Relationship Report Combo

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Our Relationship Report Package offers our two most popular synasty reports at a discount.

Your bundle will include a Relationship Compatibility Report, which provides a comprehensive and detailed overview of how you and your partner relate, using three different synastry techniques: house activation, interaspects and composite charts. It is useful to evaluate the potential of relationship with someone new in your life or to gain a better understanding of the dynamics between you and your established partner. This report is approximately 12 pages long.

You’ll also receive a Composite Chart Report. This report covers everything in the chart of your relationship,leaving no stone unturned. The rising sign and decanate are covered, as well as signs on other cusps, house and sign placements, aspects, and midpoint structures. If you want a deeper understanding of the purpose of your relationship, this is the report for you. It’s approximately 20 pages long.

Sample reports are shown below. The reports sell separately for $13 each. Purchase both and save $4!

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