjunction because of that…

  13. Saturn-Uranus-Neptune-ASC


    I definitely see them. Why can I feel serious, rebellious, and lost? Because I have Saturn-Uranus-Neptune on my ASC. Why is my thinking always emotional when other people seem to be able to think more logically? Because I have Moon-Mercury. Why do I like fighting games and martial arts? Because I have Moon-Mars. :]

  14. I have Mercury-Venus-Pluto (Venus-Pluto are conjoined) in H1: thinking/writing + love/beauty + depth/power/etc. Also Uranus-ASC-Moon. And Jupiter-Neptune.

  15. Sun/Venus – Aquarius
    Mercury/Venus – Cap/Aquarius
    Uranus/Saturn/Neptune – Cap

    I haven’t quite figured out the stellium yet and I don’t feel much connection to my Mercury communicating always feels kind of awkward for me. The Sun/Venus is very strong though, especially with Venus chart ruler.

  16. It’s easier asked what is NOT conjunct in my chart. I have Merc (23 Aries)-Mars (26 Aries)-Sun (0 Taurus)-Venus (4 Taurus). It’s a mixed bowl. Everything influencing everything, nothing in it’s purest form. They can’t function without each other.

  17. I have OOB Venus Conjunct Descendant 29’05
    (artistic,fun,individualistic,happy people)
    SN conjunct Chiron Rx
    (strange or terrible childhood,difficult lessons to learn,The lesson seems to be that they should move on from the past;not let it rule them,They have integrated Chiron and it is so much a part of their nature that they can draw upon it whenever another is in need of being helped.)
    NN conjunct Uranus
    (emphasize uranian qualities for spiritual path in life)
    Sun Conj. Mercury
    (much mental energy,much intelligence and communication ability)
    Sun Conj Mars
    (They have presence. There is a courageous air about them, and they exude confidence even if they don’t own it!)
    Moon Conj Nadir(IC)

    Mercury Conj Mars
    (You are curious, enthusiastic, and energetic in your communications. You enjoy a good debate and have a competitive nature, particularly when it comes to mental games.)

  18. ‘What about Sun-Venus-Saturn? I guess that’s a shiny engine, pulling a pretty car, with a sturdy, heavy caboose.’

    Hey, that’s me! That caboose sure is heavy at times … but also, I have Jupiter and Mercury closely conjunct in Aquarius … expansive mind perhaps? Or fast mind? (Jupiter expands doesn’t it, and is fast? have I got that right?) I do like to learn, so that would fit if it was the case.

  19. Satori, thank you for that post you did on Eros.It was the missing link. I have it conjunct my Sun and Neptune all in Scorpio. Eros is one of those forces/under currents that I have always been aware of and never able to explain.


    My Asc/Venus conjunction is something I am resigned to but will never understand.

    My Pluto/Uranus conjunction in Virgo/12 house is one of those things that colors everything that I do.

    Your explaination of Lilith was great too. Pluto is conjunct it in Capricorn. Another one of those things I can identify with.

  20. πŸ™‚

    Mars & Pluto in Scorpio
    11th house (Koch) in Placidus Mars is at the end of 10th.

    Saturn, Uranus, & Ascendant in Sagittarius
    12th, & 1st houses Saturn @ 22 deg 12th, Asc @ 22 deg. Uranus @ 25 deg.

    Venus & Neptune in Capricorn
    1st house

    And very loosely (10 deg orb)
    Venus & Uranus 1st house. Venus at 5 deg. Cap

    Yeah… I’m “different,” to say the least. πŸ˜‰

  21. Sun / Venus in Cap, 4 degrees
    Mars / Saturn in Cancer 2 degrees
    Uranus / MC 7 degrees

    Venus exactly conjunct Vesta in Cap
    Jupiter conjunct Chiron and Juno in Libra, 5 and 1 degrees
    Moon conjunct Pars Fortuna in Taurus 2 degrees

    I’m very familiar with how all these conjunctions play out except the last two.

    The first – well I’ve lived it! Even to almost all my important lovers being either artists or actors, or otherwise involved in the arts.

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