The Upside Of Mars Conjunct Uranus

mars uranusMars will conjoin Uranus this month.  While this combination is potentially, dangerous, it’s like any other energy.  It’s neutral until directed.

If you’ve not heard me state this before. Electricity (energy) is neutral. You can light up a Christmas tree, or electrocute a man, depending on how you apply it.  This is no different, with this caveat: you are not in control of how other people use this energy.  But if you act (Mars) as an independent individual (Uranus), you’ve got endless options.

It helps to define what you want (Mars). What are you going for?

Let’s say I want to grow my business.  I might experiment (Uranus) with ways to get what I want (Mars).

This is a glorious time to change up your tactics. Also, what you want, may need an update.   Nothing like chasing the same thing at thirty-seven, you did at, seventeen; never wondering what might not be working.

Mars wants to prevail at all times.  If you’re losing; you probably need to innovate.   Associate this conjunction with the definition of insanity.  That is, doing the same thing the same way, expecting different results.  If you don’t like your results, shake things up a bit.

Check the house associated with the Mars Uranus conjunction, along with any planets aspected by the pair, for further information.  The idea her is to be the one, driving. The one holding the knife.

This way you can use it however you like.

To hijack one of Sonia Dada’s lines, “I used to, X, but that was yesterday.”

This energy is very useful for snapping… putting down the cigs or whatever your issue might me.  Walk away and don’t look back.


14 thoughts on “The Upside Of Mars Conjunct Uranus”

  1. It is in my sixth house exact trine to Mercury in the second. I want to use it to replace some bad habits healthwise with good ones, earning self esteem as a result.

  2. Mars and Uranus conjunct on my North Node, in the 5th House what a time to innovate and approach to my art and storytelling biz.

    Soulfully planting (Taurus in the earth) my destiny (north node) with all the children (including my grandchildren) as beneficiary

  3. Recent election results are interesting to consider in relation to uranus… Both in France and Iran, results have come with a twist. Pluto in aquarius might also be having a hand in these

      1. Avatar

        I do not drink anymore, never done drugs or smoked. Addicted to work and caffiene for sure. Harumph, not sure i want to give those up. Lol. Feeling a bit bah humbug here.. almost more like i should pick up an addiction, like a new exercise or say screw it and try a drug for once. Lol

  4. 9th house. I’m reading historical fiction of early 1900’s revolutionaries. The IWW logging camps in Astoria. The young female camp cook is the instigator.

  5. My sun was sandwiched today… 11th house. Last week my presence was requested at my community garden to show one or two volunteers what they could work on when nobody is there to give direction. I agreed to a day and time (today). It turned out to be a kind of “bait and switch” where the person created an event on social media inviting everyone and anyone, with a much different agenda! It was totally fine, attended by a nice group of our garden members, and the person brought delicious veggie treats and iced tea for everyone, but not what I was expecting when I agreed to the meeting lol!

  6. Took a little tumble today. Guess I needed a little excitement? Standing on the stairs and I forgot something so I stepped backwards and started to turn. There was no step there. I missed it and went flying backwards. My elbow took the brunt of force then my pelvis kind of impacted and finally my head a bit. No damage. Always a surprise when that happens as I’m pretty cognitively aware of my body and surroundings. At 63y.o. definitely have had a lot worse.
    Looked at the ephemeris and transiting Mars is square my natal Uranus!

  7. It is hitting my 4th house SN Taurus 26° and near IC at Gemini 0°. Just purchased a combo WasherDryer. The refrigerator is making noises today! Lol.

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