The Thing In Your Chart That You Hate

pluto symbolI was talking to a regular client, yesterday. He’s in his mid-thirties.  I’ve worked with him since he was seventeen years old.

He’s a Gemini with a Sagittarius moon. I thought he was calling about, Saturn in Pisces, but no. He was feeling disturbed. This on top his usual racing (Mercury in Aries) mind.

“Yes, I understand you feel, ick.  You have Pluto in your 4th house, but let me ask you something,” I said.


“How do you like that family power of yours? You know.  How do you like the power your family has; the power you so work so hard to acquire for your family? That comes from Pluto in the 4th.  That’s the signature, so what do you think? Would you like to trade it in, to get rid of these feelings?”


“So you’re good, now?”


“Okay, bye.”


Simple, but powerful.  That feeling is his home!!

If there is something you don’t like in your chart, take a minute to see what’s it’s delivering for you. You may never bitch again.

Anyone got an example? Here’s mine… I don’t like Neptune conjunct my Midheaven. But I get to work in metaphysics, so never mind.

Your turn!


23 thoughts on “The Thing In Your Chart That You Hate”

  1. I don’t like my jupiter in virgo square sun. Don’t think mine does what jupiter in virgo is supposed to do. I don’t like that it squares my sun ;constant wanting to improve but falling short of my own standards and not being as hard working as other fellows. I am glad when mars transits 1st or 6th because then I get more energy and can do more of the things that I want to do.

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    James Slattery

    My Gemini Sun 4H/Cancer Mercury 5H midpoint is in opposition to Saturn 10H. I never come across the same way I feel inside. Saturn inhibits but adds tact & decorum. I dealt with timidity for all my teens and was very quiet and watchful. I feel most myself t home and to put on a public image of strength and success is very energy zapping. Age and experience has helped me to be much more outgoing and to see how others see me hiding behind my Pisces Ascendant with a note of mystery. Making relationships work has never been a problem and I have earned some public respect which is nice. Don’t give up on yourself due to self doubts.

  3. Still not sure if natal Pluto is in the 11th or the 12th – depends on placidus vs whole sign houses but it FEELS like the 12th – and that is a sh*t position for Pluto I think. My power is where ? In the universe ? Dissolved in the Piscean ocean ? Undercover ? OK – faith is a given, I don’t have to ask for it, it pops up even if I try to kill it….

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      Faith as a given sounds good, I think. And might have me appreciate more progressed Pluto in 12th, conjunct Sun/Uranus.

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    Leo ascendant, venus and mercury, vs Scorpio moon conjunct neptune in 3rd, : See me hear me love me vs leave me the fuck alone 🫠

  5. Mars conjunct Saturn in 9th, and I can be a total cruel bitch. Much more tempered as I learned astrology some. I does come in handy when I encounter pests, or those who cross the line.

  6. I have Pluto in the 4th too! Thank you for that advice! I like it now! Not sure about my Jupiter in the 6th. But it’s in Scorpio, so maybe ok.

  7. Neptune opposite Ascendant-
    Loss of self through weak boundaries.
    Creating strong boundaries!! Self awareness.

  8. I have a hard time with my moon in Leo conjunct Pluto.

    It is a pain because everyone in my general age group has Pluto in the same place. Ow!! You’re Plutoing my Moon!

    The hidden superpower? I feel what everyone is trying not to feel? I have great emotional power? This feels like a blind spot…

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    Robyn Morrison

    Elsa, I also have Neptune and Ceres in a tight conjunction to my midheaven in Libra and they are opposite my Moon in Aries. They also form the point of my Grand Kite which includes my Sun/Haumea/Pluto/Mercury (Leo) and Mars in Sagittarius.
    I have been perpetually confused about my vocation, with many shifts and career changes. Currently, I believe the Neptune/Ceres/MC is pushing me to publish/write in ways that contribute to healing the divisions between heaven and earth. I’m writing under a pseudonym.
    Does this make sense?

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    I'll take my chart for what it is

    Neptune 29, Pluto 29, Mars conjunct Saturn (7th), Moon on combusta, having all this fire in the ‘hidden houses’-difficult to deal with (being used to the water), … : ) ; I could go on 😛
    I see what you did there Elsa : ) Love your posts! Empowering, challenging (of the good sorts), bringing awareness. Thank you!

  11. Not a hate, but a challenge. T-square with Pluto conj South Node conj Black Lilith, all in 12th, opp Moon conj North Node, square Jupiter in 9th. And Yods to the Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus blossoming out of this….. Looking for the gifts that brings. Wanting to access the illumination that the oppositions bring, esp as my latest crush is an Aquarian with Sun and Jupiter conj, conjuncting my moon, and you guessed it, opposed by my Pluto stellium and intersecting the rest of the planets involved….

  12. Neptune quincunx Chiron.
    I hate when the veil lifts and I feel I have walked around the whole time, blinded to the truth and being idealistic about shitty relationships.

    Neptune is in Sag, Chirin in Taurus.
    It always gets to me.

    Also,my Libra Moon, Cap Mars square. But there are upsides as well. I know

    Good question, will have to think about this!

  13. Saturn in Pisces in the 10th trine Neptune in the 6th. I have never been able to get any traction in my career. I joke that I was born destined to be a servant. The upside is that there is an affinity there and I have great relationships with my bosses. I’ve also slipped through a number of layoff situations unscathed as I seem to be largely invisible. I also have a kind of psychic ability to know what my bosses need and what will go wrong in advance and can usually fix it before it happens. Unfortunately, this gift never seems to manifest into dollars.

  14. Moon conjunct Pluto squared by Saturn, with South Node parked on Saturn. I see it, I smell it, I know it, I feel it, and then either I doubt it or am told to sit down and and shut up.

    At least it taught me to embrace my own truth even when no one sees or believes it. I now call it “The Force,” hahahah, and it’s all mine. I do have a tendency to make mountains out of molehills that I have to keep in check.

    I think I’m working out some karma in this lifetime, as Elsa has described about her Soldier (and he accepts if not embraces it). It’s led me to reach towards doing the same.

  15. My Scorpio sun, moon and mercury makes me invisible. My Jupiter and MC are in Virgo so the only time people want me is when I can fix their problem.

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