On Being A Gigolo…And Let’s Extrapolate From There

My husband says the worst job a man could possibly have is to be a gigolo. The thought of it makes him sick. Having to cater to and please a bunch of women and al.

The first time he told me this I was skeptical, but I have come to understand that not only is he serious, I can see myself, how it would be an awful job. It’s romanticized in movies, by Richard Gere, but in reality, what would the man really be thinking, working as a gigolo?

My husband also told me that one of the worst things a man can go through is having to have sex with a woman he doesn’t like. Never mind how a man gets into circumstances like this (I will start a thread on the boards); if you have a chart like my husband’s this can happen to you and apparently it ain’t pretty.

He also has no idea why a man would want to involve himself with two women in his personal, romantic life. He says that taking care of one woman will just about kill you, so he can’t understand why a man would want to double or quadruple his problems.

If you  think about this, you’ll see the logic…I think. Is there anyone out there who aligns with this way of thinking?

I have never been romantically or sexually involved with two men at once.  I have never thought about why this is, other than I am a loyal type person and the kind of men I run with would never tolerate it.  But when I think about this now, I can see that I feel the same way my husband does – one man is certainly plenty of work and plenty of trouble as well.

This is a Saturn in Scorpio topic by the way.  Sex (Scorpio) work (Saturn).

How do you feel about this?

16 thoughts on “On Being A Gigolo…And Let’s Extrapolate From There”

  1. I totally understand! I feel the same. When unhappy in my first marriage a friend suggested I find a lover. I shuddered at the thought and asked her why on earth I would invite trouble with a second when I was already having trouble with one!

  2. I’m aligned with you and your husband’s perspective, but gigolos don’t seem to be in short supply. I suspect it’s the same psychology (astrology?) in play that male and female escorts, prostitutes, and trophy spouses use. One making headlines right now is JLo’s affair with suspected gigolo and bisexual, Casper Smart…seems to work for him (and her!). Sex is one of those mysteries that is infinitely elusive to define from one perspective alone.

  3. I can’t even begin to understand this from a man’s point of view. As a woman, I will say I often wished there was a way for me to go out with a man for dinner and have interesting stimulating conversation. For me, intelligence and humor is a great turnon. I would gladly pay for an evening of this. My friends and I have often playfully bounced around the idea of an escort service for women (esp those of us 45 and up). To me, it’s not so much the sex as it is companoinship.

  4. I think the worst thing in the world would be sex with a man who did not find me attractive. Mutual Sexual attraction is critical. So I have never understood the appeal of a gigolo or a trophy husband.

  5. I dated a man with some similar astro placements as your husband, but the two couldn’t be more different. I don’t know your husband, but the guy I dated is really lost. He’s a narcissistic sociopath, loves to game women, the more the better. I don’t think he’s working right now, though he has previously worked in the sex industry.

  6. It would depend entirely whether he was his own boss and could choose his customers just as it does for the higher class of prostitute, once called a ‘courtesan’.

    The reason the job is so hard for women is that they have pimps or madams or controllers, forcing them to have sex with any man that rolls up. For some men I know who just love having sex and can readily have sex with a huge variety of women with no emotions involved, to be paid for sex would such them just fine.

    Of course to get repeat business you might have to get personally involved to some extent, but that kind of man finds it very easy to fake interest and emotion in that context, for a limited period.

    Naturally this would be impossible for a Scorpio Moon!

  7. Having been in a polyamorous relationship where my boyfriend had another girlfriend, I do agree that being the one in the middle is not as fun as you’d think. Too much juggling. I’d rather be the ball than the juggler in that case.

  8. I’ve met a man once and we had short relation …he is a masseur …anyways…at that time i thought he wants only me but i decovered he was using this massage thing to provide sexual services too…one day we were in a bus watching people on the window and said to me ” all these women, look at them, no matter how they look fat, slim and how old they are all of them are good for having sex with them…”. He is scorpio with scorpio rissing…he was hungry for women and wanted to have them all if possible. I think people who r gigolo love their job most of them and those who don’t cannot understand them, it’s like u cannot see the other side. People with huge sex appetite usualy do it, they r just blinded by their sex drive and doesn’t matter whom they have sex with as long as they can satisfy their need. It’s like u are hungry, starving all the time and u can end up eating even shit to satisfy ur hunger.

  9. I think it is sometimes because the variety of sex is so good, or maybe for the attention. They do not really commit to anyone, they are just after something.
    I don’t know why a man would want two families secretly though. That is a hard thing to do.
    As for poly, I suppose they like having a big family?

    I commit to one at a time. I agree it takes a lot of energy. Even if I liked two people, I could only commit to one, and I’d just let the other find someone else.

  10. My husband says the same thing as yours – one woman = more than enough trouble!

    He’s got Mars/Saturn conjunct in Scorpio. Go figure.

  11. I just saw magic mike in the movies and the guys acting seemed to have no feel in the heart department but there was a twist in the end . seems empty life to me .

  12. I don’t know about all this, but I have to say thanks for posting the pic of Virgo Richard Gere! I love that movie.

  13. Based on my experience and inclinations, I agree with your husband 100% in everything he says. Closeness and love are vastly more important than sex. I haven’t tried it with someone I don’t like at all, but imagine it would be torture.

  14. The thought of selling one’s body and paying for sex makes me physically sick. I personally would rather die than sell my body. Saturn in Scorpio, Mars in Aqua squaring it (wide square but applying).

    Like flip58, I would HATE to have sex with a man who didn’t find me attractive. I can’t understand why anyone would want to pay for sex knowing that the prostitute most likely didn’t find them attractive.

    I have had an affair whilst in a long distance relationship. It was way too much work, and had we all lived in the same city, there’s no way I could’ve kept it up.

    I do know some guys who say they’d love to be a gigolo for older women. Generally these guys prefer older women, are hedonistic, materialistic and don’t want to commit.

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