Fear of Rejection – Moon conjunct Saturn and Pluto

sagitarius horse davinciDear Elsa,

I have a job, a lovely place and money.

The only problem is I don’t do well with others. I fear rejection and tend to sabotage any chances for love through coldness and escapism – probably due to my past failed friendships and relationships.

I feel like I’m restricted in the area of romance and partnerships. How do I free myself from this fear?

Four Planets in Sadge

Dear Sadge,

This is going to be a terrifically difficult problem to solve. It can be done and I can tell you how but, I think you’re going to have a real challenge.

The problem is all your Sagittarius! While it’s an enormous gift to be lucky, upbeat, and buoyant, it’s a curse in exact proportion. That’s because it is exactly these same qualities causing your grief! I’ll explain.

The Sagittarian side of you is confident, even blustery (see the first part of your post). But your relationship profile is difficult, as is your emotional nature and this is the fundamental problem. Think about it. Why should you dig in the muck, when you can book a trip to an exotic land? Why hash it out with a potential partner, when you’re rollin’ in dough and more comes in every day?

But on another level, you are utterly bereft. I don’t say that to hurt you – I think you’re hurting plenty already. I just want to get you aware. Your Sadge wants to run FREE like a wild horse. And you look good on the surface doing that, but inside, beneath the surface, you’re in pure pain. You have a Moon Pluto Saturn conjunction here for starters. It’s in Libra, no less (partnerships) and in short, you’re starving for a deep emotional connection and scared to death that you’ll never have one. Or even worse, that you will!

If you do connect to someone in this way, you’re going to have to feel all this stuff and it will be walk in the park, that’s for sure. This is high level… or rather, deep DEEP feeling work. Who wants to go there, when you can book a trip online in three minutes?

So here’s the deal. You automatically go UP… sort of like a hot air balloon. But this will never emotionally satisfy you. So obviously, you’re going to want to dig into this other stuff, but when you try, guess what happens? Your optimism kicks in and you’re right back to being up and happy… but not. Sort of screwed, isn’t it?

You need a meal!! You need an EMOTIONAL feeding. And the way your chart is set up, you’re not going to bother to look for one, unless the situation is drastic, so this is what the universe will deliver.

One more thing. There is someone out there for you. There is someone who soothe you, and who you can soothe. And the pain? Well you’re still a Sadge, okay? You know all about perspective. You know this life is a journey, so keep that it in mind. That this is just one leg of a much longer journey.

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3 thoughts on “Fear of Rejection – Moon conjunct Saturn and Pluto”

  1. I wonder what moon conjunct saturn and pluto in Scorpio would manifest as for someone with NN in cancer in 4th house.

  2. when I can, in all the daily things I’m browsing, I try to read this blog which I find very interesting. I rarely get to write and publish. but I want to say that I really like it and feel great respect for this place and the people who are there. this post communicates to me attention and a lot of tact and also a real interest in being of help without those numerous provocations to which we are now accustomed. this writing expresses exactly what it proposes: a polite, kind, but profound closeness. Thank you. I try to learn something from it for myself too. Thank you

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