Mercury In Leo Opposing Pluto In Aquarius Effects

spotlightMercury will oppose Pluto in Aquarius this week. There are a lot of possibilities with this but I expect drama.

The Aquarius factor make this hard to predict but I’ll be looking for news or ideas that transform or empower.  The information can come from anywhere.  A child, for example. Leo!  It can come from a movie or an actor.

Information may also come from your own subconscious, or the subconscious of the person you’re interacting with.

The little they know might be the piece I lack…”
– Elvis Costello

This quote is perfect for this aspect; not the arrogance of it, but the idea of a tiny thing (Pluto) having a lot of power. You may also encounter the dark side is some form.  Words that degrade.

The news will be potent this week; I’m thinking of powerful theatrics.  You may also write or think creatively, drawing from your depths or the depths of “the other”.

If you’re in a dark place, you may realize how change your situation so that you might let some light in.  You may want to brood. This one is me. I love to brood myself into some hot idea! Some may become paranoid or obsessive.

News that shocks is almost a given.  Like you call someone up and find out they’re dead  Sorry, but it’s not me, it’s these planets!

You may also want to talk with someone about some trauma in your life.  This is a good time to show the Hydra the light (Leo) and air (Aquarius).

On that note, private (Plut0) information (Mercury) may come to light (Leo).  Actually, this one is a given, we just don’t know, who, when or what!

If you have planets in or near the early degrees of the Fixed signs, you very likely to be struck at some point this week.  Think creatively to put the energy to use.

What do you think of Mercury in Leo opposing Pluto? 

Photo: The Spotlight” by Diamond Farah is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0.

3 thoughts on “Mercury In Leo Opposing Pluto In Aquarius Effects”

  1. I happen to have Mercury square Pluto so I think it has to do with deep thinking, penetrating thinking. Also, I think it has to do with telling secrets, exposing what has been hidden and/or investigating what has been hidden. Mercury wants to know the facts and Pluto wants to know what’s behind them. In Leo and Aquarius, it could be political as well, the “king” vs. the people. Lot of that going on.

  2. Yeah. Definitely had the blowup for sure. And power plays / plays for power. I tried not to engage myself too much into it, but dang, Mercury makes it personal!

    As Satori says – watch to not get them fingers in a hissyfit! I did my best, and at least my partner and I are equals in that regard today.

    I don’t know how well we will fare the rrwt of the week. It’s like a pressure cooker.

  3. My 79 years young mom called on July 3rd to say she’s getting married next month 💕! Both families are beyond excited for them. She’s an Aquarian and he’s a Leo.

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