Venus Square Uranus in Taurus: Sudden Attraction

love at first sight

Venus in Leo will square Uranus in Taurus, next week. This suggests an unexpected change in your relationship status. Odds are the change will be positive.

Venus  Uranus is the, “love at first sight” aspect, or what Italians call, the thunderbolt.

If you don’t know what that is, watch the first forty seconds of this:

That’s how fast your life can change!

There’s a window out there right now where connections like this can and will be made.

Some people don’t believe in love at first sight, but they’re wrong. I bet if you interviewed people in long-term, happy relationships, at least half of them would tell you, they knew right away they’d found their person.  It’s chemistry!

Also notable, this is near the same degree where Jupiter will conjoin Uranus in Taurus in March.

Jupiter Conjunct Uranus in Taurus: Exciting Good Fortune

It seems special, this time around.

What’s your experience with sudden attractions?

24 thoughts on “Venus Square Uranus in Taurus: Sudden Attraction”

  1. Yes, this absolutely happens. Usually occurs when you don’t expect it and you’re just livin’ life, with love being the furthest thing from your mind. I’ve found these things can happen when you don’t even perceive yourself to be at your best; eg. messy hair, no make up etc. You can just end up being at the right place at the right time ⚡️.

  2. That’s exactly what it looks like. I know it exists because it’s happened to me. It happened to me with only a voice as well! My soul was stunned as soon as I heard their voice through the telephone! Believe it or not you can hear a soul in a voice! It happened again a short time later when I saw their face! Some people think this only happens once in a lifetime. I wonder if they’re right.

  3. PurpleStarGirl

    Sudden attraction? It’s fun at first but then it all fizzes out, especially if you have Uranus-Venus synastry with the other person. I had the double whammy with someone and there was attraction at first from both ends for roughly two years and once we got intimate, it went away. Sure, we flirt and get initimate once in a blue moon but it’s not like it was anymore.

    I have Venus in Aquarius and attraction never sticks for me anyways.

    1. Had something similar two years ago 🙂
      Transit Uranus was squaring my Sun and Venus from Aries, while his natal Uranus was squaring them from Libra. Ironically he has also Aquarius venus. BAM!
      Two years later I look at him, find him attractive, but cannot understand what all this mess was about.
      I am glad it ended!
      Turned out in the meanwhile he had a full blown family with three children, wife and all.

  4. I think this happens on different calibers. There is instant attraction, then there’s something else that goes deeper into the soul.

  5. I disagree its a fated romance as it was with Frank Sinatra Jr and several of his wives…realize the waste with this configuration is a very hot then cold feeling…the cold is no more fire or spirit.

  6. Well I have Venus conjunct Uranus exact in Leo natally so sudden attractions have pretty been much been my entire romantic history. And I did know right away with my husband. Together well over 30 years now too 🙂

  7. I have aspects between Venus-Mars-Uranus in my natal chart, so I guess I am somewhat used to sudden attraction. But when the real thunderbolt came along, I was totally caught off guard. He says that he knew from the minute we met that he would marry me – which he did. Together we have a such a big mashup of planets all in fire and air, it’s something electric. The transits are no joke either.

  8. It’s happened to me twice; once i was the one who was struck, once I’ve struck someone else! A pretty cool thing that makes for big passion and great stories… not necessarily a durable connection though!

  9. I think the sudden attraction thing is chemical. It’s happened to me a few times before, but it doesn’t seem like fate, unless fate is keeping the human race going. All the times Ive been struck like that was a chemical spark and always wears off after awhile.

  10. This sudden attraction happened to me when Tr Aries Uranus was exactly squaring Tr Cap Pluto. I knew he was “the one.” I had just ended a relationship a few days earlier when Tr Venus was conjunct my natal Saturn so I wasn’t on the hunt for a relationship. However, on that day, Tr Mars was conjunct my 7H Vertex; Tr Neptune was opposing my 7H Pluto; the Sun was conjunct my natal Neptune/Jupiter stellium in Scorpio. As you can see, lots of Scorpio energy in this relationship. Once the clouds parted, I did the same.

  11. Avatar
    James Slattery

    Venus/Mars/Uranus conj in Leo in the 6th. Attractions in the office and the gym happen frequently. Pets & volunteer jobs have led to meetings. Sometimes it’s one sided but mostly mutual and very immediate. Having Pluto on my Descendant means I usually make the first move.

  12. The intense and sudden attraction under this transit is there, but does it last or become just a temporary whirlwind of romance? Your thoughts?

    1. I have already shared my thoughts. If you ask people who have been together a long time, I feel at least half of them would say they knew when they met.

      But you don’t stay in a whirlwind. You settle down, permanently, and it’s nice.

      I am trying to state here that a person can be going along with no expectation of meeting anyone… someone appears, anyway.

  13. Could this be the alakazan alakazoom or whatever that is making things materialize too quickly? I want to blame it on something. Me no like BAM no more.

  14. Got that too. Natal Venus in Leo and Uranus came up with a square. What can I say, I didn’t expect that. We’re both still married, we fought this attraction for a year, trying to be friends or nothing only to feel heartbroken and so much of pain, even when we kept not have a physical relationship at all.

    Another incident I had from this transit was that this square appeared in my solar return chart – Venus in Leo 3rd hs to Uranus in Taurus 6th hs. One day I found a dog in front of my house and that was it: love at first sight! He’s with me for a year now.

  15. Good to know! I’m in for a thunderbolt meeting of souls, no matter if it lasts or not. My Aquarius Venus in the 5th opposing Uranus in the 11th natally needs space to grow and options to change. I met my man at 16, he was 19, it lasted 33 years until he passed over but space we gave each other and growing we did. It’s all a matter of building a relationship that is right for us, no matter what other people think.

    The Leo Venus is in my 11th house,
    Uranus transits my 8th and the conjunct to Jupiter in April 24 will happen there. I know how to get the best from Uranus, that thing has been conjunct all my natal planets along the way. And Jupiter is the ruler of my Sun…

    He must just cross my path and that’s it. Maybe it’s not a person that is coming my way but whatever it is, he/she/it’s welcome 🙏

  16. This is so positive. I see I commented back in 2019. I stand by what I said back then. Random, fun meetings/attractions really do happen. It’s so awesome when it’s unexpected and you’re not even trying ⚡️.

  17. Would have to agree, “at first sight”
    When attracted does not seem to fade:)
    Now just need to dig out purple dress and ribbon.Thanks for sharing what the heavens have in forecast, love the clip

  18. Hmmm, whenever Venus and Uranus makes any contact for me, it’s always been some type of physical gift, like a gift card or lol food which makes sense because I have Venus in Taurus (8th house). It’s trine my ascendant, semi-sextile a Jupiter (7th),quintrux saturn. My neighbors just feel compelled to feed me…

    While I do believe in love at first sight for others. This has never happened to me or from someone towards me.

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