Mars In Aspect To Uranus – The Day The Police Came To Get Me In The Airport

police.jpgI was thinking about how this Mars opposing Uranus aspect helps to take my mind of the deep trauma courtesy Pluto’s transit to my Moon. I was going to come on here and write about it. I was going to say how with the one transit working on the surface allowed me to leave the other one lie. Because Pluto Moon is a super yin transit anyway. Best to let it do what it does but then I recalled a specific point of trauma which…

Well at the time, I thought I would never tell anyone this but now, almost 4 years later, what the hell.

I was at the airport at the time and you won’t believe this – someone called the police on me. Now I was entirely innocent and I mean entirely innocent but the next thing I knew, here comes two cops on bicycles ready to wrestle me to the ground. I was with my kids, see…

And I’d have been arrested I am sure had someone (a few someones) not stepped forward in my defense. You really have to picture this…

police-phoenix.jpgAll the sudden (Uranus) the police (Mars) were there.

Now you’ve been to an airport and you don’t see cops on bicycles that often so when they do come, you better believe a crowd gathers.

Oh hell yes, there were at least 100 people gathered in a blink to watch the take down. What are they going to do with my kids, I wondered. I started to cry.

The cops talked to me and I started to cry even more. They told me we would not be able to board the plane and various other sundries. There was a professional person there… someone well spoken who came up with credentials and the ability to order the chaos and stop the witch from being burned at the stake. I did get on the plane that day and get this:

I just checked the chart the day that happened (March 28th, 2004). Mars is exactly square Uranus – Just 4 minutes apart. I know this because whenever I travel, I keep the chart…

Got a Mars Uranus story? Tell us!

30 thoughts on “Mars In Aspect To Uranus – The Day The Police Came To Get Me In The Airport”

  1. Insane.

    Transiting Saturn & Uranus & Mars and Chiron on Mars/Asc/Chiron/Uranus t square = me hit by a car when I was 20 & riding my bike. Woman didn’t see me. T Neptune in the 1st.

  2. Oh for crying out loud Elsa. How do these things happen to you? Are you a chaos magnet, or what?!!!
    Did you ever find out what it was all about?

  3. oh, gosh, mars uranus has been good to me. this week is like a higher pitch of all the stuff that was kicked off by transiting uranus moving across my natal mars… i’m getting more and more in tune with my (granted weird and subtle) drive and initiative…. freer about expressing it, etc etc.

    maybe it’s the 8th house venus, or maybe it’s jupiter on the midheaven, but police are invariably nice/respectful to me (but i’ve seen some disturbing things happen to people around me.)
    want to bet that lady had some sort of jupiter/saturn exchange (as you do, too, yes?)

  4. God, I don’t know. I have nothing in either Virgo or Pisces…I’ve been dealing with some heavy things lately and one thing that has come out of it is that I’m finding it easier to write again.

    I’ve had a bad few months, writing wise, but I find it extremely beneficial and so am getting it together. Incidentally, my friend who has been having trouble with writing her dissertation in the last year has experienced a kick in the pants too!

  5. Well, you do have the odd good thing happen to you… (sounds like you in particular would really need to focus on whatever good things have happened)

    I think I said that bad things just don’t seem to happen to me (not since becoming an adult, anyway) and I get blown away when I read about the things that happen to other people. Just blows me away…

    Elsa, do you believe in past lives? (not sure that I do) I’m just wondering if you chalk it up to your chart, or to karma, or what?

  6. In the 90’s I wanted to have a show in a gallery in Western Massachusetts and I was doing paintings too big for any car so I had to rent a truck to transport my work. Uranus was conjunct my Mars exactly. I organized a show and all these people came like a violin player and my therapist and my exboyfriends family and there were NO ACCIDENTS. It was wild energy, i was hell bent on all of this getting done and it felt like a miracle and I dont normally do things like that but I had Uranus totally conjunct my first house Mars and I had to be me and I had to do it MY WAY. The whole time I said to myself, Deirdre you have to be careful Uranus is on Mars.

  7. Sonia – LMAO!

    I was never going to tell a soul but then other horrible things happen that make it seem like small potatoes so what the hell. Boy, I was a heavin’ cryin’ mess. Snot and everything… back of my neck all hot. I am surprised I didn’t vomit.

  8. Exact same thing happened to me. I bumped into a security guard at the airport (it was an accident, but I was in a very bad mood anyway with transiting Mars conjunct my natal Mercury, so they took one look at me and decided I had done it on purpose).. I was arrested, missed my flight.. very traumatic experience.

    The astrology for this was transiting Pluto in Sag in the first square Midheaven, square natal Saturn in the fourth, opposition natal Mercury and transiting Mars in the seventh.

    Also transiting Uranus was squaring my Sun and opposing natal Pluto and Uranus.

    This was last Christmas.. Pluto is still squaring MC so I’m just waiting for more disasters. Robert Hand calls this aspect “out of proportion”. Right!

  9. Elsa, Cap is an empty second house for me. I was more indignant than anything else, but it’s not a story I tell to anyone I don’t have to. Seems OK to post it on the internet though.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Wow, and you didn’t even get to the part where they take your fingerprints and a DNA sample so they can add it to their database where it will stay forever. I was shaking.

    Could have been worse, they just gave me a warning and let me go in the end. Knowing it was all the astrology’s fault is a comfort ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. No, I had not done anything AT ALL. It was surreal and like I said had not that one woman stepped up and a BUNCH of people chimed in, I have no idea what would have happened. I was at the mercy of the crowd and the crowd came through. This was in Phoenix AZ by the way. Have not been through the airport since. Not that I wouldn’t but I haven’t and can’t say I miss the place!

  12. I haven’t been through Bristol airport in the UK since, and I’m not going to if I can avoid it. The Police only turned up about an hour after the incident when I was in the queue for the plane. If they had come right away there were plenty of people who could have vouched for me. The whole thing still makes my hair stand on end when I think about it.

  13. Crazy people and there .. and moody?

    One time I was driving in a parking lot and something out of sync happened with some one in another vehicle (no accident, not even screeching tires) so she jumps out of her car waving her arms around like the total mad woman she obviously was and she gets in my window and she was yelling non stop, shrieking. She yells:

    “I have a BABY in this vehicle.” and I go,

    “I don’t want to have an accident with your vehicle no matter who is in the vehicle.”

    Then she screams more, then she screams, “Do you have a baby.” I go ‘no.’ she yells “I hope you have a baby,” and I am like “Yeah?”

    And she Screams “Yeah, I hope you have a baby, and I HOPE IT DIES.”

    I swear to God, that is what she said…I am soft spoken in person, but it would not matter what I was like, she was on a roll. By then there were several people watching on, including a cop.

    As she ran off the cop points to his heads with his index finger and twirled it around in a circle and everyone started laughing at this poor insane woman.

  14. Yes, Satori, I would have been looking around for the hidden cameras had I not see her absolute rage and hysteria up close and personal. No one is that good of an actor.

  15. Speaking of tazers, I did threaten to tazer this one couples dog if it ever came after my dog again, it was trying to kill my lab, fighting her furiously, she is not a fighter = I got her on a leash, he (this dog) was a big mean fucking mean ass unneautered dog, one of the mean bullying blood seeking kind too, and my lab is not small, she weighs 80. But I leashed her, and he finally got the dog off her and then…what does the asshold do? He fucking lets the dog go, and the dog comes after us again and starts trying to kill my dog again! I was screaming about tazers as I left dog park and then I realized that I was just never going back there and I didn’t, because if I hadn’t had to hold my dog to keep her safe I would have jumped the man and started pounding on his back.

    This kinda stuff happens all the time in dog park, screaming worse than parents of actual kids, shooting birds at each other, threats, calling the police many times, bloody injuries etc etc. Now that I got my beloved spotted SPCA hound that I love absurdly much, something like that would have made me see redder than the reddest red, and when a Taurus is involved, that is not a pretty sight as some of you may know.

  16. Whoa, Loonsounds!! I’ll have to make sure I never cross you! LOL But it sounds like your blood is up just thinking about it.

  17. oh dear!! That sounds like an embarrasing outrage.. I have observed tho that like you say a big deeper transit happening can take the edge off of the effect of the more transient one..for example in 1974 my 3yr old son was kidnapped by his father and that was so devastating that nothing else that happened mattered that much and I was able to watch the movie the Exorcist without blinking or being remotely affected while everyone else was screaming, unable to watch parts of it.The usual “me” would be petrified.
    I was taken away for security scrutiny at Singapore airport age 20, because they found I’d packed five pairs of scissors in my usual absentminded way..but that was not a worry as I had a good security rating as a travelling wife of a well ranked airline employee.. must look at that date, Elsa.. if I can remember it now. Will make a note to avoid Bristol and Phoenix airports tho!!

  18. Loonsounds..Wow that is horrible ( the woman who said she hope your baby dies? ) and yet funny because of the cop bit at the end.
    I would be LIVID if someones dog started ATTACKING any of my pets ( I have a kitten at Uni and back at home i have six dogs. ๐Ÿ˜› ) esp my dogs. That is so rude. Thankfully ive never had that sort of experience, I’ll be weary of that if i ever go to a dog park.

  19. I have Mars & Uranus tied up in a Grand Cross, so I get that stuff all the time, too. Once I was in the produce section of the grocery when I saw this old black lady in a wheelchair struggling to push her cart over a big wrinkle in a floor mat, and I was right there, so I went over to help (never help unless you’re asked). As soon as I reached for her cart, she backhanded me across the face with a package of grapes and started yelling at me at the top of her lungs. It drew a crowd. I was embarrassed, slightly injured, speechless and outraged all at the same time. Then her daughter came over and started yelling at me that I “shouldn’t have touched her!” I didn’t touch her. The manager came over, the cops were called. Turns out the old lady was off her meds, and had a personality disorder. I’ll leave out the part about the slacker cops.

    Another time, different store, I was waiting at the deli counter when this woman came over with her little girl in the cart. I think the little girl was about 6 or 7 years old. She was being very good. Hadn’t made a peep, didn’t reach for anything, didn’t whine, nothing. I smiled at her, and I think it sent her mother off the deep end. All of a sudden, she picked up a can of Pam and started hitting the little girl with it. The girl began to cry. So her mom hit her some more. Other people were standing there with their mouths hanging open. My husband says I’m going to get shot someday because I’m fearless. I told the woman if she hit that girl with that can again that I would call the police. Then the woman really laid into the girl. So I called the cops. They (and I) went into the security office and watched the whole thing on CCTV replay. They made the woman get in their car and told me they would file a report with social services, and would I follow up and file one the next morning, too? I happen to have a good friend who is a case worker, and she told me a report was never filed by the police, and there was nothing she could do at that point because I didn’t know the girl’s name, her mother’s, or her address.

    And I could go on and on about all these kinds of things that happen to me — and I hate drama!

  20. Yes, going out is almost granted I’d meet someone with thunderous reaction, directed at me even if I’d never met that person before and not even crossed by them walking but they see me from miles away. Mars square uranus 6 degrees. It’s not a most benevolent aspect. And I always hit myself weird, weird small accidents. I just hit myself now and it was just me and the couch. So I searched for a mars/uranus post because I just want to point out, this is an aspect of things like these. It could just be myself with nothing in a room and I’d end up injuried. ?

  21. Time to resurrect this post! Algol really is serious. It to me is associated with losing oneโ€™s head.
    Iโ€™ve seen it literally happen in my life! As a pre-teen(? ) I saw a motorcycle driver (no helmets used:required back then) beheaded while on his motorcycle.

    I have natal Mars square Uranus which is conjunct my south node. Iโ€™ve been in five major motor vehicle accidents, including going off a 30 ft cliff. I usually expect to see police out when Mars is in play aspecting my chart. I try to be Super good/obedient to all laws, more so than normal.

    I could write a ( disgusting) book about all my fun encounters! I think I will stay home July 15. I well remember because I had jaw surgery on that date.

    I think south node reduces the effect a bit.

    Medusa sometimes gets linked with Algol I think.

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