How’s Your Medical Care Going These Days?

This is something I posted in the forum. I think it’s worth discussing this so I’m posting it here so more will see it. Medical? It’s such a complicated situation. While in this situation, your doctor was definitely wrong, in general, I feel sorry for good, feeling people who work in the medical field at


Weekend Love Forecast – Full Moon in Capricorn

Friday night, the Saturn-ruled Capricorn Moon highlights the ongoing Leo Venus, Gemini Jupiter sextile, opposing their midpoint in a yod. Collectively we want more and better – better choices, more meaning, and it’s all caught up in the off-kilter desire for self-esteem and popularity.


Saturn Retrograde in Pisces 2024 – Future In Limbo

Saturn will turn retrograde at 19 degrees Pisces on June 29th, 2024. It will reach back to 12 degrees, before turning direct on November 15th. We’re living in the land of confusion! I generally write something fairly standard for these type periods, but this one is irregular in that Saturn’s retrograde motion will set it

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Maria Callas portrait

Chiron – You Can’t Buy Charisma

I wanted to talk about the shadow-side of talent, so I called my friend, Ben. He’s a Scorpio artist who has worked in the arts for decades. We got talking about charisma. Ben mentioned instinctual actors like, Marlon Brando, Warren Beatty and James Dean. He mentioned Maria Callas as examples of people who have that IT


Equal Houses In Real Life

The best way to learn astrology is by paying attention.  House systems came up on the podcast with Shonagh. I ran down my ideas on this. Basically, I use Equal houses, because I worked with, Koch, Placidus and Equal – all three, simultaneously, for about four years until the clear winner emerged.  I am not

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