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Composite Venus in 7th House

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Venus, the planet of love and affection, located in the 7th house of relationships, intimacy and marriage is a wonderful placement with respect to your relationship. Venus, in of and by itself, does not guarantee success in relationships as it is very lighted-hearted and playful and needs more stability in the chart to make it work. But it will be very easy to share your emotions and feelings together and work as a couple rather than as single people. You will want to spend as much time together as possible and share good feelings with everyone you come in contact with. The only danger with this placement is that you may be too much at ease with each other so that when difficulties come up you will be reluctant to bring up problems that really need to be discussed. In time this can wear very thin and when the resentment finally erupts there may be no way to control it. Find a way to express your feelings before problems develop.

That's from the Composite Report

Do you have a composite Venus in the 7th? How does it play?

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