Venus Square Pluto In Synastry: Psychodrama

obsessive loveWhen Venus squares Pluto in synastry, there’s almost always an obsessive quality to the relationship. There can be a deep love, but there’s often extreme jealousy.  Relationship triangles are common.

To be clear, this does not necessarily point to infidelity.  Have you ever been jealous of your lover’s ex? Or a spouse that might have died?  How about your lover’s children from a previous relationship?  It’s that feeling of wanting to own and consume, if not devour, the lover.

These interactions can be love-hate on some level. Power struggles are common as are highly charged emotional scenes.  “I don’t know who to kill. You? Or myself?”

I actually experienced that. A crazed woman who had a gun trained on me; she kept pointing it at me and then at herself, explaining, she did know know who to kill.  This was my best friend’s mother and I was fifteen years old!

Point being, the coiled up serpent power that bubbles up in these relationships, is something to behold. Murder suicide is not out of the question!

Possessiveness is almost always a factor.   These relationships tend to have a psychodrama type of feel. When and if they end, it’s usual to see both parties licking their wounds for a good while.

On the upside, of the couple can can manage the intensity and contain the shadow feelings that arise, these relationships do go the distance. “Till death do we part.”

I mean, if this intensity is what both people want, then it’s likely to work.  You may also see this aspect in BDSM relationships.

Bottom line, the energy produced by a Venus square Pluto cross-aspect, is not for the faint of heart.  For others, nothing less will do.

What’s your experience with Venus square Pluto in relationships?

7 thoughts on “Venus Square Pluto In Synastry: Psychodrama”

  1. Elsa, your insight and understanding is amazing. We are living this, the push and pull, the fear and elation.

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    Charlotte Comfort

    I had this with my ex husband, my Saturn/Pluto Libra square his Venus/Mercury in Cancer. It was AWFUL!!! Never again!! 🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️
    For me the relationship was “us” to him the relationship was “him”.

  3. Synastry Pluto Venus Trigon (Venus in Capricorn near Facies) is drama and dangerous enough. Since years I tell all Pluto clients its better to run and to leave the Venus as far as possible. Hard work and a strong Saturn is needed to survive.

  4. Does this apply to Venus opposite Pluto in synastry as well? I know with the opposition, there is an attraction/repulsion dynamic that plays out, when it’s on its on, but when it’s off it’s over (until it’s on again I suppose?)

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    Pluto transits

    Have it natally. I’ve been obsessive, been the object of possession/extreme detriment by exes. With Pluto transits hitting me, I think I’m finally recognizing the internal power it can give versus being just hit by it. Don’t really want to see it in synastry!

  6. Anyone with Venus square Pluto in their own chart will have it in synastry with anyone close to them in age, because Pluto does not move very fast.
    The lesson with Venus square Pluto is to reclaim your own power. Then relationships become fun & sexy rather than crazymaking.

  7. I have it natally, and as me and my partner both have venus at 9 degrees Capricorn..his saturn /venus square sits on my pluto/venus square…it’s quite intense! A sexy trap. and yes – triangulation abounds!

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