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The People You Meet With Mars In The 7th House In Your Solar Or Lunar Return

Mars turns retrograde every two years.  It spent seven months in Leo a number of years ago. This kept transiting my 7th house for an extended period. The effect was profound. Prior to this experience, I didn’t realize the the impact of 7th house transits on my consulting business.  In hindsight, it’s obvious, but what […]

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Rock garden

Dealing With An Adult Neighborhood Bully

Elsa, We have a neighborhood bully. He is an older gentleman, recently retired as he owned a landscaping business and recently moved to the neighborhood. The gentleman is married and his son and grandchild also moved to the neighborhood as an investment (beyond my understanding) I had one extremely unpleasant interaction with him while I

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Astro Fairy Day!

Astro Fairy is a longtime client of mine. I’ve helped her with many different things over the years. She sees people struggling and she wants to pitch in by gifting a consultation to someone in need who can’t afford to pay.  She wants to do this once a month, for the dual purpose of helping you


Grappling With Reality In 2024

Dealing with aging, job loss, illness, etc.  Just off the phone with an entrepreneur. We brainstormed his options, given the current conditions. Smart use of time, energy and resources. It’s rough ahead! Quit being gaslit and get yourself together? Related: Adapting To The Gig Economy Do you have a realistic view of of the future?

Aries 2026

Big Changes In 2026 – Aries On Deck – Boots On The Ground!

Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct in Taurus and the future (Jupiter) in unpredictable (Uranus).  Saturn and Neptune are in Pisces but they won’t actually form a conjunction until they reach Aries.  The conjunction occurs on February 20th, 2026.  There are many ways to see this and I know people are concerned! Will we wake in

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