Saturn Neptune & Loss Of Confidence

distortedMy husband and I have been watching The Great British Bake-Off, don’t ask me why.  Each season begins with thirteen bakers, competing.

Invariably there’s a baker who starts out strong, if not completely dominating. The person seems a shoo-in to win. But then something happens…

The baker has some kind of failure or receives feedback that throws them off.  Post this event, you literally watch them fall apart, bake by bake.  It kills me, because I counsel and coach people.  I want to intervene and help the person, untwist.

I note that the strong baker who loses their footing, tends to perform in the middle of that pack for several shows, as they scramble to center themselves and regain their internal equilibrium, with the clock ticking.  Some of them manage.  Others fade into the wall.

I recognize this, because it happens to me, as a matter of routine.  At least there are no hot lights and cameras on me!  But I feel this is a Saturn Neptune (Saturn in Pisces, Saturn in the 12th) thing.  A person’s structure or posture or reality, goes wavy on them.

I see that’s not clear, so try this: One day the person thinks they can bake and they bake. The next day, they aren’t so sure, and this is seen in the quality of what they produce.

This is important to everyone with Saturn transiting Pisces, never mind the upcoming Saturn Neptune conjunction.  You might have heard, a person can dream something into reality.  This is certainly true for Saturn Neptune people like me.

If you’re attuned in this way, avoiding negative beliefs is imperative, to avoid disability. If you believe you have ability, it shows itself.  If you believe otherwise, you wind up resembling a grey rock, for real!

Thing is, even when the baker can’t recover, they’re still freakishly talented.  It’s like clouds covering the sun. It’s still the brightest thing around; just not today.

If you recognize yourself, you may get support from others, but bottom line, your Saturn is your Saturn and working with these rhythms are your responsibility.  This generally means, learning to transcend.

Anyone see themselves in this?

5 thoughts on “Saturn Neptune & Loss Of Confidence”

  1. Don’t get stuck in the details, the details matter. The details are for a larger picture, you’re so hyper focused on the details you can’t see the larger picture. This is all for something greater you want to bring to fruition, yet the clearer you see what it is, the farther away you are to bringing it about.

    How do you maintain the focus and remain calm enough to manage the energy in the appropriate way?

  2. Avatar

    Perfect timing. 🧡 This is dangerously me just now, and I’d noticed. Determined to make this 2nd Sat return work for me, was remembering your words and started this morning to compile different ways to support myself with conviction and stay steady in my boat when that chatter starts.

  3. This is my entire effing life. Three steps forward two steps back in every single last little thing.

  4. Good show, we’ve watched all of them…Some of the bakers learn from their mistakes, and get better as the tasks get harder, some don’t…But everyone makes mistakes, and some people can’t take pressure…it’s very human…Generally, the bakers with the best technique beat the more artistic ones….

  5. i call it ‘losing the bead’ …best to keep moving on instinct and not let my focus get ruffled. (i have the two in fire trine) once i get knocked off it’s tricky to regain the clarity and intention…

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