Mars Conjunct Uranus In July: Dangerous Combo

truck-on-fireMars will conjoin Uranus @ 26 degree Taurus on July 15th, 2024.  Thing is, the energy of this conjunction will be in affect for at least two weeks. You want to be on your toes.

The Mars Uranus combination is well known to cause accidents. You’re driving, and the sudden, unexpected impact that results in twisted metal, cuts and such is, textbook Mars Uranus. Algol is involved as well.  Algol is associated with the neck, as in it may be broken, or cut. Algol is associated with decapitation.  You definitely want to take this to heart.

I know it is terrifying to think of, but this really is the “f around and find out” combo of all astrology. And Algol is Algol – this has to be said!

So  July will not be a time to take risks, especially around Mars or Uranus-ruled things.

  • vehicles
  • weapons
  • anything with a sharp edge
  • military & police
  • lightning
  • electricity
  • fire
  • welding
  • machinery (lawnmower, etc.)
  • Anyone crazy, raging or aggressive

Accidents aside, there are other wild things that can happen and I’ll offer examples.

When I took my kids to the airport in Phoenix to fly home after visiting a friend, I did not expect the police to show up to arrest me.  Yes, really.

Mars In Aspect To Uranus – The Day The Police Came To Get Me In The Airport

Capricorn didn’t like that too much!

Here’s another insane example – don’t stick your fingers in your blender – whirring metal! Unfortunately, I have a number of other examples.

As for my encounter with the police, it was an utterly unexpected confrontation (Mars) that made my heart pound. MARS. Fight or flight. This is also a textbook manifestation of this planetary mashup.  You’re just sitting there and someone attacks you out of the blue sky.  I hate to say it, but Mars Uranus also describes, spree shooters who just, what? Start shooting!

This conjunction will square my natal Uranus.  I am naturally accident-prone. To be candid, I’ll consider myself lucky if I get though this without a mishap. I usually don’t!

If you’re wondering how you might avoid a bad happening, the Uranus part of this is out of your hands.  But on the Mars end, you can both slow down and speed up.

Slow down, so you don’t have an accident.
If you find yourself in a bad situation, act quickly!

This includes the possibility of heart attacks and strokes. I usually don’t mention this, but we’re dealing with Fixed signs and Leo rules the heart. See what I mean? ACT FAST. Because “hero, you’d never expect” fits this combo as well.  You know. Bully in the school yard, some nerd walks over and takes care of it.

This is essentially what happened to me in that airport. The police surprised me, but the gal who told them to back off, surprised me even more.

Earthquakes fit this as well. Taurus.  Earth!

How do you feel about Mars and Uranus?  Will this conjunction aspect any of your natal planets?

63 thoughts on “Mars Conjunct Uranus In July: Dangerous Combo”

  1. Oh dear, this is right on my 27 degree Taurus descendant. I will be traveling for work a few days prior. Maybe there is a chance, since Jupiter is just ahead of this, that it will shake up some work relationships for the better?

    1. Close for me too, 28 degree Taurus descendant. This is the same day as my lunar return and this chart has caught my eye.

  2. Opposing my mars at 26 scorpio in the 2nd … inconjunct my sag sun at 25 in house 3 and jupiter in libra in the 1st.

    Any transit of outer planets on 24-27 degrees activates the sun/mars/jupiter.

    How can I prepare for this? Not leaving the house for 3 weeks is impossible. I’ll be careful though. Any idea if I can use this transit ? Uranus has been good to me, mostly. Harsh at times but liberating in hindsight, but this? I don’t know…

    1. With the opposition, you’re likely to have an encounter.

      Hopefully with someone who just challenges you. That can have a good effect sometimes. 🙂

      1. Interesting. Im having the transit conjoin my natal mars exact in the 1H opp Saturn 7H. Also noticed that day the moon will enter Sco therefore squaring pluto which also messes with my sun/pluto opposition at tau/sco no less. As much as id like to see any improvements, since last oct feels like the world just gone crazy around me. Any good thoughts i can use for visualization ? Appreciate it.

  3. Dear Elsa this is absolutely great writing!
    Oh gosh..
    Mars and Uranus will clash with my Mercury on Algol in 3rd house. As Mercury rules my 4th and 5th house in Placidus system, I expect a family mayhem. Earlier years have already been very challenging, and it is not over.
    Or maybe I will get massively enlightened 🤣

    1. Oh and of course it will surely affect me strongly, as I have Mars and Dsc square Uranus natally , I hope not fatally..

  4. One of my closest friends has her Sun in Taurus at 26 degrees (5th house). I’ve mentioned to her to be cautious. She is attending the big wedding of an old boyfriend on the weekend when it is exact. She also has mars and Uranus in her 8th house (Leo) natally but not exact. I pray she’s going to be fine. Last year I was run off the road and nearly killed by a madman out of nowhere on a sleepy Sunday afternoon in a small country town, Uranus was conjunct my ascendant exactly that’s why I’m concerned I know the power of random things

    1. Hi Susan that sounds absolutely horrible. I had this transit in my 20ties I have to check what happened at that time ( as transiting Uranus was opposite my Mars and squared natal Uranus

  5. If you were born late 1953-1955, you will have Uranus and Mars square your natal Pluto! That’s using a 3 degree orb. Holy cow! That’s going to be intense.
    One more thing… Uranus rules airplanes. Maybe all these near-miss airplane problems we’ve been hearing on the news culminates into an actual crash. Could be hurricanes, they are predicting a bad season.

  6. Thank you Elsa for such brilliant writing & insights! And to everyone in this chat. My natal Uranus will be squared by this so I’m paying attention!

  7. Thanks Elsa. Right on my 10th house Sun. Have been frustrated today trying to make flight and vacation plans for July (I really need some beach time). However, reading these comments – maybe just lay low here in July and travel somewhere else in August or later.

  8. So here it goes. I have Asc at 24 degrees Taurus (Algol), Pluto in Leo at 26 degrees in 4th. Mars at 21 degrees Aquarius in 10th and Sun in Scorpio at 29 in 7th. Fixed Grand cross.
    For July, I have been invited to a graduation party, birthday party and 2 celebrations of life.

  9. Exact trine to my Pluto /Virgo ascendant that squares my Mars / Gemini midheaven natally. I am accident prone. I hurt myself all the time. Thanks for the heads up. I found a huge novel.

  10. My friend has a tight mars/pluto opposition his mars is 26°13 ♉️ , Pluto 25°40 ♏️ and I already worry about that. He rides a motorcycle fairly regularly. He doesn’t believe in astrology or any of that. The way it seems to manifest is he will enforce his boundaries and take an opposite stance. He became vegetarian as a teenager as rebellion and it stuck. He’s non monogamous, i think it has more to do with his parents relationship issues and failures than he wants to admit. He has Schizoid PD bc his parents were dipshits too wrapped up in their bullshit to be present parents. SPD and non monogamy make sense together
    His birthday is in a week he’s handling his Saturn return really well for someone that doesn’t believe in it.

  11. You mean a week before and a week after? I was flirting with going to see my grandddaughter who is instate from LA, but at my age, I havent driven long distances in several years. This discourages me from driving 200 miles…

  12. This is happening on my 8th house moon. My husband is traveling at that time. Also worries me about your mention of the heart.

  13. Mars and Uranus are getting together over my mercury/chiron in 10H, my yod apex. I took a long break from work..

  14. Water !!keep some with you:)
    A friend of mine has small store
    Mother and two kids came for water; small one ,6, drew attention with her cries 9 year old spiraled and fell unconscious missing edge of shelf by inches.Needed medic:(
    Skinny magazine good shade and fan.Frying here. Summer, yes find a book,been awhile

  15. Thanks for the heads up, Elsa.. You write so very well, and give excellent examples… I also have Uranus at 26/7 Leo, and am a Taurus with planets ranging from 0 to 21 degrees in the tenth… I was so totally relieved that I was given time off work around the Mars Pluto square( my shifts were unfairly given to someone more “full time”, and mord “needy” than me, which pissed me off after 16 years of service, but it was a gift to stay at home and spend time in my painting studio and get a lot of work done… This Uranus Mars thing does sound a bit frightening… And I do hope it doesn’t concern heart health… My own or my mother’s (birthday close to mine) Am wondering if I can still afford to stay at home in my painting studio and bypass it all… Am also considering your posts regarding the elections and change of government in South Africa..yes, those who won, lost, and vice versa, but now the arguments and jostling for power really heat up…

  16. it’s bang on my natal jupiter in 7th, which opposes my mars/sun conjunction in the first…not sure what to expect.

  17. Avatar
    Kim Oliver-Kingrey

    Elsa- what are your thoughts on how this affects the US chart as an event or series of events?

  18. Trine my Cap asc at 24 and trine my ju at 24 Virgo, but square my Pluto at 28 Leo….. so I will just be extra careful…..

  19. Hi Elsa! Thank you for all this important info! What about trines? My brother is Virgo, 12th house, at this eact degree, it will be a trine from Mars and Uranus on his 8th house to Natal Jupiter. Would it be intensified by Jupiter in a bad way? I’m worried about it.

  20. How concerned should I be if this doesn’t aspect any of my planets or points at all? I have knee replacement surgery scheduled 7/16…..

      1. Thanks very much! Yeah I knew about knees (Capricorn rising, what a shock, LOL). The chart of the friend who’s flying in to stay with me looks unaffected as well.

  21. Good to know! How far are the orbs for this? Say venus taurus at 23 or my gemini sun at 0 degrees. Are they caught in the orb for the action of this conjunction?

      1. Ok, thank you! Will stay away from sharp things. Nearly dropped a knife point down on my toe the other week. Natal mars aries square uranus.

  22. My Sun Saturn conjunction is 26 degrees Taurus squaring my moon at 00 Pisces. I see this definitely hitting somehow but at least it will trine my natal Pluto? 😅 Maybe I’ll hole up and read the entire Harry Potter series. I’ve been watching this for a while and it kinda scares the bejeezus out of me.

  23. As Elsa knows from an earlier reading, I have spinal x-rays that look a lot like hers before her recent (Successful!!!) surgery.

    I went to my chiropractor today and told him my pain management doctor said I should tell him not to crack my neck until we have the results of the MRI of my neck. (I had it Saturday night and no results yet.) He agreed to wait and I had a great treatment, did all my food shopping, and went home.
    Just read this post and damn! I’m super impressed! Algol! Neck!
    Believe me, I feel blessed and fortunate to be alive and functioning this afternoon!

  24. Hell yeah!

    Natal Choron in Taurus, opposite 4 Scorpio planets, 3rd/9th house or 4th/10th house deoending on the house system.

    If I get out of July unscathed, I will count myself very very lucky. It could end up with sudden healing or sudden decapitation, both of them fits the bill, since Algol is involved.

    Moreover, I have natal Mars and Moon in a square.

    But since Chiron has ruled this exaxt spot in my chart my whole life, I think I sorta come prepared. I have studied the myth of Medusa a good deal, and have read a lot about Algol in combo woth other factors. One of the ways e.g. Venus-Jupiter in Scorpio shows up in opposition to both Algol and Chiron is a strong knack for creative abilities.
    In one version of the myth, Medusa was actually in love with Persueus who ended up turning her into stone. It’s the Maleficent movie of Greek tragedies.
    Watch out for the Diana / Minerva who provides the weapon. I cunning female with strong masculine energy too.

    During Jupiters’ stay in Taurus, this energy has also been about people and their idiot giant egos thinking they are entutled to do what they want. I’d watch out for that too.

    I just hope I won’t get attacked by my family or something from my career will have sh*t hitting the fan!

  25. Hi Elsa,
    I am worried about this transit.
    • Trans Mars /Uranus 26 deg 8House conjunct Algol
    • Conjunct Natal Sun 20 deg 7H Taurus
    • Opposite Natal Jupiter 27 deg 2H Scorpio
    • Squaring Natal Chiron 27 deg 5H Aquarius
    • Squaring Natal Pluto1deg Virgo.

    30 years ago Mars 8H was opposing Natal Jupiter conjunct transiting Pluto- my husband became violent and I took out a restraining order and proceeded with a divorce. I later found out from his close friends he had a history of violence. We had only been married 18 months.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge, experience and insights. I have learnt so much about myself. Your article about “Preditor Bait”, is extraordinary, I finally understand this pattern now.
    Thank you so much

  26. Algol is the theme of this mars Uranus conjunction and I realised I have my sun exactly conjunct algol in my natal chart in 10H quincuxing uranus/Jupiter in 5H. I feel the transits that seemed so unbearable over the last years have helped me not manifest the algol aspect..

    1. Possible eruptions at work. I’d just take it easy, understanding if there is a bomb threat, run! It’s really all you can do. Uranus is unpredictable.

      1. My tenth house too… Loosely conjunct my natal Venus at 21, square my natal Uranus(26 Leo, 2nd house)… I might try and stay at home that day…!

  27. I’m very worried because it’s exactly square my Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo in my 12H, and my abusive neighbour (who I’m sure is a fixed sign, most likely Taurus) is escalating her hostility towards me yet again despite me getting an injunction against her. Prior to my moving in she had dominated all four little gardens that each belong to a flat in our building with her excessive hoarding of junk for twenty years. She declared war on me for daring to want to use my own garden and because I finally managed to get the council to force her to remove 90% of her junk from all the gardens. See how Taurean she is! A territorial bullying hoarder. She’s also a narc, and is only happy when she’s angry and being aggressive. I can’t physically keep her away from me because we have shared access to the gardens. She physically assaulted me three times last year – completely unprovoked – and the other neighbours who witnessed it lied to the police. Nobody has the courage to stand up to her. I’m trying to get moved out, but it could take years. I’m hoping this aspect will adversely affect her rather than me. An accident that keeps her indoors would be a godsend for me!

  28. The applying Mars-Uranus conjunction is in my 3H of automobiles and neighborhoods. This morning, I discovered (Uranus) a flat tire on my car (Mercury-ruled 3H of ground travel) caused by a nail (Mars). It is being replaced (Mars – causing action) at my local (3H) tire store now.

  29. I’m not digging this.
    The conjunction will occur in my 8th house.
    But it’ll square both Jupe (21 degrees) and Pluto (28 degrees) in 11.
    Literally messin with or up my hopes n dreams?
    I’m off to Punta Cana for a wedding the weekend of the 20th.
    Planes out the question too?

  30. Aquarius, Aries rising – could I possibly feel comfortable with these planets together as they are my rulers ?

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