The Saturn Return… Part 3: My Saturn Return

Another example of an individual’s Saturn Return – my own. You have to face your fears rather than respond to other people’s fears. Place boundaries, take a long term view… and most importantly – Be true to yourself.

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24 thoughts on “The Saturn Return… Part 3: My Saturn Return”

  1. Do you guys notice my hair is drying as these progress? Ha ha ha. What a dipshit to get on here with wet hair. I am completely incorrigible… and various other sundries. 😉

  2. I’ve been doing a live show several times a week. I always realize I have to have a shower about 1/2 hour before so my hair always dries on camera. I think we’re just so fabulous we can’t be expected to get the timing right on everything. 🙂

  3. I was also earning a lot of money when I was 29 and I didn’t deserve it, because the company was earning a lot of money for various reasons and I didn’t necessarily deserve it. Well I worked very hard obviously but there was so much unhappiness around it and so I quit by the time of my Saturn return.

    A husband appeared in the process and we got married, and I went freelance, which is a classic Saturn return. And that definitely paved the way, 15 years later, still freelance, still married to the same guy, I have experienced my Saturn waxing square and opposition and here I am, I am feeling the absolute best I’ve felt all my life.

  4. Okay, so Saturn will tell you what’s wrong. How do you know the *right* direction? If you go climb up another mountain and it’s the wrong one too, will you keep getting troublesome signs?

  5. I second that, furiana. I can’t even see my mountain. It is utterly covered in fog and I can’t figure out where to start, much less how to climb.

    (Making this less analogous, one cannot have an artistic career these days without being an entrepreneur, but I hate being an entrepreneur and my heart is SO not into doing the business side of things that I get nowhere. Being bad at math is not good either.)

    I am not a born originator, I fear. I am going to waste the opportunity and “settle” because I can’t even see where to go.

  6. furiana – yes, right track. Very much so. I did not respond before because I thought I might do it for this series because if I respond in comments the information I am trying to put out there won’t be orderly for the person who comes across it in the future, but yeah. You are absolutely right.

  7. From the video:
    “If you make decisions out of fear, these are wrong decisions. You have to *face* your fear.”

    “.. you know when you’re going in the right place, ’cause people will say things to you; information will come to you.”

    … I guess the thing to do is identify what scares you, first of all. Then try it, despite the fear. If you start hitting blockages, it’s still the wrong mountain. If you start getting information and support, you’re on the right one. Am I on the right track?

    (Maybe more scared you are of doing something, the more you have to do it?)

  8. I don’t fear trying to start my own business. I have tried it off and on for the past 4 years. I just…hated it. I tried my damndest to like being in charge, doing the money, doing the business stuff, and I do not enjoy it. I never get anywhere because I dislike it so much. It sucks my energy like a Hoover every time I stress out over how much to price things and getting decent photographs and trying to figure out how to sell.

    I have to MAKE myself do it on a long-term basis while hating it, I think. It’s not like jobs exist where one gets paid to do creative stuff without having to come up with their own insurance, and marketing, and finances. (Oh, wait, sweatshops…)

  9. Ah, gotcha! Yeah, ordering the information does sound like a good idea, especially for a series with this many comments. I wouldn’t mind seeing a movie on this topic, myself. Maybe after the examples? 🙂

    PS. Jennifer, I just noticed your wording here:
    “I am not a born originator, I fear.”

    Fear? Is that a signpost that you’re supposed to become an originator?

  10. A great story, Elsa. My life changes have happened over several years — from working at a big law firm and the money and “success” that supposedly comes along with that to going back to grad school to get a Masters in Counseling and also falling in love with dance music and becoming a DJ, along with taking the plunge into spirituality, and wanting to weave those things together and teach the things I have learned in a creative way. I haven’t quite found that same level of monetary success that I once had, but I know that this is my mountain and it’s been a much better climb.

  11. yes.
    i just can’t see where i’m going. following a path of pebbles, it seems like. and sometimes i get off track and have to spent weeks circling back to find the last mark on the trail….

  12. Thanks again for this video series! I’m using it now to figure out my ambitious goals in honor of today’s Stellium in Capricorn!

  13. It’s so crazy to feel this happening… like milestones that you have to hit to feel like you’re still moving and growing.

    I remember when I dropped out of corporate america and started my own biz… there was so much to learn and it was so foreign and confusing… but man, once the momentum got going it was FUN, i was having so much FUN!

    i feel that way now – restless and discontented, like fuuuck. i can’t keep doing this the way i’m doing it. this is not going to work. what next?

    i guess it really is “time” to change and rearrange…

  14. Avatar
    Strawberry Fields

    I’m not due for my 2nd SR for a while yet but DESPERATELY need to find a new mountain to climb kuz I am DEFINITELY on the wrong one.

    Fortunately, the skies are obliging with a direct (conjunct) Saturn transit about to begin over my Sun-NN-Mars-Merc core stellium, with Pluto transiting same at the same time by square. TRANSFORMATION is guaranteed.

    But I’m waiting for Uranus or Jupiter or ‘SOMEONE’ to ZAP me with illumination because like other commenters before me, I cannot for the life of me see WHICH mountain I’m supposed to be climbing — which one has my name on it.

    Once I’ve got THAT clear, climbing it will be no problem. I have natal Saturn in Capricorn (also currently being directly transited by Pluto, btw), so climbing mountains is my forte.

    Picking the right mountain alas is ~not~ my forte.

    The fog may lift however when transiting Neptune (dissolver) and Chiron (healer) finally get done dissolving my natal Chiron (wounded) in 1st (self). (Yes, I’m having a Chiron Return on top of everything else!)

  15. I don’t know if I agree that the marker of being on the right mountain is things falling into place. What if things in general don’t come easy in one’s life? I was actually talking about that with someone the other day – because at my Saturn return, I dropped out of a graduate program that wasn’t working for me, and decided to become an astrologer. That felt authentic and awesome, and two weeks later I had a relapse of chronic illness that left me an invalid for the next year. For the fourth time in ten years. Since then, I’ve continued learning/practicing astrology, but not with anywhere the same conviction that I’m on the right path.

    This is the point we were debating, because that experience had left me with the feeling that I wouldn’t get obstacles thrown in front of me if this was the right path. He was arguing that was a misconception, and that it was a Saturnian delay instead. My Mars/Sun is aspected both by Saturn and Neptune, and I have always experienced struggle, obstacles and fog when it comes to my efforts in the world. Does this mean I’m never on the right mountain? I’ve shared this popular idea so far that little things work out or come to you if you’re on the right path, but I don’t know if it’s actually true anymore.

  16. I think you just probably might not have a life where the easy things come to you, right path or not. Not that I’ve looked at your chart, but Mars/Saturn is a particularly “hard knock” aspect, Mars/Sun has a temper, and the Neptune is well, fog. I’m inclined to think it’s a Saturnian delay (something similar happened to Bruce Lee where he had to take time off physically during a Saturn transit), but just because you’ve made the decision doesn’t mean that life can’t still throw things at you to delay it.

  17. Thanks for the reply, Jennifer. Yeah, it might be delay rather than wrong path for me personally. But that’s why I’m disagreeing with it being a universal truism that you know you’re on the right path/mountain when little things start coming to you around that. I don’t know that everyone gets the same level of encouragement from the universe.

  18. “I don’t know that everyone gets the same level of encouragement from the universe.”

    That is absolutely true. I think some of us just get a lot of sticks rather than carrots. I sometimes wonder if it’s the ol’ “Was I Hitler in a past life?” thing. Like, what did I do that was SO BAD?

  19. “I don’t know that everyone gets the same level of encouragement from the universe.”


    “That is absolutely true.”

    I’d counter with some people don’t know encouragement when it hits them in the face. There is always going to be someone better (and worse) off than you so making comparisons between yourself and others seems of dubious value.

    “Her hair is blonder than mine!”

    Er… so?

  20. Hi Elsa,

    The only reason I was saying that about potentially differing levels of encouragements or hints about one’s direction is life is that it seems to be relevant in advising people, whether in their Saturn return or otherwise.

    For example, in furiana’s question above: “If you start hitting blockages, it’s still the wrong mountain. If you start getting information and support, you’re on the right one.” I’ve experienced and seen others hit all kinds of blockages in pursuing what seemed to be correct paths. I’ve heard of others doing something they wanted with no encouragement at all only to have success 29 years later – Saturn return of their efforts.

    So I’m just mentioning this because maybe one person gets more blockages in their life overall, and so if they start hitting those but then hear that that means they’re on the wrong path, when maybe it doesn’t mean that for them…you know? My focus was not on the comparison with others per se, more about how any given individual can try to interpret meaningfully and correctly the signs in her/his own life.

  21. Oh, I misunderstood, L. Yeah, I agree it is very individual. What is most important is the person contact the reality that resides inside of them not others.

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