Gold aquarius waterbearer and symbol

I Envy Aquarius

I have Aquarius envy and I admit it. Today I saw one of them at the gym. Had to be. He was about sixty-five and wearing a dish towel around his head, knotted in the back. No one else is going to be seen in public like that. It reminded me of my old pal,

Should I Take My Cheating Boyfriend Back?

Dear Elsa, My fiance recently broke off our engagement after cheating on me!! Things couldn’t have been better for the two years we were together. Then on the night of his birthday, he went out with his two single friends and made some serious mistakes. He didn’t call me for three days, and then when he finally called,

capricorn red sea goat

Capricorn & Fear Of Failure

Dear Elsa, I’m a late bloomer, and have been looking for a fulfilling career. I’ve finally found a job that can support me but still lets me be the high-energy butterfly that I am. I’m training to become a a Licensed Loan Officer, where I get to meet a lot of people and decide whether

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