Weekend Love Forecast – Powerful Beyond Our Current Understanding

nightFriday night, the post-full Aries Moon moves into conjunction with retro Chiron. Culmination leads to learning. Simple, straightforward, true… painful. Good pain, but sometimes truth hurts. Events where we really feel the outcome? The gains stick with us. They have a lasting impact.

Friday night into Saturday, Virgo Mercury trines retro Uranus in Taurus. Saturday is ripe for a tangible breakthrough in understanding, particularly in the realms of personal values and desires. What we know about ourselves is in revolution, but in a good way.

Mercury continues all weekend in opposition to retro Neptune and trine to retro Pluto. It also falls within the active Venus-Mars sextile with Venus and Mars forming the beginning of a yod with Neptune. At the same time, Mars moves to square Pluto.

Sensory input and communications are on stage. We’re perfectly poised to hear all the right things at all the right times, so much good data if we’re crafty and maneuvering into the open cat-bird seat. Self-interested desires align with balanced action, split by design through a challenge of intensity. It’s also the challenge of veracity. Is it true? Do we understand? Did I hear that right?

The details are intense, important, powerful. Ambiguous. Our natural response is concrete and commanding… but still with a question mark. Until we’re sure our understanding is clear, action is a wild card. Friday night, the mood is simple and raring to GO, but control is where it’s at. Wait for the fog to disperse. Waiting is not an Aries Moon trait.

Saturday the end of sign, Aries Moon opposes Mars then squares Pluto, a cardinal t-square. Zoom zoom! Polite lingering can lead to an inner volcano. When nighttime takes the Moon into earthy Taurus, the mood to linger over pleasures fits the bill nicely. If you can, use the volcanic pressure for physical titillation, knowing the payoff comes later.

Games suit better when you know they’re play rather than competition or all out war. Leaning into finding out which is which is tricky when you have to play to find out. But keep it “nice” as you stay on your feet to do so.

Saturday night, the Taurus Moon forms a stabilizing sextile to retro Saturn. Saturn in Neptune-ruled Pisces makes this a different sort of anchoring tether. It infuses a Taurus mood with the unlikely shimmer of the magical moment: we pivot just when we should to see just what we need to see. Judicious. Fated. It grips the gut and we glimpse what’s real in a morass of whimsy.

Sunday morning, Mercury semi-textiles Venus exactly, as the Taurus Moon initiates a quincunx to the Libra Sun. Delicately, ever so delicately, envision your first step in service to who you are becoming. What does it FEEL like? Does it feel like you? Try things out in your mind first. Have faith that you’ll find the right fit (before you even enter the fray for real). Visualize the winning that is understanding who you are and what you stand for.

Then you’re ready to grind away at the mental math… finding the cleverly hidden door to the path of deeper understanding, planning, configuration.

The Moon spends the rest of the day moving into and through conjunction with retro Taurus Jupiter, a skip – a hop – a jump in the mood… hope for something greater and a higher meaning to our mundane desires. We are lifted as we reach for who we want to be.

But it’s not a grasping sort of mood, sort of time, sort of weekend. Very much the opposite. Self care is very much a theme here, but not like we’d normally envision. Care for the actual self is what matters, taking care that the aims we have and the ways in which we seek them are genuinely in tune with the goals of our higher self and our better nature. We need to change into who we really are.

That’s not a mask we put on, but one we take off.

We are more powerful than we’ve previously sought to claim. Our power lies in our goodness, in our thoughts for others as well as ourself.

How was your Aries full moon? Do you have any weekend plans?

8 thoughts on “Weekend Love Forecast – Powerful Beyond Our Current Understanding”

  1. The full Moon @6 Aries was exactly conjunct my natal Moon in the 3H. Dealing with neighbor and sibling issues. No surprise there!

  2. Fullmoon sq. my Saturn 6 Cap. opps.Venus Cancer…leading me to the 8th.

    Sad news about my niece, but she is still sober (6 months).(Huge 12th lots at late degrees Cap and Saturn return coming…) There is time.

    Going to a birthday party tonight. My friend has her sun 6 Libra…just got word ‘most’ of her guests are down sick…

    There is other business about the balance of opposites…but that is not for now.More to unfold.

    1. PS. l went to the birthday party. Two guests came…l was one. My friend is a truly terrible cook (l never knew) and she went vegan, for the people who didnt show. The other friend was an ethicist ( a stoic) and a Picses, which is pretty funny when you think of it. Good conversation. Good drinks. Cocktails made by her son.

  3. The Full Moon happened in my 7th House, wrapping up the 6-month ago (March 22nd) New Moon which was all about life-long hidden enemies. Now they’re not hidden anymore, and a definite cut is taking place, really wrapping up what crested in the Summer of 2022. (I don’t know if anyone can relate the present to August 2022 Lion’s Gate period). I feel neither happiness nor sadness, only well-deserved karma. The wrapping up feels organically natural.

  4. I remember an interview with Magenta Pixie back then where she underlined the sheer magnitude of the March 22nd date which is obviously still rippling on and on all the way to the upcoming eclipses..

  5. Imagining myself at the birth of my granddaughter; “We need to change into who we really are, “ you wrote.
    I embrace those words as I become that grand mother. 🌈🌺

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