Making Moves As We Head Into An Important Period (April 19th-26th, 2024)

This has been a productive Mercury retrograde period. I credit the tight Mars Saturn conjunction supported by the tight Jupiter and Uranus conjunction.  It’s possible to happily detach and “get it done”. So far, so good. The sun will ingress into Taurus on Friday the 19th, while squaring Pluto. At that point we’ll be locked

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Full Moon In Scorpio Square Pluto In Aquarius: April 23, 2024

The full moon in Scorpio will take place @ 4 degrees, in the evening on, April 23rd.  The sun and moon will square Pluto, intensifying the affect. Full moons illuminate situations.  With Pluto involved here, it’s what’s hidden that will comes to light. I am going to leave the worldly spin to others.  You’re likely

ben and elsa

Making Real Friends In The Post Covid Era

“How do you form deep friendships in your later years? You don’t have time on your side, and it can be difficult to meet people. Let me know when you find the answer, Elsa.” – Margaret on Losing Friends & Lack Of Trust I said I’d follow up on this. I waited to see if


What Planet Dictates The Beauty Standard?

Belen writes: “Super shallow topic, but I just read an article on how millennials in their 30/40s look younger than the next generation (because of fillers, heavy makeup etc). So – I hear Venus rules personal beauty but what about beauty standards at a given time? Thinking about the difference of growing up with 90s

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