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Cop To Your Obsession

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Have you ever obsessed over someone, for an insane amount of time? I was a closet head case in this regard for more than a decade. I really didn't expect to get over it, but one day I realized it was the music (Venus Neptune), doing me in.

I tossed a cassette tape into the trash and that did it.

You? Can you see the cause in your chart?

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😄Yes, I relate. I avoid romance movies and books as well. I blame my strong Neptune for the eternal longing/suffering, and love of romance. My eighth house is probably where the obsessing comes from.

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One after another, most of my life since childhood.  Definitely exacerbated by books, movies, music. 

I think I've finally outgrown it.  Recently, a man I'd had a crush on since we "met cute" seven years ago, now widowed, contacted me.  I'd already examined what I deemed at the time to be our Scary Karmic astrology back then, so I ignored.  He persisted, so I proceeded to conduct an extensive conversation entirely by wonderfully controllable email.  I posed a few innocuous questions, he proceeded to dig himself ever deeper into mud even when I gave him magnanimous opportunities to rise above.  

Suffice it to say the veil dropped, the crush evaporated, the obsession was obliterated by sunlight.  


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Music, thoughts, ideas big time. I obsess over ideas. When I was actively designing product I had trouble shutting it off. Long baths helped resolve design problems, but it didn’t stop my brain. A lot of people thought I was a bit spacey when I couldn’t stop the process. I had to get it on paper ( or in the computer) before it would get better. I think that is Uranus and that pile of planets in Leo I have. 

I’ve never thought about where it comes from really. It’s just me! Crazy  

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Yup. This is my MO in love. Cancer with Venus-Pluto and Moon-Pluto, couldn't be more classic. If I get crushed by my crush this time, this will be the last time I let it happen.

I attack the limerence all day, eryday though. I try to stand back and let him do stuff, and not micro-analyze and worry of every tiny thing, because he's a semi-normal human with more normal boundaries than mine. 

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I was obsessed with a Scorpio sun/Aries moon/Leo rising, for like a decade. I'm pretty sure it was on 11/11/11 when I finally was able to drop it and move on. He still shows up in my dreams though, which annoys the hell out of me.

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