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The Yearly Works!: Progressed Chart, Deluxe Transit Report & Lunar Returns

Original price was: $194.00.Current price is: $75.00.

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This is everything you need to track your astrological year ahead, put together and sold at a deep discount. The Yearly Works includes a Progressed Chart Report, a Deluxe Transit Report and one year (13 months) of Lunar Return Reports at a discounted price.

This Deluxe Transit Report is tailored to your personal natal chart.  You’ll receive a year’s worth of personal forecasts, in advance. I’ve never had a dissatisfied customer with this report. That says a lot!

This in-depth report includes interpretation of transits by the faster moving planets, personalized for you! It offers guidance most days of the week. It covers the entire year.  If you print the report, you’ll find it is a whopping 70 pages long, give or take.  Please see a sample here.

Your year of transits will begin on the day you order (rather than on your birthday) unless you specify otherwiseThere is a field where you can add a note, if you like.

You’ll also receive a personalized Progressed Chart report.  This comprehensive report includes interpretations for each of your progressed planetary positions. The report also covers the house cusps of your Progressed Chart and compares your Progressed Chart to your natal chart for precise results. See sample here!

Thirteen months of Lunar Return Reports will also be included.

The lunar return chart offers insight into the month ahead. This report takes in depth look at your lunar return from a variety of angles. The report outlines possible events for that month and offers suggestions on how to deal with the positive as well as negative planetary aspects.

The analysis covers aspects between the lunar return and your natal chart as well as the lunar return chart itself to deliver a total package. Average report length is around 5 pages for each month ordered.

If you bought all of these reports separately, it would be $194!  Get the whole package now for $75!

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