Weekly Forecast: June 24-28, 2024 – Pursuing Desires, Venus and Mars

Venus and MarsMonday through Wednesday, Cancer Mercury trines Pisces Saturn for a stable narrative on the open water. Pay attention to what comes up, and let it wash over you before committing. Discernment resonates in the gut. Leave room for divine inspiration.

Cancer Venus spends the week in sextile to Taurus Mars, exact Friday night. The flowing Mercury-Saturn judgement lends ballast as we make the most of sweet-sweet timing and follow through with Venus-Mars. It’s not mere gambling when it makes sense and the time is right. You owe it to yourself to take some well-reasoned chances now. Physical prowess and grace are another benefit of Venus-Mars, but they also have the added blessing of gentle positivity and caring. Good stewardship pays off, and we love a lover.

Monday’s airy Aquarius Moon starts out in trine to Gemini Jupiter for a blast or two of something new! Something big is coming, or at least it feels that way. Feeling gets us going, so take advantage of the boost as the Moon takes on a square to Mars: launch a good one. Additionally, the Moon quincunxes all of the Cancer stellium, Sun-Venus-Mercury in succession: a breezy mood fills our sails (your mileage depends on how you work it).

For forward motion in the mood, momentum is everything on Tuesday. The Aquarius Moon sextiles Aries Chiron and squares sign-ruler Uranus in Taurus. Experience is our best predictor of success, but even experience can’t anticipate novel conditions. Still, we’re set up to take the shot (and likely score!). Remember, you don’t have to be certain you’re right to believe in yourself. Believing in yourself (having faith) simply works better.

Speaking of faith, Wednesday’s Pisces Moon trines the Cancer Sun. Rise and be shiny! Get into the groove of flowing with what comes, and let fun be your faith as the Moon squares Jupiter. What if a negative response is just a conditioned reaction to intensity? It could also be framed as play, and a challenge can be a puzzle. The Moon goes on to trine Venus and sextile Mars, so ride that tsunami into the beach while waving your hat! Good times.

On Thursday, the Pisces Moon conjoins Saturn then goes on to trine Mercury and sextile Uranus. Stay loose. Can you stay loose while holding firm? It’s experience and faith and finesse. When you can pilot through your routine without conscious direction, you’re ready to add in a higher octave of cool. Look for a chance to shock everyone with your upgraded mental and emotional regulation and gymnastics. What?? Who is this superstar?! The Moon finishes up with a conjunction to Neptune overnight. Livin’ the dream (or dreaming it up for a lovely fantasy). I’m here for feeling good regardless; why not?

The Moon heads into action Aries by morning, straight into sextile with Pluto. There’s no time to waste – which is good, because you won’t feel like wasting any. It’s an emotional geyser, and it carries into and through the Moon’s square to the Sun and a sextile to Jupiter. As we head into the exact Venus-Mars sextile, the mood fuels multiple runs at myriad avenues to achieving peak success. Don’t give up! But also, it’s supposed to be fun! Play your way into a win.

How was your full moon weekend? Did it turn out like you hoped? As we work on satisfying our desires this week (Venus-Mars), have you identified a goal or aspiration? What are you craving now?

6 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast: June 24-28, 2024 – Pursuing Desires, Venus and Mars”

  1. Yes. With a bit of genuine mechanical skill, the O’Reilly’s manager figured out the alternator add on wire. I’m driving my car again- whew- 3 months without her. Saturday vibe was sweet at the auto store. The Volvo has a Mars symbol on the grill ya know:)

  2. I’ve identified two aspirations. One, career wise I’m more focused on what I need to be doing next. Two, the full moon was very strong emotionally and I was picking fights with my partner, my aspiration now is to find a different way to release my anxiety.

  3. I was supposed to have surgery Tuesday but they had accidentally scheduled me for the wrong building so were trying to make sure they could secure a spot in the OR before they try to reschedule.
    So they called this morning to tell me my surgery is being rescheduled for Friday which is ok, but a little close to Saturn station rx Saturday but at least it’s before Pluto 🤷‍♀️ Mostly my mom will probably have to skip dialysis Friday bc she’s my emergency contact and my ride home and wants to make sure she’s ready if shit pops off again in the OR.

  4. Was supposed to have surgery Tuesday but got rescheduled for Friday. Hopefully things go ok. They will be putting me under general anesthesia this time in case shit pops off I’m already intubated.

    I literally have a lenticular puzzle of The Great Wave that I was thinking about leaving at the dudes front door.

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