Neptune Retrograde: See The Illusion Through The Veil

Pisces NeptuneNeptune will turn retrograde @ 29 degrees Pisces on, July 2, 2024.  This is just three days after Saturn will have turned retrograde.  The fleet retreats!  For now.

Saturn and Neptune have a date in February of 2026. They’ll hook up in Aries.  It occurs to me, they’re syncing up at this time.

These planets have not been conjunct since 1989. Neptune takes 164 years to transit the zodiac. The fact, Saturn and Neptune will hook up in the first sign, Aries @ zero degrees does suggest a new (Aries) reality (Saturn), that could be beyond our imagination (Neptune).

Note that Neptune will spend seven months in Aries in 2025 so overall, the planet’s time in Pisces is fixing to wrap up.  Somehow, Neptune has morphed into a “malefic” during it’s time in Pisces.  I don’t agree with this, particularly when placed in it’s home sign.  Dread this last little bit, if you like, but I see it as a last change to glimpse or grasp whatever it is, the ethereal is trying to show you (even if disillusion is part of the deal).

If you have planets in the late degrees of Mutable signs, pay particular attention as this is for you. Neptune will retrograde back to 27 degrees, were it will station for four months. Gift or curse or both.  See the illusion and let it inform you.

Neptune will turn direct on December 8th, 2024. It will ingress into Aries, March 31st, 2025.  See the trickery now, when the veil is thin.


Neptune in Pisces Retrograde & Direct – Dates & Degrees: 2023-2026

How do you feel about Neptune wrapping up in Pisces? Do you have planets in late degrees of Mutable signs?  

16 thoughts on “Neptune Retrograde: See The Illusion Through The Veil”

  1. FOUR months of it squaring my Mars and opposing my Saturn at that degree. Does anyone else wonder why they never get any good aspects?

    1. Yeah, I was checking out my astro outlook for 2026, when it all “goes down”. I’ll have saturn conjunct my moon, opposed sun and mercury; pluto on my asc; and neptune square mars. RIP me, probably.

    2. It stations for several months on a degree TWICE this year.

      We are already in the middle of one, between early May and early Sep 2024, Neptune is suspended at 29° Pisces (stationing retrograde early July).

      And again from mid October 2024 to early February 2025 (stationing direct in Dec), hovering at 27° Pisces.

      Before finally moving into Aries at the very end of March 2025.

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    Shimmering Light

    Gemini Moon at 27 and Scorpio Venus at 29 degrees. A lot of veil dropping with some nice moments. I won’t be the same person once Neptune has left Pisces (and then getting ready for Uranus opposing my Venus next June).

    1. Shimmering Light hello. Our moons are trine and our Venus conjunct. Yep. alot of veil dropping with nice moments.

  3. Yes natal Venus is about 23 degrees Sagittarius and this Saturn in Pisces wants me to lift the veil and see the reality. I have natal Neptune conjunct The moon around 24 degrees Scorpio…so deception is a tendency ….need to see the reality and make informed choices which will serve me in the long run.

    1. Deception as a tendency and/or a possible necessity. My experience of my natal Neptune/Mars conjunction at late degrees of Libra and lots of Scorpio in my circle means I may resort to deceptions in a mundane way just to avoid complication or excess Scorpion blowback. A sort of peace keeping, as it were. I’m curious of your method in regard to informed choice making. With so much hyper novelty, as Clif High likes to say, how can we be sure of anything other than our own gut responses to what we are experiencing. I’m constantly reminding myself to stay loose on every conscious thing I’m up to. My intuition is largely steady on, but I get lost in the weeds a lot when I try to manage or control outcomes, even in small detailed activity. Everything in flux, roll with it, or break. My natal Venus is at 25* Sagittarius so I’m glad to see your take on things and wish you a pleasant though potent journey through the times we are living through. No pressure to answer, just friendly curious on your approach.

  4. You are the Paul Revere of our times. You do such a great job of pulling together what you see and sharing it with us. I wish I wasn’t so broke! I’d buy you coffees for all year. You’ve earned Champagne!

      1. Some may think I am your relative. I relate to who you are. I love your stories! I knew you when……we both were on a forum together years ago.

        I have studied astrology for over 50 years. Sometimes I have taken a vacation from it for a couple years (after the birth of our twins, for example). I’ve only once been blessed with earning money from it (surgery charts for astrologer taking a break from it). I lost touch with you for years. I am not your relative. However, I know the time it takes to do what you GIVE to us. You have saved me time over the years. Most of that time, I wouldn’t have been able to study the sky as accurately as you. Few astrologers understand the landscape of NOW as much as you can. You earn every compliment you get. I really do appreciate you.

  5. Avatar
    Anna Risingsign

    Thanks Elsa x

    Looking forward to it-otherworldy magical sparkling dust. Desperately needed/wanted. Or may dream(s) come true? Sigh of relief …

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    James Slattery

    Neptune is squaring my Gem sun on and off. Not a time of energy, hope or progress! I’m tired of introspection and putting up with certain circumstances. Lift that veil so I can make some concrete choices! The worst has been the craziness in my environment through other people i don’t know well. I just keep having unexpected and strange encounters. However in some ways I do feel less likely to tolerate things I don’t like.

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