Pluto In Capricorn’s Effects On Younger Generations

Vid conTwenty-five years ago, a Canadian astrologer I knew, told me if a computer could simulate the full body sensations of sex, she would be a buyer on day one.  I was floored; left to stare at her moon in Aquarius – really?  She was sure and I believed her.  Welcome to the internet, where you meet people, different from you.

Yesterday, I  posted in the forum about gaming being the next dating app. There’s a significant group of people who prefer to interact on the “holodeck”. If you think this is stupid, you’re probably not them!

People are fed up with dating apps. Meeting in a game would be no different than people who take their dog to the park, hoping to socialize or even find love.  Remember roller blading in the park? Seeing as people don’t leave their house these days, I don’t think the idea, “fun places to meet” being found online, is a stretch.

Combine this will the explosion of “neurodivergence”.  I’m not entirely sure the cause of this, but if someone told me the majority of people under thirty were neurodivergent, I would believe it.  It’s rapidly becoming the new normal.

vidconI’m glad to be able to speak to this community and feel I can relate.  It’s almost as if they embrace their weirdness, rather than hide it.  As a fellow weirdo,  I understand. It’s weird to tell someone not to be weird, when they’re just living.  Happens to me every day.

As for why people might prefer to meet online; it’s affordable!  With the current inflation, student loans and such, large numbers of people can’t afford to date. Pluto in Capricorn, poverty, is real! Seriously, how many young people can afford to sit in a bar, hoping someone interesting shows up?  Young people can’t buy a house, well they can’t do these other things either, so guess what! They’re innovating.

The internet is also a comfort zone for pretty much everyone with Pluto in Sagittarius or Capricorn. Not a comfort zone. The comfort zone.  And it’s not as if these relationships can’t move offline and exist in real life.  For example, there are gaming events, where friends can meet in person… love finds a way.

I didn’t understand this until I watched part of one the gaming competitions on youtube. It looked like a Grateful Dead concert!  Deadheads had their tie-dye. Gamers have their identifiers as well.  Color schemes.

A couple years later, my son sent me a pic of he and his girlfriend and other friends, at some gaming event.  They all looked happy and thrilled.  This is good, right?

This is from yesterday:

Sensory Isolation Chamber

Today, I realized, Pluto in Capricorn has oppressed everyone and put us in state of deprivation.  The affect of this is varied, especially, between the generations.

None of this changes my idea of living the best you can, in schema you’re offered. My son and his girlfriend, sitting in the bleachers watching, “God knows what”, is no different than my husband riding our motorcycles to Lucky Wishbone, to buy some steak fingers and fries.  We’d sit on a parking block, and eat our lunch, with the Arizona heat steaming up off the asphalt.  Everyone was happy and that’s what counts.

Bottom line, I think meeting in a game would preferable to being shopped like meat, on an app.  I used to think it was sterile. No pheromones!  But attraction online, occurs and it’s just as powerful. I think is a positive trend.

Doesn’t that look like fun?

It’s a resilient generation.  Don’t be fooled into thinking otherwise.

13 thoughts on “Pluto In Capricorn’s Effects On Younger Generations”

  1. I don’t think an AI could ever duplicate the closeness of a real relationship, in which just being close with them gives you joy, and you feel happiness when they just walk into a room…If AI ever can do that, we are doomed….

      1. Because there would be no reason to connect with other human beings. We would grow utterly dependent on the Matrix for our emotional support and believe everything it told us.
        For the same reason, I think Ai therapy is a horrible way to go. Manipulation would be so easy and centrally controlled.

        1. I understand. But what if we’re not talking about you and I?

          Large numbers of people already opt to avoid human contact. Further this trend is building rather abating.

          The machinations bringing this about are A LOT more profound and nuanced then most have been able to discern and the affects are so deep, they seem hard-wired.

          I’m suggesting, follow generations won’t want to be human. They want to be better than human and this becomes their downfall.

  2. Great points. I can certainly see the practicality of meeting online (affordability). Meeting in a game does seem more tasteful 🙂.

  3. I took notice this past year as our first year students (15 yo, senior high school in our education system) were clearly different from previous ones, which fell more on the pluto in sag generation. It’s stil early to draw conclusions but a couple of things that stood out are that they can be extremely critical and a bit on seeing more the doom part of things. They seem to be more reticent in dreaming about their future or changing the wrongs of the world and feel that many things are given and cannot change. They appear much better in planning for hard times ahead,where pluto in sag generation is the one that firmly believes in the powers of visualisation and the idea that if you can imagine it, it will happen. The pluto in cap kids also seem to have difficulty in how they perceive respect, which appears more conflated to them and synonymous to being dominant… Equal respectful relations seem a bit harder to understand or practice – even their jokes are on the harsher and competitive side. We ‘ll see how they turn out in coming years, Capricorn doesn’t do too well in youngsters

  4. As far as the gaming community is concerned, I really like it, we cannot underestimate how people will bypass any obstacles and find ways to connect!

  5. that is true, pluto capricorn poverty is very real, put many in a state of frugality and desperation of finding sleuthy ways to get by like clipping coupons in the old days or find buy one get one free sales in the newspaper. I remember watching that show, “cheapskates” it was a reality tv show about people saving stuff to make ends meet. One husband and wife would go to restaurants and wait for people to finish their meal and if it’s not finished they would ask for the leftovers. Some would go into the trashcans to get the meals that were recently thrown away. There’s one where a woman saved used everything. I think Saturn reminds me of that,using what you need, because of poverty and the mindset. I think too that when misers get rich, they still remain miserly. Just like scrooge. Maybe stemming from the trauma of severe upbringing. though not always, but quite often.

    as for simulation of full body sex, no thanks. The real body close to close contact is much more cuddlier and sweeter than cyber anything. I however like getting to see find good music online, and watching youtubes and finding good tv shows and movies to subscribe. Or finding good deals or ordering delivery when we are sick. I like those kind of conveniences. As for dating online i think its good if they meet up later and find out on first dates if they are compatible or if it’s catfish.

    1. lol thinking abut cuddlier, plus my husband and i love “touch” very tactile, I think it’s an earthy thing maybe. cyber anything can’t copy that. omg i’m scared if they do. >_<Im reminded of Star Trek and holodeck. Where they use specific "energies" and i even heard holograms can even murder people. so they use extra technology to give matter/ substance,….
      interestingly, Pluto Virgo started with the original Star Trek series, and themes of 60s, with aliens and otherworldly twilight zone themes. in my thoughts, for a long time, Virgo is very magical in an earthy way, such as the surreal magical way Pisces is. The veil, yet virgo makes the veil a reality.

  6. Since 2020 i’m offering workshops (live) online that everyone thought would not ‘not work’, have no depth or impact and some are still stubborn resistant to even try. I’m good at it now, after 4 years of learning how to create a safe space for people to meet each other, dropping defences and being real. It’s not only possible, it’s awesome at times. To be in 6 different countries and 3 time zones and feel so connected and safe. There’s all that same stuff happening just like in the same room: synchronicity, mirroring, communication via body language, silence that speaks…
    It’s a skill and can be learned, people being able to meet each other from their living room at home has some advantages.
    I’m just as well comfortable with in person workshops but the technology is not a hindrance per se, it’s an opportunity as well. I’d never meet these people in real life and they would never meet each other if it wasn’t for the tech.
    Gaming together online is fun too! Ask my grandson…

  7. How long, how many years is Pluto in Capricorn? My grandchildren are very young and part of this generation.

  8. My ex met his new wife in his MMO game while he were living with me, and he left the country 2 years later.

    That was before 2020.

    I met my partner on Twitter, and many meet on similar apps like Twitch or other.

    I met my first boyfriend in 1999 in an online chatforum.

    The next one?
    The classic way through friends. Didn’t really fit.

    Next? (2004): On a dating site.

    Next? (2014): A spiritual dating site.

    Next? (2016): Twitter

    Next? (2018): Tinder

    Next: (2019) Twitter.

    Am I neurodivergent?
    I am not under 30 years old though.

    Apparently I am just an Aquarius rising doing my thing.

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