Weekly Forecast: June 17-21, 2024 – Full Moon in Capricorn

heartPlans made before Friday’s full moon should be taken lightly, with a light hand and a soft foot on the gas. The Sun finishes up its path through Gemini with a square to Neptune, exact Thursday morning.

Mercury in Cancer sextiles Mars in Taurus from Wednesday through Friday. So the news is compelling and winds us up… in a good way. Continue to take in as much as you can. Let it wind you up like one of those toy cars you pull backward: the longer you stretch it out, the further you go. Still, if you see a great opportunity, don’t hold back. A great idea now could set you up for the future.

Monday morning, Mercury rolls over Venus in Cancer, and the Scorpio Moon moves past its square to Pluto. So be sure to write down any intriguing dreams or overnight musings as they may hold the seeds of some serious traction. The Scorpio Moon goes on to oppose Mars: don’t be afraid to sit with the emotions that arise as life goes on around you (to you, at you). They may have something to tell you about where this all can take you in your next moves.

Are you struck by something someone else does? Why? Instead of intellectualizing the feeling and reacting on habit, just take it on and feel it first. Don’t skip the impact; it contains the whole issue.

On Tuesday, the Scorpio Moon trines Pisces Saturn then goes on to oppose Taurus Uranus overnight. Depthy contemplation requires patience to bloom. Fireworks also bloom – so don’t be surprised if you’re surprised. Just go with it, enjoy it. It can feel enlightening.

Wednesday morning, the Moon finishes in Scorpio with a trine to Pisces Neptune, with the Sun continuing to tighten its square to Neptune. We may be going in blind to this upcoming full moon, but we’re not without guidance. Soak it up, even if you don’t know what that means. Intentions matter. Believe in the possibilities of finding your way when it matters.

When the Moon moves to Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, it sextiles Pluto then heads into opposition with Gemini Jupiter. As the Moon grows bigger, so does the feeling of importance and intensity. It’s not so much foreboding as a feeling of significance: meaning is a target rather than a destination, and it’s still worth running toward. Lean away from fear and into joy. It’s okay to find that outside yourself.

Thursday morning’s Sadge Moon fires up the mood with anticipation as the Gemini Sun goes on to perfect its square to Neptune. Darkest before the dawn inspires hope and faith for clarity. By afternoon the Sun dips into watery Cancer, then evening takes the Moon into a t-square with Pisces Saturn and Virgo Juno. Are your commitments causing emotional wobble? Do they make you want to fight… or run? Are you feeling petty or jealous? Or perhaps you’ve simply lost the spark. Real or not real? It’s something to consider, so consider how you feel.

Friday morning, the Sagittarius Moon trines Chiron in Aries then goes on to square Neptune in the afternoon. We feel like we’re on top of the world, then somehow our certainly dissolves. That’s not a bad thing. Feeling the greater grip of truth is not a bad thing – just disconcerting. Stay present and believe in things working out for the best… Mercury perfects its sextile to Mars and the mind finds traction, even in water.

Friday afternoon, the Moon moves to Saturn-ruled Capricorn. Friday night, the Cap Moon opposes the Cancer Sun for the Capricorn full moon. The Moon semi-sextiles Pluto and the Sun quincunxes Pluto. The full moon sits between an out of sign, past square to Neptune and an impending opposition to Cancer Venus. Out of the confusion and into clarity of purpose and desire. Something must go in order to pave the way for improvement.

Break the illusion to win the prize. The full moon in Capricorn makes that loss concrete, but it’s a loss that primes the pump for a payout.

The full moon takes place at 1 degree Capricorn, Tuesday night. Where does that fall in your chart? The Saturn-Juno opposition is ongoing, so watch out for the pitfalls of envy and jealousy. Be sure of your facts before believing.

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