Make Money Doing What You Love Is A Myth For Most!

zodiac clock goldIt’s often said, if you do what you love, the money will come. Though it works for some, I have not found this concept to be true for legions of people.

I got some insight into this yesterday while working with a client.  We have a love of the truth in common.  Mars in the 9th in both our charts. We’re hopped up, seekers, always wanting to know more. This particular finding was significant.

The client is a Gemini with a dual or double passion.  Well, he’s got many interests, but as far as his profession goes, he’s got the two businesses, which connect.

As zealous as he is, his businesses have not made him as much money as he’d like. He wanted to know why.  He mentioned, I’m able to make money doing something I like. What’s up with this? It was a good question.

I looked at his chart for the answer and it hit me.  This man really likes the 9th house. Outdoor sports in particular.  He’s got Mars and Jupiter there; you can imagine.  He really likes to move.  But I noted, his Mars and his Jupiter have no relationship to Venus or his 2nd house (money).  This suggests, when he does what he wants to do (Mars), it does not profit him monetarily.

Seeing this, I realized I have Mars and Mercury in my 9th. I like to write and publish. Sure enough, these planets aspect my Venus.  I suspect this is why I can make a living writing.  Remove Venus from the equation – would I still have this opportunity? I’m guessing, no.

Looking backwards, it was clear I was onto something. Every job I’ve ever had, involved talking, thinking, hustling & telling jokes.  Bingo!

This may bum you out, but in reality, we all have limits of some kind.  Gifts and curses.  Some are static, some are transitory.  I feel it’s better to understand this than to feel you must be doing something wrong and failing, because you can’t achieve what the person next to you has. This could and probably does explain the situation. But keep in mind, these things run both ways.

The client enjoys a level of security I’ve never experienced in my life and he always has. It doesn’t matter if he didn’t ask for it or it’s not what he wants. It’s his destiny.

Meanwhile, I’ve been able to support myself by talking and thinking and telling jokes since I was a teenager. This is my destiny.

I think this is interesting on a number of levels, but one thing to note – I would set aside almost all of this type of platitude: “If you can dream it, you can have it.”  They are giant lies that cause people a lot of pain and despair.

What’s your experience with false promises?

8 thoughts on “Make Money Doing What You Love Is A Myth For Most!”

  1. Gen z people I speak with seem to be in hot pursuit of wealth.

    My insistent Mars and Venus aspect my Jupiter in the 2nd currently railed by Saturn. I have Saturn on the MC. This matters too much to me. I cant just rake in money meaninglessly and when I do I get myself fired.

    1. With my Saturn on the MC opposing my Venus/IC, I did achieve some success but burnt out by working too much. Mercury in my 2nd squares Mars in 12th and Jupiter in 5th. Excessive caution and procrastination cost me years of profits many others made by investing.

  2. the Manifestation wave has hit the younger generation with “lucky girl syndrome”. it reminds me of the time when “The Secret” was popular. unfortunately, this will not work for the majority. just like doing what you love will make you wealthy.

    but, i feel that is what people have to turn to in a hyper capitalistic society that favors just a few people. and the system is built to maintain that status quo. as a millennial, i have seen the lie perpetuate. our generation has struggled with security, but it seems hopeless for gen z and they are well aware.

  3. This is interesting. I have Moon Jupiter, and my moon aspects Venus. But what if the aspects to Venus or 2nd are harsh?

    like my Mars in Gemini (sextile Jupiter) opposite Saturn in Sadge in my 2nd

  4. It’s looking at 5th house activity leading into the 6th house. 5th house does rule hobbies, and the 6th house would be the admin work, and recruiting employees, if you were to turn that hobby into a small business. You can even extend it to the 7th house if you need to negotiate with other business partners.

    However, the vast majority of people have hobbies that just remain at that, doing them around the usual day job that gives them their monthly regular earnings.

    It’s the few that already have the time, resources, and the networks available that can turn a hobby into a lucrative earning. Like the adult offspring of celebrities or the super rich 🙄 It’s not what you know, but WHO you know!

    I have seen it in many esoteric and astrology circles, on many podcasts, capitalising on transits to “launch your creative business” and put yourself out there. Firstly, I’m pretty sure that’s not what the transit is about, and secondly, is it even spiritual?!

    It’s like capitalistic entrepreneurial greed under the guise of “connecting and being at one with the Cosmos”. I’m sure the Universe has better things to do than giving a sh1t about the unrealistically overpriced and unnecessary products, that influencers/creative business owners charges unsuspecting customers exorbitant amounts for!

    Especially when people are struggling to buy the basics, such as bread and milk.

    But hey, it’s all about manifestation! The Universe has your back after all.

  5. Rather than turn a hobby or interest into a lucrative career, it would make sense to find a fulfilling path from the start. Too many pursue higher education that won’t result in “the dream,” or are thrust unprepared into the working world to scramble for whatever they can to survive.
    I look back in bewilderment, wondering why I Never Even Thought of realistic options that could offer what I longed for — ex.: Travel > Travel Agent — instead of falling into defeated despair.

  6. It’s the fleshy layers of your post that gives me magnets to attach meaning to your concluding question: “What’s my experience with false promises?” preceded by the caution to not make bank on a dream. I’ll start there and write backwards. At near fifty the promise of a marriage forever ended and early in the what now process, I dreamed up a guy in a Carhart coat, floating into my bedroom on pink gossamer curtains. He exited; I was surprised and I was having a Jupiter transit to my 11th House (hopes and dreams and strangers!) Jupiter conjunction Venus in that 11th House.

    This was pre-dating app times, but perfect for Snailmail. We began a long distance entanglement. As you outline in this post we are given checks and balances in our destiny (destinations) and this Jupiter transit and my natal Jupiter squares a stellium including Mars and Saturn in the 8th House. To square up any Mars (action) my ancestors are clearly keeping tabs on me.

    The doing what I love and making money has been a clarifying act (Saturn- Mars with Pluto chaser) Money as currency really necessitates knowing how much is enough and what “work” am I doing for the currency 8th House character.

    So whose promising? And how am I keeping my promises to live a life of decency and service at the tail end?

    Good provocative post. I remain a dreamer with roots. That guy wirh the Carhart? We continue to live the myth.

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