Saturn Conjunct Neptune: Real Life Understanding

Saturn NeptuneSaturn and Neptune are both transiting Pisces, independently. The planets will come together, early 2025.  While they won’t form an exact conjunction until 2026, they’ll keep each other company in Pisces for the better part of a year.  People are concerned and I know why!

With Saturn conjunct Neptune, you can expect, rules to shift and structures to dissolve.  You can expect boundaries to fail, status to disappear, fear to disable and fake to seem very, very real. Meantime, the real seems fake!

You can expect fears to dissolve, faith to support, and lapses of judgement to occur.   I’d not get too haughty. It only makes you easier to trick!

Failure, with Saturn Neptune, occurs when you’re sitting in a half inch of water, and you think you’re going to drown. It’s irrational panic over nothing.

John Prine has a song about this.  Learning and being supported via music is Saturn Neptune thing by the way.  No one stays on top!  This is true, even if their hologram “image” makes it appear otherwise!

If you want to come through this, well, learn (Saturn) to transcend (Neptune).  Saturn is currently transiting Neptune-ruled Pisces.  Class is session! Are you picking this up?  Are you getting a handle (Saturn) on living with no hard lines, rules or surfaces in sight?  If so, you’re prepared for Saturn’s conjunction with Neptune.

No one has their feet on the ground now, really.   Reality is unknown.  In this situation, you can opt to be fear-based or faith based. I think the word “faith” may trigger some, but it’s very simple.   You either believe you’ll make it through (faith) or you’re afraid you won’t (fear).  If you believe, you can avoid panic and self-undoing. If you don’t believe, you’re going to find yourself, drained, ’round the clock.

Use this time to become spiritually strong, because you will be burdened and your burden is likely to be concealed.  Are you an oppressed victim? Or a person who transcends hardships?

This is personal but I’m going to mention it on the chance it helps someone catch on to this.  I’ve been writing about my sister and I in tandem, lately. We’re both Capricorn risings, with Saturn afflicted / enhanced by Neptune. There is not a single story I have ever told, where we are not seriously oppressed; crushed down on a daily basis.

Every day we transcended our hardship; went to school where we enjoyed quite a bit of status. As an example, my sister won first place in the city Science Fair, I won second.  We learned to transcend.

vintage gym suitMy sister was a tennis player.  It’s not a common sport for a poor kid but she rose to number two player in our city.

Now get this… we didn’t have any money! There was no such thing as “tennis whites” for my sister.  She had to or rather, she chose to play in all these tournaments, even though she was forced to wear her school gym suit, blue with bloomers, as pictured.

Was she mortified?  Yes.

Did she collapse?  No.

Did the rich kids make remarks and talk behind her back? Yes.

Did she let this undermining (Neptune) stop (Saturn) her? No.

She liked to compete; she liked to school these bitches, but did it drain her?  Yes.

So then what happened?

She learned (Saturn) compassion (Neptune).

How many times have I come on here and begged people not to kick others when they’re done?

I, like my sister, learned to be compassionate, via suffering.

No, I am not recommending you suffer. I am suggesting, if you are suffering, there is something to learn and this is level one, right here.

I’m also suggesting, you don’t cause others to suffer, because it will come back on you at some point.  You’ll see what it’s like to lack (Neptune) support (Saturn).

Status is also an illusion.  The girls who tormented my sister, imagined they had status.  We saw nothing of the sort.

Saturn in Pisces… get the basics
Saturn conjunct Neptune in Pisces – learning out of bounds.
Saturn conjunct Neptune in Aries – Act on what you’ve learned.
That’s one route.

You may also become an insufferable victim, but those types don’t tend to read here!

Last, these concepts are gone over here:

Saturn In Pisces: How To Stay Stable As Reality Morphs And Structures Dissolve

Who feels ready for this?



11 thoughts on “Saturn Conjunct Neptune: Real Life Understanding”

  1. i recently met someone who leads a faith based life. what she said to me resonates with what you wrote here. She has faith that god will lead her to do the right things and that she is supported through him. She works in a ministry as a doctor helping poor communities. Very real, very saturnian. But the base of her life is neptunian faith. She has peace knowing she is where she is supposed to be. It was very inspirational to see how she lives her life.

  2. My husband asked me this morning if I was okay. I responded “My energy is up here (hand raised to forehead) and the world is happening here (hand lowered to hip)

    I keep having to pause and imagine I am a river of water passing over rocks. Rapids . I imagine I am (my mind/energy) a rapid of water. The water is gushing, it has energy, it is a force. The rocks ( my physical body) are still, sturdy and strong to withstand the water’s forceful energy. It’s all happening simultaneously. When it’s passed the water returns to a calm current.

  3. I retired from my structured job in May. I have moon,sun and ask all in Pisces with Saturn between moon and sun right now. I don’t know what to do with myself when I wake up in the morning. I’ve done some outside projects but it’s too hot now to even go outside. I clean inside house but have been reading nonstop. I know I should be setting a routine but it’s so easy to just sit and read.

  4. Reading this post had me letting out a sigh of relief! Since Saturn entered Pisces, I have been experiencing the swirls and eddies trying to overwhelm me, especially when Saturn approached my 14 degree Pisces Moon.

    I am facing a horrible situation and I have been trying effing hard to root down into my faith to find peace and hope I have found (somewhat) solid ground to build upon. For me, the hard part is holding onto that faith and not going under, but literally taking it one breath at a time seems to be helping me through the darkest days.

  5. Thanks so much for your story about tennis in bloomers, winning at the science fair and “status being an illusion.” It sets the stage for what’s happening in 2024, when my husband turns 75 on the 4th of July and together we live on “the faith” of our belief in values that hold up over time.

    Saturn backtracks into my 2nd h if values as I build an art and storyteller’s business at 76 years of age. The value of the art I create is incised and informed by the wisdom of faith in kindness, Aloha, perseverance.

    I live in a home created outside the boundaries of “legal.”
    Does that prevent us from living, well? No.
    Have people tried? Yes.
    How do we do this? Hard work and faith. Willingness to create what hasn’t been created yet.

    Neptune backtracks my 3rd h, of communication and siblings. How I attune myself to what my drawings and messages have to say is transformation…watery, unsolid; a different reality.

    I’m an old John Prine fan he pulled a lot of magic out of thin air and transformed lives. Thanks John.

  6. Avatar
    Priscila Lisboa

    “Did the rich kids make remarks and talk behind her back? Yes.
    Did she let this undermining (Neptune) stop (Saturn) her? No”
    (rsrsrs so Me in life rsrsrs)
    Psalm 1, it syas like this: “Blessed is the man/ who walks not in the counsel of the wicked,/ nor stands in the way of sinners,/ nor sits in the seat of scoffers;/ 2 but his delight is in the law of the Lord,/ and on his law he meditates day and night.”
    Oh Gosh, I very very very like that: “Nor sits in the seat of scoffers”. There are people like that in the world, they don’t gossip about others and they don’t stop to hear gossip about themselves. Blessed be.

    Tanks for the words.

  7. This is exactly what is going on! So many people are living in a fear-based victim mindset, it’s almost unbearable to stomach. The current climate is rife with a conspiracy mindset, especially these past couple of weeks as Neptune and Saturn are stationary retrograde.

    The irony is that those who deem themselves as “free thinkers who question authorities”, are anything but. Their viewpoints are so impossibly rigid and with tunnel vision, they cling defensively to their narratives if anyone tries to challenge them. They are locked in their own prison of fear and persecution by an insidious unseen “power” that is controlling their lives, that there is no freedom there at all. They don’t cope well with uncertainty, as more resilient types (Saturn) do.

    And why do they always berate others for “not waking up” or being gullible sheeple, when it’s THEM who are the real followers, with no original thought processes, just parroting other paranoid people. Straw man arguments indeed.

    They need to take off the tinfoil hats, maybe go to the park, enjoy an ice cream, or go to the cinema, maybe go on a romantic date or two. And chill the f-k out!

    Don’t get me wrong, I have areas in my life that I need to wake up to, of course. We all do. But at least by taking control (Saturn) of our unfounded fears (Neptune) and seeing it for what it truly is, is the first step?

    The 12th house is about “unseen” enemies. Sometimes they are not seen, because they simply don’t exist except in your mind. Or the reality is far more mundane (opposite 6th house) and can be debunked. Occams Razor.

    Yes governments are terrible, nobody believes what they say or do, they break promises all the time, yes the media lies daily with propaganda, nothing has changed and never will, blah blah. But, still, live YOUR life! Because we will all die eventually.

    1. The interesting thing about this is that you could say the exact same thing about you and your anger towards these people that you’ve generalized. Same thing could be said for both sides of the coin, if you understand what I’m saying.

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