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What’s Faith Worth?

In recalling these short clips of my childhood, it seems this would be a good time to explain how faith supports a person (Saturn in Pisces).  My siblings and I were in a world of shit, that for sure, but as I mentioned, we were all intending to get out of there, eventually.  You can […]

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Weekly Forecast: May 27-31, 2024 – Simplify and Learn

All Monday, Taurus Mercury moves in sextile to Pisces Saturn, exact by night. Are you thinking straight, tuning in to reality? Don’t try so hard; let your mind and senses find a natural frequency on their own. Where your first thought is to control, relax and go with your trained-up instinct.

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Blood & Guts Astrology Class Transcript

I came across the transcript of our last Blood & Guts astro class.   This was the class from 2023.  We work hard on these and collapse when they’re done. I went back and read it and it’s quite good! I was surprised to some extent, because I remember it being very hard to write. In hindsight,

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Saturn Square Venus In Synastry – Controlling The Other Person’s Aesthetic

When your partner’s Saturn squares your Venus, there is often a conflict involving  a person’s appearance.  My problems on this front are long-standing.  For example, I once had a boyfriend and while we loved each other, my clothing gave him fits. His Saturn was square my Venus, I’m sorry to say. Here he complains I

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