Weekly Forecast: July 8-12, 2024 – Venus-Pluto Intense Stand-off

heart zachEarly Monday, the Venus-Uranus sextile perfects, Cancer to Taurus and under a Sun-ruled Leo Moon. If we wake up full of ourselves but finding our focus has abruptly changed, let’s assume it’s changed for the better. What we’re after has jumped tracks – not the thing itself, but the desire.

Cancer Venus goes on to trine retro Neptune (exact Thursday), and Leo Mercury sextiles Gemini Jupiter. Fake it till you make it. Maybe it only seems fake because you don’t believe it yet? Believe it till you see it, because our options have doubled AND improved in quality. Get creative, however, if you want to realize this potential. Gather up all you’ve heard and considered and follow up on your leads.

Monday’s Leo Moon squares Taurus Mars and Uranus as their conjunction intensifies. Don’t be afraid to face the possibility that what you’re doing isn’t working. Right now, there’s a chance to upgrade both your position and your approach. This dynamic conjunction serves up novel actions/consequences, and Monday’s mood creates the friction to activate latent potentials.

The Leo Moon continues through Tuesday morning and a fixed, fiery mood complements the Venus-Neptune blush of dreamy desire mixed with the Cancer Sun’s trine to retro Saturn in Pisces. The creative mood brings a timely boost to the Sun-Saturn quest for a lasting peace and control of one’s life and spiritual center. Get up and GO, because you can.

Afternoon takes the Moon into Mercury-ruled Virgo and a waxing square to Jupiter in Mercury-ruled Gemini. Things get busy, so take them as they come. The mood blooms with an abundance of details, expectations, and communications, another option for advancing the watery plot (Sun-Saturn). You don’t have to handle everything perfectly, just handle it. Patience is hard to achieve; but if you can, it’s priceless.

On Wednesday, the Virgo Moon perfects its square to Jupiter then goes on to highlight the exact Sun-Saturn trine with a sextile to the Sun and an opposition to retro Saturn. The mood expands… then contracts. It expands to include multitudes, then contracts to contain them. These inclusions solidify purpose; we feel a part of life, inside and all around. A feeling of vitality and generosity is cast in the amber of the moment.

Thursday’s Virgo Moon trines Mars and Uranus for a brisk but earthy urge to move and shake. Shakers and movers feel a sense of being needed that is exceptionally satisfying. Venus perfects its trine to Neptune then makes its move to Leo in the morning. In Leo, it heads into opposition to retro Pluto in Aquarius, exact early Friday.

Venus trine Neptune all week obscures the advent of the effect of the Venus-Pluto opposition coming in. It asserts its influence with a roar in the sign change. We want an ideal, and the delight of that desire is intoxicating. That intoxication may hide or allow us to hide from ourselves the reality of the situation or its appropriateness for us personally. However, when Venus hits Leo, we own it. That may hit with a unique intensity that forces us to face our entrenched values. The intensity of the situation and the starkness of the values may be at extreme odds. What’s good for us versus the demands of the other or others can be confronting.

Later Thursday, the Virgo Moon opposes Neptune before heading into Libra to sextile Leo Venus and trine retro Pluto. We’ve a mood to assess the confusion, then the urge to balance and control. There are no tantrums here unless we’re shirking responsibility, and those will be the outliers. In fact, tantrums at this time are an indicator of immature intention. Judge such things accordingly. To be taken in at this point is a CHOICE, an egoic affectation. Use that Mars-Uranus action potential to SHOCK things into equilibrium. Move in quickly but hold your ground. The mood is pleasant but strong. It looks like it could be fun!

Friday morning, Venus perfects its opposition to retro Pluto as the Libra Moon drifts toward trine with Jupiter. We want to feel good about ourselves, and we have every opportunity to do so. Optimism is well-placed and satisfaction is possible. Just because something is unpredictable or out of reach doesn’t mean we can’t find balance through pleasure through other outlets. In fact, it’s good to be reminded that we can attract all sorts of goodies with our shiny gorgeousness. Not now doesn’t mean not ever, unless that’s what we choose. And nothing worth having comes with abuse.

Friday afternoon, the Libra Moon conjoins the south node and trines Jupiter exactly. Venus in Leo loves life! Let bygones be bygones (or dead-and-gones) and throw a party! If you don’t feel like going that far, a Me Party is another great option. Overnight, the Libra Moon sextiles Mercury, so invite who you please!

One possible expression of Venus opposing Pluto from Leo to Aquarius could be breaking with the group. If your broader friendships or group associations aren’t working for you, now may be the time to clear the decks for something better to arrive.

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  1. Nothing worth having; comes with abuse.Built for a billboard, bumper sticker, Tshirt material ❤️good for all to know

  2. let go of one attachment, and something you never expect to see again reappears. bygones be bygones, indeed!

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