Weekend Love Forecast – Decisive Full Moon in Capricorn

fox faceLast weekend, the Libra Moon gave us a breather. This weekend, we’ve got a new sign for the Sun, a full moon in Capricorn, and an emerging lust for life. What do both weekends have in common? Well primarily, they’re cardinal Moons: got to be starting something.

The pause before the battle, a queen walking around the battlefield before dawn, that was last weekend’s build to power. That pause is key to success. A Capricorn Moon comes around now to open a brand new chapter, to rally and roll out a substantial undertaking.

Now we have the Sun in cardinal Cancer and a Saturn-ruled full moon on Friday night. The Moon moves from a square to Neptune into semi-sextile with Pluto: Clear out the dead weight, level up, and solidify our goals. All weekend, Cancer Mercury heads into trine with Pisces Saturn. Let’s get rid of what doesn’t work, then we begin to form a solid plan. Don’t chase a plan; the right one comes on in when you’re still. You’ll know when to lock it down. Trust your gut.

The full moon is calm and ready. That taste of Pluto gasses up our confidence, and we’re able to let it be what it is. It’s a rare Cap Moon that feels like winning, and this one does. Electricity crackles overhead and underfoot. If you’re shaken, remember that nothing happens in “the moment”. Everything is a long time coming, the result of a foundation of moments. We’ll be ready when we get there.

Late Friday after the full moon opposition, the Cap Moon heads into opposition with Venus. Good things come to those who internalize and accept their own desires (and do the right thing).

Saturday afternoon, the Capricorn Moon opposes Mercury then goes on to sextile Saturn overnight – highlighting the Mercury-Saturn trine. Venus picks up a sextile to Mars in Venus-ruled Taurus, an aspect of opportunity and a prime marker for success. Take your shot! Enhanced skill pays off. Action is uniquely pleasurable and satisfying. The Saturn-ruled mood of the collective slows the pace for a delightful back and forth.

Sunday’s Cap Moon squares Aries Chiron then trines Uranus in Taurus. Out of the gates, there’s a challenge. So rise to it! Turn nervy-nervousness, distraction, or skittishness to your advantage by not turning away. Lean in and learn. Get everything out of it you can, and make hay while the Sun shines. A small tweak is the difference between a problem and a triumph; so take advantage of great aim (Mercury-Saturn) and exceptional skill (Venus-Mars) and make your move.

The Moon finishes up in Capricorn with a sextile to Neptune then heads into Aquarius to conjoin Pluto in the night. Between Friday’s full moon and late Sunday night is a sea change. It’s a shift of perspective over the horizon, the lift of a swell to see what comes next. To feel what’s coming and let it sink in. We’re not alone. We’ve been lonely, perhaps, but our struggle with the unknown is not just ours. Empowered, that’s what comes next.

Keep watch for that glimpse, let it boost up your heart. You can’t unsee it.

The full moon takes place at 1 degree Capricorn on Friday night. Where does that hit your chart? Are you feeling it?

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  1. Ugh rough week
    Woke at 3am at cried. Have alot on my plate. Full Moon in my 12 house if Equal house or 11th if Placidus. 🤷‍♀️

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