Manners, Etiquette And Venus Saturn

I have moon in Capricorn, a Saturn-ruled moon, and rules (Saturn) make me comfortable (moon). Transiting Saturn in Libra brings a focus to rules in relationship, rules that balance, the importance of manners and etiquette in relating. Following social rules is a way of showing respect (Saturn) to the other (Libra); it’s making nice to get along. Ideally you give that respect and you get it back. That’s balance and balance is the core of Libra.

Saturn in the Venus-ruled sign of Libra hits the most sensitive parts of the synastry chart between my man and I. It hits both our moons, with his in Libra. We both have challenging Venus-Saturn energies in our charts as well. When Saturn went into Libra this set off both of our feelings about restriction in relationship, love blockage. It may seem like such a little thing but what got us feeling better and back on track was instituting rules, manners that show respect, old rules for relating.

One example that has been HUGE for us is opening doors. He walks around and opens my car door and shuts it after me. He opens whatever door we’re walking through. I’ve learned to wait at the door if I arrive first. I’m not being demanding, he’s not being controlling. We’re doing the dance of manners. He gets to be archetypically yang while I get to be archetypically yin. We’re both rather liberated, actually, but this old ritual used as an expression of love and respect helps both of us channel this Venus-Saturn energy into something supportive and loving, rather than restrictive and distressing. It gives positive structure to that energy.

I find it helps when encountering difficult energy to break it down into its key words and see if there isn’t a more positive channel, a more palatable way to express that energy.

What is your take on manners and etiquette? Has it changed since Saturn went into Libra?

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  1. I like the door-action between you and your love 🙂 – channeling that energy in a better way. You’ve got me thinking about my own venus-saturn square now….

  2. I think it sounds very sweet. Husband and I have been working on stuff too. Layer by layer. First it was fighting fairer/communicating better (we were angry). Then figuring out what we each need to be happier (mostly more distance). Now comes the final layer – better sex. How timely with venus-pluto.

  3. I have made an attempt to communicate in email in a way that is less edgy but the fact is, I don’t have the extra sentence or two it would take to be seen as more polite or polished, so it’s more like coming to terms with a real limitation on manners.

  4. I love manners! I find them romantic (I have Venus in Pisces and in aspect with Neptune, so romance is a must!!)

    I went to private schools in my youth that taught us manners and I love knowing them and following them… I find it sophisticated somehow 🙂
    For example: if I’m giving someone a ride, I always open the passenger car door first.. I find it to be a nice and polite gesture.

  5. Damn I want to respond to this so bad, but I can’t without sitting here all night. Rules well I have a love/hate relationship with them. I love them when they are fair and equitable and honest, can’t stand ’em when they are bent and apply only to some. I’m an all or nothing kind of gal when it comes to rules. Real, honest, truthful rules are the only kind, everything else is just an illusion.

  6. And everytime I wanted to respond about “rules” I would secondguess myself. Is that REALLY what I feel or am I just saying it. I guess I also have a love/hate relationship with rules. Like, they are okay if I am the one who sets them. But… I guess it really depends. I do have moon trine saturn, but also an unintegrated uranus. That sounds kinda funny 😉

  7. My view on manners has been pretty consistent my entire life. Saturn in Libra has changed other perspectives. But I’ve always thought a person without manners was pretty gross. I’ve tried really hard to instill this in my two boys and have received great feedback from other parents about it who have observered their behavior.
    Ox was raised by another uber Libra and his manners toward me are commendable.

  8. ThankYou Satori !!!

    I use to open doors for Women since some dislike it yuo get confused and think before acting !!!

    Saturn trine VenusMercury

    Blessings !!!

  9. Just yesterday, I was thinking about Saturn’s transit through my 12th house and how I need to start paying attention to not only how I balance my relationships ‘outwardly’ but, also how I ‘think’ about them. Like harboring resentment, but being polite when face to face, which is suddenly appearing very ‘shallow’ and so intend to work on that.

  10. Keeping things short and sweet and to the point makes your insights and info so much easier to understand Elsa. Please don’t see efficiently given timely advice as disrepectful or unmannerly. You are at all times OK with me…. in how you treat everyone.

  11. “I guess I also have a love/hate relationship with rules. Like, they are okay if I am the one who sets them”

    Me to… I have lots of Cap and Libra too: manners and ‘social rules’ are very very important to me. But I know I sometimes do things which if anyone else did them, would infuriate me… Uranus on the MC? – I can change course very suddenly and act almost without thinking

  12. a lot of it has been learning to trust that what the other person is telling us is coming from a place of respect. it can be easy to take criticism totally the wrong way if malicious intent is inferred… and both of us have been conditioned to expect that kind of relationship interaction :/

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