Uranus In The 7th House Is Attracted To Unusual Partners

uranus the sideways planetMy friend, Ben and I have tracked each other for thirty years. We keep each other filled in as to what we’re up to, the turns we make in our lives and so forth. We were talking about my fiance, and the various ways my association with him had influenced me. Ben and I both have Uranus in the 7th house. It indicates a strong attraction to the unusual.

“Well Ben, he’s extremely acute. He’s a specimen at the end of the continuum and on more than one level. Although it’s enormously uncomfortable relating to him at times, ultimately you can’t hang around someone like him and not learn all kinds of things.  The things I learn shock and alarm me at times but ultimately they please me. I don’t mind the discomfort. How else am I going to find this stuff out? I’m learning things about him, things about life in general and things about myself of course.”

I quit talking but Ben didn’t say anything. It’s his MO to listen and absorb everything and then comment when it’s all been said. But I still pause in case he has a question even though he almost never does.

“He’s potent and very unusual. But I’m not talking about the soldier stuff. There is that, but he doesn’t need any of that to be interesting. He has other things going. For example, he’s not really from this world. Well he is, but he’s definitely not from this society. He does not belong in the society we live in today. It’s literally as he comes from some other time in history and was airdropped here into the current age. And he’s just walking around like that, with his alternative… he has views from another time and place and he has them hard core and for real so you can imagine my fascination. It’s endless. There is just no way I am not going to want to find out everything I can in a situation like this and I can’t imagine anyone who knows me thinking I would do anything but.”

When you meet someone who is OUT THERE are you attracted? Do you have Uranus mashed up with Venus or the 7th house?

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  1. I have a 10th house Taurus Uranus, but I am attracted to the unusual constantly and forever, not just in the career area. ‘splain that, wouldya?

  2. I love people who are OUT THERE, who make me think or offer alternate views of the world and am their biggest advocates. I need them to exist to help me feel normal. I have moon in virgo conjunct uranus at O’libra in 7th house which makes a wide opp to venus (9’aries)and it’s my only planet in air so is quite potent.

    All of my relationships have had something different about them and i’ve never had a type as such although i have noticed over the years that i tend to be attracted to those with sag/scorp/aqua energies, which would fit with having jup/plu/ura in 7th, so i guess theres a type of energy i’m attracted to. I have Ceres in Aquarius (in 11th) too so i kinda nurture the unusual or different. Most of my friends are from differing backgrounds and all are unconventional in some way. Misfits united.I come from a line of unconventional relationships too – my mother has moon in aquarius and uranus in 7th, my father (with mars and merc in aquarius trine uranus) being much younger than her and my grandmother was ostracised from her family for marrying outside her faith.

  3. I don’t have any Uranus/Taurus, but I have Uranus in the first house, so I suspect I AM the unusual and normal people are frightened of me. Ergo, I only date other weirdos.

  4. My date has Venus in Scorpio, I have Uranus in Scorpio in seventh house and conjuncts his Venus. I can tell ours was love at first sight and it’s is a very strange, intense, passionate and conflictive relationship. We’ve been dating for almost 6 months, with lots of problems and unusual things but we can’t stop to see each other. We’ve trying to break up many times, but we can’t. I don’t know why! I believe this intense attraction will end as suddenly as it began but definitely he makes me burn in lust and sometimes I get angry because he’s unstable. I’m supposed to be the unstable one because of Uranus!.

  5. There is a huge misconception regarding natal uranus. My stepfather has a venus conjunct uranus in his natal and he is about as inflexible and unconventional as you can get. What the uranus does, however is make him unfaithful and prone to be a cheater even to the point of not respecting ’emotional’ bonds. he was also a child molester and horribly abusive in every way. he was a dogmatic religious man and a diehard conservative. he was not interested in people who ‘out there’, he was interested in “dominating” people who he saw as being different from himself. he valued his freedom but totally disrespects others rights and freedom. it’s almost as if it was a cheap con to pretend he was hip but he just used people and saw them as objects.

    i on the other hand, have sun conjunct pluto and uranus and am extremely liberal, creative but still understand the emotional implications and subtleties of relationships.

    you have to look at the overall chart to get the deal on a person’s overall real character and true personality.

  6. Venus in Aquarius (7th house)
    Venus square (4th house/Scorpio) Neptune
    Venus inconjunct (3rd house/Virgo) Pluto/Uranus conjunction
    Venus inconjunct (12th house/Cancer) Jupiter
    Venus trine (IC conjunction/Libra) Mars

    Boy can I relate, however I’ve paid the price for my curiosity.

  7. Avatar
    curious wanderer

    My DSC is in Aquarius, and I have Uranus conj. my IC. I feel at home with the “out there” people. Almost a year ago I connected with this raucous, off-color, crazy bunch. My first thought was “my people!”

    Venus in Sag and 5th house Sun also appreciate the endless amusement and different perspectives they offer, too. 😉

  8. Venus trine uranus from gemini to libra and from the 11th to the 3rd. I do like the unusual or an oddity here and there. The more out there you are in communicating things, the more interested I get ;). Also I seem to really enjoy men that have mars in mid/late aquarius, I think because it creates a grand trine that is otherwise not in my chart, alone. I realy enjoyed the energy exchange from the two mars in aqu. guys I’ve been coupled up with ;).

  9. Uranus Pluto Virgo in a Leo 7th House.

    I’m hoping third time’s the charm and I attract someone unusual but with decency who takes commitment seriously.

    The Uranus is exactly quincunx my 2 deg Aries Sun, down to the exact 4 mins. I’d probably be happy with more of a scientific type than an artistic type because of the Virgo.

    Honestly, I have not even had a sniff of a date since the ex walked out in June of 2010. I have no idea who I am attracted to. The guys always seek me out, I don’t go after anyone. I seem to attract phony liars for some reason.

  10. I think that having a lot of planets in the 12th house and also in the 8th house…don’t help my attraction to strange/usual people as well.

    I have Aquarius in the 5th house (Uranus in the 5th house…)
    My birthday: 9/17/1979 7:40 am

  11. I am weird and attracted to weird people.

    Uranus conj ASC
    Venus aspect Pluto in the 11th
    Venus (+everything) aspect Uranus
    Aquarius on the 2nd

    The SO has Uranus in the 7th and Venus-Uranus, lol.

  12. In my chart I have:
    Uranus conjuct Neptune in Capricorn
    Uranus in my 12th House in Sag
    Uranus opposition Moon in Cancer

    I mostly attract the different and unusual bc I am unusual too so it’s a “like attracts like” everytime I get into a relationship.. the problem is staying there since my mind wanders and emotions are always changing. I know I need a partner who is as imaginative and “out-of-the-box” as me who is more grounded and flexible who can put up with my transformations. Hopefully it’s a Sagdge this time 🙂

  13. Uranus in 7th house aspecting mars – if there is an aQuarian dude in the room or somebody uranian or far out, he will beam me.

    Took me a long time to stop crying over being a weird and eccentric woman…for a long time I just could not see how people could tell me this after I had tried so hard to fit in everywhere I moved. Until I realized that was precisely why I even had to work and try to fit in. 🙂

    I enjoy people with uranus in the 7th because they don’t give me grief for being myself.

  14. I have Uranus in my 7th, on the first degree of Sagittarius. I never thought I was attracted to unusual men, but I think that has been the case. Each relationship I’ve been in has been very different, and when I was younger I dated guys I found entertaining. Distance has always been a factor in my relationships, they often end because I move or the other person moves away.
    My uranus is square my sun, mercury & venus in aquarius/pisces. I have always craved a conventional, reliable marriage but instead I subconsciously give the impression I want lots of freedom. Embracing my own independence has been a long struggle– I think of myself as needier than I really am.

  15. What does it mean when you say you been “tracking” another person or that you are another person have been “tracking” each other. What does this mean in common sense language?

  16. Andre, in case English is not your first language: “to track another person” or for two friends “to track each other” means to keep in touch, follow the course of each other’s lives, taking notes of where they are and how they are doing.

  17. What do you think would mean when Uranus and Neptune are in 7th house,
    both trining Venus and Moon,
    both sextiling Pluto and Mercury.
    (Uranus cj Neptune, Pluto cj Mercury, Moon and Venus same sign)

  18. Venus in broad aspect to Uranus, and Uranus conjunct my Desc ruler. Yes, I’m attracted by “out there” types. Not that I’m too sane either.

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