Predator & Prey Natal Chart Markers

predatorLibra Moon asked what markers in a chart would indicate predator behavior. Rather than make a list of aspects, I responded, predator and prey, had the same aspects.  Point being, if I list the aspects for predator behavior, a victim would be bound to see their chart, indicated. This needs to be explained.

Most realize, cops and criminals have affinity.  It’s the same a addicted people and the counselors who treat them.  Therapists and their patients. There is a commonality. I can off a real life example of what I mean.

My husband has Mars aspecting Saturn, known to be quite harsh. I have never seen a person with Mars aspecting Saturn in their chart, who has not been subjected to cruelty.  Inflicting cruelty is also common, though it would be an act of free will.

My husband has Saturn in Capricorn aspecting Mars. He aspired to be a Green Beret, and made it after clearing many obstacles.  He’s an example of someone who encountered cruelty and delivered it, just as frequently. Predator and prey, see?

This aspect of his personality was evident when I met him as a teenager. He was a boxer, but aside from that, he used to fight his best friend, bare-knuckled, back then.  They had a “fight club” of sorts on the base.  Stepping into a boxing ring makes your predator and prey, yes?  He was in his element, as was his friend, who no doubt had Mars aspecting Saturn as well.

Here’s another example, from my imagination.  Let’s go with Mars Neptune.  A husband targets a woman for an affair.  She’s the prey.  She turns around and targets the wife in some way. Maybe she befriends her to undermine the marriage, or maybe she shoots and kills her, so she can have the man. Now she’s perpetrator.  Or she attacks her predator lover, making him prey.

As for chart markers, Mars is usually involved.  I mean, a person has to have a motive, even if it’s just fun for them.

If you’re a woman who tends to draw this type energy… well I’m a woman like this. I learned long ago to check a man’s Mars before getting involved.  This does not mean, you have to reject anyone with harsh aspects to Mars.  You do need to observe what they do with that thing, before you get in too deep.

This is a very reliable technique by the way. I started screening men in this way, thirty-five years ago. It’s worked without fail.

Can anyone add to this?

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  1. I think women have to learn to own their Mars instead of outsourcing it. Otherwise Mars just shows up at the door. Sometimes he still shows up like he did with the Mars-Pluto square a few weeks ago, but at least I could look up what was going on and say – yeah. Ok. Mom, Dad, Self has Mars Saturn Aspects. We were a military family.

    I think Character becomes a very important play in all this.

    I loved the movie “Fight Club”

    1. “I think women have to learn to own their Mars instead of outsourcing it. ”

      Great point! Not always easy!

      I own mine (writing the way I do), but it’s a challenge as people fight me, every day.

      1. Hi Elsa, agreed. Someone wise told me years ago when I was young to best go out into the world with my sword and shield and fight with my Mars, instead of having him show up at my home, looking for me. You use your Mars well I think.

        1. I also have that aspect and I don’t consider myself cruel, but definitely can be if I want to. So I have to balance that aspect constantly.

      1. So like the squares and oppositions… Great article, makes great sense, glad it took this long to be asked/ answered!

    1. That’s the thing! Great questions.

      I have Mars tightly conjunct Saturn; my actions are closely managed in the 8th house, major energy highways, Not outsourcing” my Mars has been a challenge all my life, with Pluto in my 7th House projecting is built in.

      My 11th House Scorpio Sun seeks other/foreign sources to shine, and my Venus -Jupiter conjecture in that same 11th House Sag keeps the plot complicated, or interesting at the very least.

      My husband has a Mars-Merc conjunction in Gemini 9th house, tricky on purpose, all trine his Scorpio Moon.🎭

  2. Jesus, Elsa! I just went and looked at the charts of women I know who have been in physically abusive relationships and everyone so far has Mars-Saturn, usually inconjunct.

  3. I found one chart though that doesn’t have Mars-Saturn. Her fiancé and best friend were attacked and killed while she was with them. Also she was stabbed in a different incident as well. Mars inconjunct Chiron in her chart.

  4. How would that play out in mars/pluto/saturn/Eros conjunct Ascendant in Libra? How would a woman use that as a pretator pray? Use body/sexuality as power instead of being abused?

    1. A woman turns the Mars-Saturn combo as a form of personal power, rather than a target for abuse.

      I consider that a source to rethink and retool my present experience after an “assault “- a surgery that I chose, knowing the aftermath would cause me damage. This advice can reposition my inner ear, and balance going forward.

      So many ways to apply the Mars!

      1. Recently, I had the last laugh (I hope) on a man who pursued me relentlessly whilst being married, and living next door. He was/is a very cunning Capricorn and I think a Leo moon. He was a natural actor, and knew he could present as a good solid citizen. I have had similar experiences before, but could get away. This time I couldn’t as after looking at the real estate market, could. not find any thing as good as what I had. So it was ‘game on’ with this creep. I resented the time I had to spend anticipating his moves – creeping around my house as he had the advantage of being in a higher position and my house having most windows facing his. I nearly lost my mind. Eventually I turned my Mars/Saturn on and did the passive aggressive thing on both he and his wife who enjoyed my discomfort and the fact that he was occupied with someone else. They up and moved, He dragged his feet – but I Knew I had gotten to the wife. This story illustrates how one can be the prey, and let the predator carry on whilst he/she becomes the prey.

        1. Holy sheets! You kind of described this man I met in a coffee shop I frequent. Cool as a cucumber he was. Cap sun, Leo moon, Cap rising. Pluto conjunct moon in the 8th. Opposite Venus in Aqua and Mars in Pisces. He had this air of mystery and wisdom around him, part of his act. PREDATOR. In talking deeper one day I found out he has crazy sexual drives and picks up young girls to do his bidding, which is mainly doing HIM, no reciprocation. He just wants his jollies, will pay for it, then crawl back into his hole until the next time he wants to prowl the net. His Pluto and moon are in Leo so he looks for his f**ked up version of beauty. I could see he sees these girls as just ‘parts’, not as people. His Cap sun in the first and rising sign made for a self centered old man thinking he’s some hot young prize. He even mentioned his fascination with serial killers. Backed away from this creep quickly!

  5. I have a wide conjunction of Saturn and Mars and DSC square Uranus. I attract people who are threatening. I can fiercely defend the weak and vulnerable and to be a warrior myself. I had a lot of abuse in my life before I was able to speak my voice..
    My both sons born with a large age gap and they both have Mars opposite Pluto square – mercury ( first son) and Jupiter ( second son) .. I do hope they won’t be forced to be soldiers etc.

  6. Welp that man does have a Mars Pluto square cancer/libra. I would think in his case maybe it’s emotional abuse. I definitely feel like sometimes I was being emotionally abused from a distance. I don’t know if he was actually trying to woo me or just see if I’d cheat on my bf 🤷‍♀️

  7. What about Mars in Scorpio in the twelth house? I knew a man with that who was mentally predatory – lots of denial, always blaming others, gaslighting, playing victim for sympathy, disappearing in the face of any challenge.

  8. Owning Mars is a great way to frame it. I have Mars inconjunct Neptune and square Pluto. The inconjunct got me into to trouble early in life because my sense of discernment was not employed. Many close calls and divinely protected situations.

  9. Reading this post, I felt relieved that my Mars and Saturn, although in the same sign and house are 13 degrees apart.. In Cancer, 10th (Saturn’s realm). Why? Because if they were closer in conjunction then I would have Mars conjunct Saturn square Pluto. As it is, I have to live with Saturn square Pluto, but I’m sure there are people out there whose Mars got more closely entangled in that square in that same natal year. I like to know how they are faring. Still I recognise the descriptions of experiencing cruelty and harshness. But I think, although I’ve battled self destructiveness, I have also been able to use this as resilience and determination. The persons life becomes a reckoning.

    On another note, thinking about our natal Mars placements is useful at this time because the Mars Uranus conjunction transit upcoming will be working to transform our own Mars, so it’s where a spotlight is being shone currently and worth digging into the specifics. Thanks Elsa for the reminder.

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      Yup. That is me. Mars/saturn 6 degrees apart. They square my venus and on the other side they square my moon and pluto. Moon/pluto is not exactly conjunct, they are pretty wide and in different signs (like 9 degrees apart) but the whole things acts as a whole so i deal with it as a whole.

      To speak to elsas comment, my dad told me my whole life i was not to become a cop because being a cop is just the flip side of being a criminal and it is all too easy to flip. He was speaking astrologically. It was good advice.

      I have had a pile of cruelty in my life. Most all of it emotional and when i was a child. As soon as i hit adulthood, yeah, there were those boyfriends who were cruel in an emotionally stunted way. But i kind of detached and detached again and again and again. Until i learned to channel the mars saturn into fixing a house, caring for land, food and people.

      I am very. Bound. Bounded. Strong boundaries. Keeps my energy safely channeled. Too many people want to trauma bond. No thanks. It is gross, and all over the place and they think they can leech off of me or use me as a pawn like when i was a child. Nope

      I offer what i offer within the community and then that is it. I go home and care for my animals, my household etc. I can move mountains to make someone feel safe but they better take that safe spot and use it to build their own life and not look to me for more more more.

  10. This has been thought-provoking.

    My oldest has an 8H Aries sun conjunct Mars and Saturn inconjunct Pluto. I was a teen mom and he faced a lot of cruelty – grew up an athlete and is now an amateur boxer.

    I have Scorpio ruling the 10th house. I work on the front lines of where all the terrible things happen. I see everything that comes into the medical examiners office. This got me thinking about my Mars placement, which is conjunct the south node in Aquarius on my ascendant. I had to learn how to wield my Mars and use my power for good. Of note, my Lilith is conjunct Pluto 8H. I only attract married men. I’ll definitely keep an eye out Mars.

  11. My 4H Sadge Mars is trine (supposedly a good aspect) my 8H Aries Saturn Rx, and opposite my 9H Gemini Moon. I’ve experienced a lot of abuse in the home (family, partners, landlords, neighbours, etc.).

  12. I have a Mars/Saturn conjunction squaring a conjunction with Pluto/Jupiter. I am capable of being cruel but for the most part choose not to. On the rare occasion when I do lash out, I always feel terrible afterwards. I pretty much keep to myself but do have instances where I am attacked for no reason. As an example, I was taking care of my Mom and while driving down her street one of her neighbors stopped my car and started screaming at me and wagging his finger saying that I was speeding (I wasn’t). Being startled and angry for the unprovoked attack, I told him off. He immediately started grabbing the door handles screaming for me to get out of the car. I had my brother’s very large dog with me who was going berserk trying to get at this guy (it didn’t deter him). I went around him drove to my Mom’s house and he followed me and blocked me in! He came up to the car and again started pulling on all the door handles demanding for me to get out of the car. I told him if he didn’t leave, I was going to call the cops. He wouldn’t leave so I did have to call the cops and while on the phone he went back home (three houses away). I found out later that the guy has a drug/alcohol addiction. BTW-he is a man in his forties, and I am a woman in my late sixties.

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    Kelly Thompson

    Absolutely. Not sure what made me prey with a natal 1st house RX Mar s opposite Mercury and a stellium in Cancer. My Venus square Neptune by 7 degrees? Or c Uranus by 5 degrees and SN by 1?
    Or my Pluto moon femme fatale in 8?
    The mars Neptune man is a cheater. That’s for sure.

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        Kelly Thompson

        Yes, why I mentioned it and meant to point that out as the opposite of prey. So the connection. I don’t relate to that role but an astrologer called my Pluto moon that once and I remembered it. Raised in a cult I was groomed to miss red flags – literally could not see them so – prey. I was targeted. As for FF I can’t see that? Yet there’s something there.

  14. oh definitely!! i do attract many mars/pluto men predator, but i’m a packed 8th house, and i have noticed i have been called elusive, charming, goddess whatever. So by all accounts i’m a femme fatale xD The energy feels good, in which you feel loved but its not real. And the realness is having a real love and to love someone back with the same. ^^
    just recently a young man said he thought i was super attractive (he has mars scorpio/aries sun) and he knows i’m married. so over the years i’ve tended to let myself go, not take care of myself in terms of beauty (venus) so i dont get attention. but at the same time my husband said, i need to look like i was, hot and sexy to him. Sheeesh. So i wear my sweats around and my hair up no makeup and do alot of work when im at my parents. I want to balance but it’s hard. My husband has deep love and i’m very thankful for that.

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    victoria gale

    My ex-son-in-law has a vicious Mars in Aquarius 5th house T-squaring Pluto in Scorpio 2nd house and Sun, Jupiter and Mercury in Taurus 8th house. My daughter has Mars and Jupiter conjunct her Asc. in Gemini square Mercury and North Node in Pisces 10th house. You’ve done a couple of readings for my daughter, Elsa, one of which was an emergency reading due to their separation at the time. They’re divorced now and he’s baaackkk, trying to guilt his way back in – and she seems to be falling for it. Predator and prey. This is all making too much sense.

  16. Does the type of aspect matter? I have a natal Mars (Libra) – Saturn (Sag) connection but it is a very close sextile.

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