What Are The Most Challenging Combinations In Astrology?

Some people have natal charts full of ease. Other charts show tremendous conflict. There are certain combinations that come up in charts which are really confounding to deal with. As an example, people with a lot of Cancer and a lot of Aquarius have a hard time being both attached and detached. It’s hard to […]

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Perils of Serving Alcohol Underage

Okay!! I found the story about that boy’s sister, mentioned in Mistaken Identity.  She’s quite hard to describe. This family moved from California, I remember that.  That didn’t mean anything in this era.  She had Aquarian energy. In part, this was due to her unusual name and her boy-hair cut which was unique in this

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Weekend Love Forecast – Seeking Magic Beans

Friday night, the Mercury-ruled Virgo Moon moves past a trine to Taurus Jupiter and into opposition with Neptune, exact overnight. The Venus-ruled Taurus Sun heads into conjunction with Jupiter (exact midday Saturday) and sextile to Neptune (exact Sunday afternoon). As the mood chugs merrily along, enthused and immersed in relevant details AND flights of fancy,

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Saturn & Neptune In Pisces: Brain Melting – Cognitive Holocaust

I’ve was served this on Twitter. I’m not very familiar with the writer but I have to agree with him.  You can click that picture to enlarge it. I remember when a person’s odds of getting dementia seemed remote. Alzheimer’s Disease International now reports, 80% of the general public fear this diagnosis.  Of course! We

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