Women Looking For Love In Their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s… Maybe

indecisiveCan the beginning of a relationship be predicated using astrology? I was asked this, in the forum.

I feel this can be predicted, especially in the case of a serious relationship. Basically, when a person is ready, or should be; this is when a viable partner comes along.  But having someone appropriate for you show up does not mean you secure a relationship. Common sense, really.

We’ve all heard of the, “baby clock”.  There’s a clock ticking on the relationship front as well. I realize, saying this may get me fired on, but the truth of this can’t be denied.  I’m not saying you can’t partner when you’re older. Of course you can. It happens all time.  I’m saying, once you get older, you can’t be acting like you’re seventeen. To attract a viable partner, you have to be a viable partner yourself!

Actual marriage requires commitment. You assume a responsibility for your partner and they do the same for you. In your thirties and beyond, this should be understood.

Keep in mind, Saturn is exalted in Libra.  Real love for grownups, basically. If you aren’t interested, stick with fantasy love or nothing and let me be clear: I don’t a judge a person who opts for this. It’s a sensible choice for some people. I’m writing this for people who are on the fence or confused in some way.   It’s a LARGE group.

If you’re alone and don’t want to be,  you’ve got to live in the real and in the now.  If you wonder why, just ask yourself how hard it would be to partner with someone who can’t or who won’t.  At twenty, with hormones raging, it doesn’t matter. At forty, it most certainly does, unless we’re just talking about people who just want sex for recreation.  I’m not judging that either.

This whole situation is associated with, Romantic Love Is A Psy-op.  Many women (and men, but I am writing for women at the moment), still have fairy tale expectations, not just about meeting Mr. McDreamy, the perfect man, but also about how this meeting is going to occur and how it will all magically come together. Hey! Not in this day and age!

We’re in a time when a good number of relationships begin at a distance. Someone has to move! Even if otherwise, you’re still dealing with at least two sets of parents; often four sets of parents and kids on both sides. If you’re not ready or willing to grapple with this, it’s definitely understandable, but you can see how it will also leave you on the outside. It’s not possible for the other to deal with this for you.

I’m making it sound as if love is a battlefield; well maybe it is and maybe it always has been.

If you’re questioning things like this, I can absolutely help you sort it. I’m talking about discussing exactly what the challenges are and what true partnership would really look like for you, in particular.

I can also describe the type partner that would work for you as well as who you should exclude.  Your kryptonite?  It’s about what is realistic and I will offer a personal example.

I have Uranus in the 7th house. I also have Venus square Neptune.  Can you see how having space from a partner, and then pining over it, fits my chart? I also insist on loyalty and you may have noticed I have a mouth on me, that won’t quit.

Now this is real. The non-makeup version of me. Is it realistic for me to think a man can come along and provide me with endless bliss? It’s ridiculous.  I’m a mess, just like everyone else!

The picture is meant to denote indecision. If you can take or leave a relationship, you can’t expect someone to seriously invest in you, regardless of what TikTok says. No at forty years old. To partner in the real world, means you have to live in the real world.  Relationships require compromise.  Your partner will never be perfect and neither will you, so hey! Looks like we have a match!

Back to the astrology, it will show when serious partnering is the main concern, whether you opt in or not.  This is not what is shown in movies. For example, you’re are not likely to meet the love of your life, while in the middle of a cross-country move. There’s logic to this and yes, of course, it’s shown in the map.

I’m here to help anyone navigate their way into a change on this front.  My credentials are hardcore in that I have every problem under the sun, personally and I have resolved these challenges. I also have a lifelong interest in relationship dynamics. Most importantly, I’ve been able to help countless individuals and couples secure this area of their life over the course of more than three decades. I keep up on this stuff, period, so if you want an expert, I’m her.

14 thoughts on “Women Looking For Love In Their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s… Maybe”

  1. There are serious relationship besides marriage that aren’t just flings. I don’t see this option written in the post. Nuh uh. It’s not only marriage or sex. Not that black or white. Testament to people that have been Happily partenered for years but not married legally nor cheating or unhappy with their relationship. This exists.

    1. I agree!
      I’m sorry, I did not spell this out. I am meaning to talk to women who want to partner but can’t manage or who may not be sure.

      1. Oh, that’s good. There were people in 8 year relationships or 15 year relationship and not married and still happy. But marriage can also do that of course! Because regardless of -either marriage or partnership -people have to work it out and compromise and be commited to make it go well so I agree with the sentiment of the post. And the merging of the families, that’s another big issue for some people that was very well pointed out.

          1. Thank you for the support! 🙂 If anyone would be understanding of a 1st house uranus, that would be a 7th house uranus. My married libra friend with 7th uranus would say the same thing.

  2. I have Pluto and Venus, four degrees apart, in the 7th house. I was told this is tough for finding someone and staying together.

  3. I’ve never believed in fairy tale romances, but a fairy tale romance believed in me….Life is not predictable….

  4. I’m not one for fairy tale relationships any longer. A t Neptune opposite Venus to the degree broke me of it. And I’m super phone to it with all three outer planets aspecting Venus in my natal chart.

  5. I’m someone looking for LOVE, in capital letters, at 43 years old. My case in particular: no children, no divorce behind me, no baggage from past relationships, therefore. I was from Cartuxa, most of my adult life fertile and hormonal. Now, as an adult, faced with the world and its possibilities, I’m faced with the terrible and shocking situation of relationships between men and women in our society. Falling in love is so simple, loving is so natural: but in its current form they make an impractical list.

    I’m not even worried about 80% of what most people are: money, status, appearances, sculpted bodies. I prefer real people, with their fears, their questions, their doubts, their good and bad days. Sharing is good.

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