Weekly Forecast: July 1-5, 2024 – New Moon in Cancer

Shawn and AlexIt’s a fireworks/explosion holiday in the US this week (Thursday) and a gorgeous, well-aspected new moon in Cancer on Friday. I’m always amused that Elsa and I continually grab opposite sides of the same story. This week she touts the wonders of the beneficial fresh start, and I tell you DON’T BLAST YOUR DAMNED FINGERS OFF. Both seem correct (given the human frailties at work here).

What I’m concerned about is that there’s a lot going on. Yes, it’s absolutely lots of GOOD going on, but folks DO love their explosions and chaos on a holiday here. Cancer Mercury starts off the week in trine to Pisces Neptune. Tuesday morning, Neptune stations retrograde, Mercury trines Neptune exactly, then Mercury heads into Sun-ruled Leo (all of which are highlighted by the Moon).

After Mercury hits Leo, it then opposes retro Aquarius Pluto exactly (early Wednesday) – something also in the works all week to this point. The opposition suggests explosive, shocking outside news (sensation, attitude, communication) that changes us on a gut level. Mercury in Leo… well, it can be a bit egoic, prone to me-first thinking at times (not always, it’s also warm and generous in expression). So there’s an inclination to grandiosity, even if it’s just the flavor of a story. Mercury also rules fingers. Am I a broken record? Yes, I am. With the involvement of Neptune (distraction, illusion) and the Moon (needs, control, family), let’s not lose focus when handling important business, okay? I’m just sayin’.

Monday, the Venus-ruled Taurus Moon conjoins Taurus Mars, sextiles Cancer Venus, sextiles retro Pisces Saturn, then conjoins Taurus Uranus overnight. All week long, Mars sextiles retro Saturn (exact Friday), and Venus trines retro Saturn Tuesday night. So the Monday mood illuminates the highlights of the upcoming week as well, in such a good way. Whatever else is going on with you, don’t miss this opportunity to get into the groove and make physical contact with both what is true and what you wish were true. You don’t need fingers to do that, but they help.

With Mars sextile retro Saturn, we’ve got the drive to do what’s right and protect both what we own and what we idealize. Venus trine retro Saturn suggests a longing for something real, something lasting, something we’ve labored over; but the involvement of Cancer, Saturn, and Pisces raises the possibility of it slipping through our hands if we try to control or grab without a nod to good timing. Luckily it’s a trine, so we’ll get a bit of an assist in that regard. Also, Mars-Saturn is a solid catch! (Fingggerrrssss)

Control is at issue this week. Control is neither good nor bad; it just is. Going after what we want but doing so in a controlled manner is key. Mercury-Pluto gives us the opportunity to understand what’s at stake (fin…) and thing our way through, and Mars-Saturn brings the opportunity to redirect a body in motion. Stand your ground when you know you’re right. Give up control and be water when you must. Work around.

Tuesday’s Taurus Moon grounds the Mercury-Neptune trine, then feeds Mercury’s fire along with Aquarius Pluto when the Moon hits Gemini (Mercury-ruled). Share your thoughts and you’ll find them improved by what others have to add. The Gemini Moon goes on to conjoin Jupiter. That’s a lot of joy! But stay on your game as attention can be split.

Wednesday, the Gemini Moon forms a t-square with the Virgo Juno, retro Saturn opposition. A receding but still close Venus-Saturn trine provides escape through taking the higher road, but beware the challenge of jealousy, spite, or wagging tongues. It’s not a danger, it’s a distraction. It’s a stealer of joy! So don’t give in to it.

On Thursday, the Gemini Moon squares retro Neptune then shifts to its own rule in Cancer and into a quincunx with retro Pluto. The mood is primed: it could explode or fizzle. All week we tend to get fireworks, but Thursday is GO day. Pay attention! Stay in control. Do you know where your children and their little fingers are?

On Friday, the Cancer Moon floats through the morning, then midday we have the exact sextile of Mars and retro Saturn. Afternoon takes the Moon into conjunction with the Cancer Sun: the new moon. I can’t imagine a better start to new moon vows. Set your intentions to start something special in motion – divinely inspired and sure to flower. The fresh Cancer moon trines retro Saturn and sextiles Mars, exact overnight. Go with the flow, yes; but paddle, paddle, paddle!

(You know what holds a paddle really well, don’t you?)

The new moon takes place Friday afternoon/eve at 14 degrees Cancer. Where does that hit your chart?

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  1. July’s New Moon will sextile my natal Saturn/Jupiter conjunction at 14 degrees Taurus., in the 12th H. ASC is at 19 Taurus. Quite a gathering! Plus transit transiting Mars will be in the “neighborhood” at the same time. Could be a major OUCH or a RESOUNDING Finally good news !!! Still in the throes of my Uranus return (25 degrees Taurus)

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