Neptune Conjunct The Midheaven Effects

Neptune distortionI have Neptune in Scorpio conjunct my midheaven. If you’ve read around here awhile, you know there is no end to the problems I have with that thing. They’re epic.

I’m just off the phone with a man who has the same configuration. He mentioned this aspect doesn’t get much coverage. In case you don’t know, I’ve covered it, extensively.

If you have Neptune conjunct your midheaven and you’re looking for information or insight into this aspect, here’s my collection of posts, written over the last twenty years: Neptune conjunct Midheaven.

Real life stories. Learn all about going from saint to sinner and back again!

Have fun!


14 thoughts on “Neptune Conjunct The Midheaven Effects”

  1. Dang, this reminds me of qhen Inmet mybpartner (who also has Neptune in the 12th, opposite Venus Rx).

    I said ” PLEASE DON’T PUT ME ON A PEDESTAL, MAN. I am but a human being, have flaws and everything else. DON’T idealize me, DON’T think I have some magic because you will get desillusioned, and I have had enough of little boys claiming the victimized card, when they discover my flaws”

    I had bern through the first 2 or three ex partners then, all of them with heavy neptune-venus influences, and my OWN Neptune in Sag is touching Chiron in Taurus. That sucks really hard.

    I know what you mean, 100 percent.
    Get your delusions over with, and quick, and if you think you can do that, then let me be a regular human being. Take responsibility for your own damned addiction to foggy, rosecolored glasses and THEN let’s talk business. If you’re here, when that happens, at least.

    1. Yes, I used to say (to Satori), about various people “I wish I could say, can we just just fast-forward to the part where you hate me?”

      I can almost always see it coming. I can’t count how many times I’ve been through this. The evitable, nasty mail arrives and while it still hurts to be used in this way; these days I mutter (to myself), “what took you so long,” and move on.

      You can’t expect others to live up to your imagination!

      1. Holy cow! I am a bit fed up with my neptune on MC opposite the Sun..
        I am not listened to, or I am covered in people’s projections.. I do not get recognition for my achievements etc. It is getting on my nerves after 40.

      2. Ha, I have become so used to this scenario, that I have started to get this “Waiting for the other shoe to drop any day now” approach in my relationships, and also the new ones. Often times I am a bit surprised when people have ACTUALLY enough psychological sense to figure the sh*it out about it themselves. Those people are the ones I know I can trust, because they came without a lot of illusions or delusions about human nature. Those people usually end up being my life æong friends.

  2. I love the information about neptune in the 10th. I have pisces in the 10th with mercury natal position. Yes, Neptune transiting my 10th house has been a wild ride!..Saturn transiting was grim, but helped me focus on responsibilities…Thanks!

  3. My MC is 29 59 Pisces. Along with Chiron’s long transit of my 10th Aries, and natal North Node in Cancer 12th house, I feel so programmed for self destruction of my reputation with Neptune hovering in dissolution of what-used-to-be lucky Jupiter Aries 10th house.

  4. What will a transiting Neptune bring to a natal mc in conjunction? My mc is in Aries in a wide sextile to my Neptune.. it will happen in a few years but I don’t think I like it. Will it dissolve or confuse?

  5. Neptune conjunct the MC and my Sun in Pisces was dissolving, nebulous, and almost all things relevant to what a Sun in Pisces 10th house could be. Not happy with my career as a nurse, dealing with patients dying and working with hospice drugs. My neptune in my natal chart is positioned in 5th house libra. I regret becoming a nurse and would haveactually have ptefered becoming an Art Teacher…lol. Quite a difference! Also, when transiting Neptune conjunct my mercury, I developed a cold, sinus infection that produced fluid in my auditory canal so I couldn’t hear properly, felt like I was under water, literally. Other peoples aspects will be different so take that into consideration. My father (10th house) also passed away at this time. Make sure all writing that is important is clear to you, before proceeding. Music and Art may be very important to others at this time. Subconscious information may “bubble up” as if it came from no where. Be observant. Best Wishes.

    1. I agree, the energy of Neptune in aries is going to be very different and we will find out in the next years. Neptune has a very subtle energy and you can’t realise what’s going on until it moves on. There was so much deception and lies, scams, delusion in pisces though. I hope it doesn’t hit hard from aries…

    1. I think one of the effects of Neptune transiting Pisces is that people, and society for that matter, can no longer tell what is real and what isnt.

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