Saturn In Capricorn Workshop


Saturn’s transit through Capricorn scares people. It has them asking questions…

  • Is this the “karma ball” we hear about?
  • Is it going to hit me or someone I love?
  • Will I really be brought to my knees?
  • What if this is my Saturn return?
  • How hard of a hard transit is this?

I held this workshop to answer these questions and a whole lot more.  This workshop offer practical, grounded, actionable advice around how to work with Saturn in Capricorn and improve your life in the process.

The class transcript is sixty pages long, broken into ten parts as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Is This Your Saturn Return?
  • Is This Your Second Saturn Return?
  • Chart #1 – The School Of Hard Knocks
  • Chart #2 – Libra Failing
  • Charts #3 & #4 – Mother & Daughter & Fools
  • Chart #5 – Baby Goat
  • Chart #6 – Peter Pan, Drifting
  • Saturn in Capricorn transit through each of the houses
  • Closing Remarks

If you’re afraid of this transit, struggling with it, or just curious and want to learn astrology, this transcript will serve.

Like all my workshops, expect to be served meat. I’m not that good at fluffing things up, especially when Saturn’s transit through Capricorn pressures us to GET REAL.

If you’re ready to get down to it, click to buy.   A link to download your transcript will be provided in order confirmation email and you can get started right away!

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