Saying The Wrong Thing At The Wrong Time…

MercuryMercury is stressed at the moment and will be for the next ten days or so. I’m very aware how inclined I am, to say the wrong thing at the wrong time to the wrong person for the wrong reason.  Awful, huh?

It’s tied to the Saturn Neptune business.  “It seemed a good idea at the time.” Hah!

It’s be nice if I could claim to be a victim of astrology but the fact is, I know better. The trick here is to control (Saturn) your mouth (Mercury), being sensitive (Neptune) to what you say (and other people hear).

I’m going to take this challenge. Who’s with me?


27 thoughts on “Saying The Wrong Thing At The Wrong Time…”

  1. Already messed up in a friendship with man whom I’m smitten with.
    Then again, I rocked it at school in my presentation today!

  2. I snapped at my boss a little yesterday. I like him as a person but as a boss he is driving me NUTS. He is a self proclaimed cheapskate and micro-manager. He has no IT knowledge, but he wants something done even when it’s difficult to impossible-he just tells me what and expects it to happen. If I do 100 things right and ONE wrong that’s all I hear about. AAAAArgh! But I’ll try, I don’t want to get fired just yet.

  3. This describes most of my 52-year existence (Mercury in Virgo conjunct Uranus-Pluto opposing Aries). It blows, but I am working on it. So far this year, can count on both hands (with digits to spare) how many people I have throttled verbally/cyberly. A vast improvement, trust me. Still, there’s guilt, regardless of righteous ire.

  4. Can you explain the symbolism in that extraordinarily beautiful picture? I almost never see Mercury with his hat off. All those lush flowing lines of fabric….and his expression – very mesmerizing.
    Aries Rising

  5. I almost did it this morning. Was being pushed into a corner by a horrible client. I back peddled and saved myself.

    I’ll be very careful tomorrow …….

  6. I’m with you. I will watch what I say, both for the benefit of others, but equally for my own benefit. I am just now realizing that letting certain others know my plans is causing more delays than progress. I wanted to “fight” fair (Libra Mars). I’ve already spilled the beans so to speak, but it is taking longer to achieve my goal than I hoped. “They” are likely to think I have changed my mind since it looks like I’m not following through. Instead I intend to proceed silently thanks to your guidance here. I can see how that would be a good, and less stressful, way to move toward my next step. I’m still playing fairly. My plans are the same, just delayed and unspoken. Thanks!

  7. I just accepted a dinner invitation from the parents of bridezilla. Dreading it. Hope I don’t choke while bitting my tongue. Thanks for the heads up

  8. I just accepted a dinner invitation from the parents of bridezilla. Dreading it. Hope I don’t choke while biting my tongue. Thanks for the heads up

  9. Oh my goodness….I sent an email to the wrong email address. It went directly to the person I was discussing as being a “real bitch”. I stirred the pot for sure!! Everyone is truly enjoying it. I would never hurt someone’s feeling intentionally; however, it seems to have gotten some good results. Everyone… careful…..real careful!!!!!

  10. This T-square perfectly illustrates Donald Trump’s verbal rantings and the DNC goatings. The GOP desperately needs to place a strip of duct tape over Trump’s Leo-roaring mouth! For Trump’s benefit maybe the quiet, nose-to-the-grindstone Virgo Moon can stay stationary until after the general election!

  11. “…… being sensitive (Neptune) to what you say (and other people hear).” YIKES, I have many emails that must be written…a medium fraught with misunderstandings as written in one’s voice but heard by anothers. Will read twice before sending.

  12. I already screwed up Monday night I said something to a friend about someone I had previosly slept with whom she is friends with!! She sort of asked me but I now have to own this behavior. I think for me part of the problem is Mercury is my ruling planet being in my first house which is Virgo. The person I was speaking to is a Pisces Rising Gemini. I just recently looked up her chart on astrodienst.

  13. Oh, I felt this today! I told someone something and they went and blabbed and now someone’s mad at me. It was nothing major but still. Lesson learned.

  14. ….I got into trouble this week- although I usually keep my mouth shut when provoked… this energy is so hard to deal with-
    when will the saturn-neptune square finally be over? is there a date to aspire to??? (((sigh)))

  15. Elsa, I apologize in advance. This is off topic/post but, is anyone else experiencing the ghosts of penis past with Mars moving direct?

    This has been one weird week, lemme tell ya.

  16. Wow. I attended the dreaded dinner invitation. It was easy and smart to keep my mouth shut as the hosts were constantly bickering. So uncomfortable. The food was exceptional but it was not an enjoyable experience.

    This energy in play is also hard to watch.

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