Saturn Retrograde in Pisces 2024 – Future In Limbo

boatSaturn will turn retrograde at 19 degrees Pisces on June 29th, 2024. It will reach back to 12 degrees, before turning direct on November 15th. We’re living in the land of confusion!

I generally write something fairly standard for these type periods, but this one is irregular in that Saturn’s retrograde motion will set it up to square Jupiter in Gemini.  This square will be maintained for nearly this entire period.  There is no “straight up” Saturn in the coming near term. Jupiter will be involved.

Jupiter is concerned with the future.  Firm commitments are hard to make with Saturn in Pisces. I see this as a time where a persons future (and fortune) is possibly in limbo and/or delayed.  It may or may not be.

This square will be exact in August and at that point, you may have clarity around where you’re headed, but you’ll still be in the water, so to speak. Keep your boat, handy!

boatDoes everyone get, Saturn in Pisces does not allow a person to stand firmly on the ground? You have to stabilize yourself in the flow. If you have not picked up this skill yet; the sooner you do, the less you’ll suffer.  I have this stuff in my natal chart and have had to overcome the challenge. If you need help, I’m a specialist in this regard.  That’s me in my boat, right there. Speeding, of course!

Not to say, this will be a period of suffering.  Jupiter is involved, after all, but all the textbook Saturn retrograde stuff applies.  You think you’re slogging up a mud-covered hill now?  This is worse but it’s also better. With Jupiter in Gemini, you may be airlifted out of there.  More likely, you’ll have some kind of teacher guru to guide you… while you guide someone, yourself.  This period will be big on “meaning” and “seeking” in general. There is something to LEARN here.

You may also see opportunities come and go.  Same with beliefs.  Believe it today, don’t believe it tomorrow, then believe it again the day after that!

It will be stressful, along the lines of what I’ve been saying recently.  The proliferation (Jupiter) of bits of info (Gemini) can be oppressive, time wasting, misleading and in fact, it can make you half-crazy or worse.  There’s a lot to watch, here, on this earth right now – more than a person can handle.  You’ve got to be ready to shut the door on some people and some things, if you notice you feel drained, undone or undermined. In this next little period, less is likely to be more.  Think about investing time with a real (Saturn) teacher (Jupiter).

Note that Jupiter and Pisces are concerned with faith and spirituality. Those who work with these things will have a much easier time, as I’ve said now, over and over.  This is not only true; the difference is like night and day.

Some to think of it, it may be Saturn is retrograde… and God (Jupiter) intervenes. Uses this time to fill your gaps.

How do you feel about Saturn retrograde in Pisces and the Jupiter factor?

43 thoughts on “Saturn Retrograde in Pisces 2024 – Future In Limbo”

  1. Great post! Overall from reading, my sense is it will be a positive transit…like Saturn helping to further shape, form and define our Jupiter energy – as you say faith and future, faith in the future. What are your thoughts Elsa if a person has Jupiter in Pisces and will pick up the square from Jupiter in Gem – and that whilst Saturn conjuncts again the natal Jupiter. My natal Jupiter is 13* Pisces.

    1. I think you’ll have a lot of info drift in from all over, including the ethereal. I guess it would be a matter of discernment. Do you take the leap of faith, or no? Real opportunity? Or no?

      1. Thanks Elsa. It makes sense, an abundance of intel from different sources and having to define (form) a path. With Gemini energy I have always experienced a lot of doubt. It’s my SN placement and it can lead to too much concern for what “others” think, csay, do, versus the Sag NN “intuitive knowing”. Saturn is currently squaring my nodal axis too. I think some old ways/ habits need dissolving.

          1. Thanks for the reminder about miricle Elsa. I’m with you on that. Although the collective “soup” can be a bit overwhelming at times. I have the Venus, Uranus, Sun, Jupiter stellium in my SR, being a Taurus. I think that cinfiguration will act out over the year somehow.

            1. With Jupiter in Pisces, you can be sure, the universe is conspiring in your best interest. I’d start from that point and live in hope!

              1. I agree. I decided today that I can’t be a “bleeding heart” anymore. It’s a Pisces problem, it’s almost impossible to not feel other’s feelings, to include any living thing, the environmental energy…. ALL, and it derails you. Mostly because you can’t be 100% sure where a feeling is coming from, if it’s you or other or what. There are no boundaries. But I see it must be done somehow, I must constantly discern the source of these energies and feelings and no more aligning, taking responsibility and empathising willy nilly because you lose your life to this onslaught.

              2. Possible. I’d be asking for that. I always ask, God, to show me what I’m missing. My part is to do His will.

        1. Rx Saturn and Tr Jupiter will be exactly squaring at 17 degrees. In addition, Mercury, Neptune, and Pluto will be retrograde.

    2. I am having the same square but in different houses…Jupiter/Venus-Pisces in 9th sq. Jupiter-Gemini in 12th. Any thoughts?

  2. I live on faith, not one version of it but faith as a principle. I have understood that when I can expect all sorts of crap and obstacles coming my way I can just as well expect opportunities and protection. My 1st house Jupiter, the ruler of my Sun, has helped me to become a teacher, not of school subjects but of living life by faith. People who dont know me think my life is ladida, when they hear what I am living in reality, they think I am ignorant at worst and idealistic at best – but I have had so many instances of thinking that the rope snaps just now, that the sky is falling and that the deluge is near and then – in hindsight – being blessed by what I feared, I hardly stress about anything anymore. Progressed sun in Pisces helps 🙂

    Jupiter through the 9th house is a great transit and Saturn in the 6th is helping getting on top of chores and admin that I tend to let slip. Jupiter calling from the 9th to the 6th to hold on and trust the current and the wind is fine, I will set my sail or hunker down for a while, if need be. Saturn will square natal Saturn at 17 Sag as well and Uranus opposes my Scorp Mars. Won’t be an easy time but exciting – I am in for change, not afraid.

    1. You must be Virgo rising, as I see you’re having the same transits as me, Saturn in 6th and Jupiter in 9th. 🙂

        1. Ah yes! After I typed that I immediately thought maybe Libra, because I’m very late degree Virgo rising, 27.

  3. So, I thought I would put myself out there in the dating world. Jupiter transit to the 7th. After a few weeks I deleted the dating apps. The whole thing just overwhelming. Of course, every time I would prepare for a date something would happen to hinder it. I am over it. I guess I am just meant to be alone the rest of my life. Jupiter is supposed to be my ruler but I definitely feel the affects of pluto and saturn more. The whole family, home situation with saturn in my 4th has my life in such an upheaval. I just hope it doesn’t get worse.

  4. Personally, this resonates already. Which I guess it should, as this square lights up my natal angles. I’ve taken quite a (figurative) beating already and though (I think) I have secured a way out, what I really believe is that nothing is done until it’s done, even if I live in hope.

  5. Mars is going to be in on this action too, also sometime in August. Also with Mars+Jupiter ruler Mercury going retrograde a few days prior to exactitude. Yay! This makes me think of how when you’re on a bike or just in a heavy-traffic, high-speed situation, sometimes it’s actually safer to floor it and get out of the way than to slam your brakes. But you MUST be paying attention in order to act fast enough.

    And sometimes you can’t avoid a crash but you have a few seconds to pick how you’re going to crash. You can crash into the thing(s) that will hurt fewer people less severely.

  6. Avatar
    Bob(in Australia)

    Great Post Elsa !
    We can all greatly benefit right now “navigating” our lives with the use of “metaphors”. They popup effortlessly in our thoughts and I’ve already taken “onboard” your “boats” one!
    Have fun with the ride, I’d say!

    1. I don’t know how much it’s about Saturn in Pisces, though probably at least exacerbated, but have you noticed with all these AI hallucinations and general click bait ignore the facts reporting we seem to be heading into post-reality

  7. My natal Saturn is at 19° Pisces. I am feeling this. I have made massive changes to my day to day life in the past 2 months. I look forward to integration… and *feeling* where I am in life. The life I was living only a month ago is so different from where I am now. Just this week I’ve thanked myself at least daily for making steps. I’m already feeling the waves that i had to put away for so long. Lots to listen to and let float away. Faith indeed. Thanks for this one.

  8. Avatar
    Kelly Thompson

    So far this week a documentary about the cult I was born and raised in was released on HULU now trending at #8 and my grandsons adoptive mother (in the cult) died the same day (58)
    I believe Saturn and Neptune in Pisces are all about the 100 year old cult the FBI is now investigating. More to come.

  9. I am reading this and rhinking. “Yeah, that sounds about right – all of it”.

    Now, on to find myself some duck feet to thread water with…

  10. I think this will be a difficult one as my natal venus in Gemini 11H is in this square.. Saturn in Pisces is the least harmful transit but when it squares my venus it’s tough.. i ve had Neptune a few years back squaring it and my finances were slowly dissolving for some time.. I have been focusing on spirituality to help me tackle all the negative transits, Saturn is through my 9H at the moment

  11. I have natal Saturn in Pisces retrograde,conjunct my moon and trine with Jupiter and Neptune.Delays everywhere and always. But last minute help comes.Gut feelings or hunches always right. Music and swimming and religion help me cope.I believe in divine justice and karma.Going with the flow helps me de-stress.Life on Earth sometimes feel too dreary. I hope life will protect me from real pain,which I would never know how to handle.Even though my Sun is conjunct Pluto,I feel too delicate to fight too strong.Thanks for reading Always be happy!

  12. I’ve been feeling it already, especially with my career (transits in my 12th and 10th houses):

    *I’ve interviewed at 3 places, they all say I’m a finalist and yet none can give me any firm information or commitments so I haven’t put in my 2 week notice.

    *According to this square, I can expect to see some more (and yes, all these entities had awful IT issues). I’m already anticipating some type of change if I move on (let’s say I get a different position instead cos someone leaves, retires, or gets fired) or my current employer gives me a compelling counter offer (gee, they say we’re broke but money for the boss’s pets sure seems to appear at will).

    *I got a car 2 weeks ago, and it’s been held up in the shop due to IT issues; the warranty company is unable to get their stuff together. Fun stuff, indeed!!

  13. This is going to hit my daughter’s Sag stellium @ 14 – 15 Sag opposite Saturn @ 11 Gemini. It’s a 3 – 9 opposition with t Saturn in 6 and t Jupiter in 9.

    She just got a job in her field of study at her alma mater. So whatever difficulties she will have are already being offset by Jupiter.

    As for me, my Mercury @ 11 Virgo will be hit again. Jupiter’s already there with Saturn coming back to form a t square. Mercury rules my 6th. At this point, I dunno, but my work situation seems to have settled. For now. We’ll see.

  14. The square after their conjunction at 0* Aquarius way back in December 2020…the current events may have roots four years old.

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